The One Hitter – AJ Pierzynski White Sox Manager

This is the One Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.  With a bad team, brings disgruntled fans and at the end of every season we all question whether the current skipper in charge should be the person manning the controls in the following season.  Ricky Renteria has his faults, 1) Bunts too much, 2) Likes to use 4 pitchers in an inning 3) Benches players as if he’s running a CYO team 4) Plays Adam Engel as if he knows where the bodies are buried……and finally, the team sucks.  We even ran a poll to see if fans approved of Ricky’s 2018 performance, they didn’t.  We also ran a poll to see if fans would replace Ricky with Dusty Baker, they wouldn’t.  So where to go from here.  A common refrain I hear on twitter is “AJ Pierzynski will be our next manager.”

What. The. Fuck!?!?!

Look, I very much enjoyed AJ Pierzynski as a player, although a further look at his stats leads me to believe that he is undervalued by modern metrics or overvalued by us White Sox fans.  Either way, I think some of this “AJ for manager” shit has to do with a theory that AJ is a super genius.  Most of this thought process comes from two places…..

The dropped 3rd strike in game 2 of the 2005 ALCS

Nothing pleases me more than watching the replay of this play and the subsequent plays afterwards.  I’m a big fan of a player trying this and and even bigger fan of it fucking working, but this is hardly a genius play.  AJ tried to “angle shoot” all the time and it rarely worked.  This wasn’t the only time he tried this gambit, he just happened to get it to work in a super big spot (which we are all undoubtedly grateful for).  However, angle shooting doesn’t making him a particularly sharp guy when it comes to managing a ballclub.


Hawk has been telling us for decades how AJ is one of the smartest ballplayers he’s ever met

This one particularly makes my lollercopter go zoizoizoizoi…..for a fan base that constantly makes fun of the crazy shit that Hawk says, we are going to believe this one?  C’mon now.  No doubt major league catchers are generally not dumbasses given the job they have to do, but smartest ever.  Let’s slow down.

Finally, the job, which is managing a major league ballclub is fraught with having to deal with lots and lots of people across various age groups and levels of employ in the organization.  From what we know about AJ, he kept his circle small and was a throbbing prick to nearly everyone else, so this doesn’t seem to really fit into his MO as a person.  Maybe we pump the breaks on AJ for manager for a bit…..maybe forever.


#108ing Tools – Scouting Grades

There isn’t a delicate way to put this, but we in the 108 tend to crush beers……..before……………DURING………….and after the game.  The more I think about it, some of this approach needs to be graded out.  YES!  I think it is time that the 108 issue some guidance on how we rank specific drinking and drinking related skills that are valued out in a #108ing world.  Remember, it’s not just a hashtag, it’s a lifestyle……

To be clear, below are the top 5 “TOOLS” for a person who will be doing some #108ing, we’ll go back, back, back, back (fuck Chris Berman) and use the classic scouting grade scale of 20-80.  What is that you say?  Well, if you read any literature on scouting grades for prospects in major league baseball, they will use a grading scale that starts with 20 (the WORST, like an Adam Sandler film) and go all the way up to 80 (LEGENDARY, like the Sharon Stone interrogation scene in Basic Instinct)….Let’s do this!!!

Endurance (aka the Sunday grade)


Probably the #1 most important tool in the OG 108ers toolbox is the Endurance grade.  How we holding up on Sunday, the 3rd leg of the weekend series formation.  Mind you, we need this tool to be above average as we have the #SundaySoak looming in the late afternoon, post game.  Also, it isn’t like the 108ers hold back on Friday or Saturday night of the series to “save ourselves” for Sunday LIVE yakking on the twitters.  Fuck no!  What you see is what you get.  Probably the best in this category is MySoxSummer, he’s usually game to drink 3 or 4 more beers AFTER the #SundaySoak while we just sit around contemplating what pizza joint we are going to order from to finish up our day.



This is obvious.  Who can drink the quickest, get themselves lit up the quickest.  The fastest path to #108ing excellence is to consume drinks at a high speed to get you the #108edest.  The OG Indiana crew of Biguns and the Slumpbuster are masters of this.  They employ the short glass technique, and although it is an old technique, it’s hella dependable.

Cognitive Abilities


Yea, yea, everyone likes to get #108ed, but how do you hold up once you have a billion drinks in you.  Some people fold like a cheap card table.  Others become a gigantic mess like a lidless blender making Pina Coladas.  Some however, flourish…even improve their cognitive abilities as they get deeper into the #108ing.  That would be one Chorizy-E.  We have a rule in Section 108, that when we do trivia, it is required we wait until at least the 4th inning to allow Chorizy to get enough drinks in him so that the trivia answers start flowing out.  It never fails.



Range means you are covered in any and all #108ing situations.  If the drink of choice at your specific appointment is Wine, you got it locked down…Margaritas…no problem……keg beer, wine coolers, expensive liquors drunk neat, NO PROBLEMO.  Both Chorizy & BeefLoaf have a big range of drinks that they excel in consuming, definitely a wide band that keeps them comfortably #108ing in all situations.



The most overlooked of the #108ing tools is Character.  That’s right.  You guessed it.  Do you become a total jag that is going to start a fight at the drop of a hat.  Do you get overserved and need a “nap”?  Does your lying frequency increase from “as needed”, to “as much as you speak”?  Do other deviant behaviors that you normally keep in check come creeping out once you get the #108ing going too strong….then guess what, that’s BAD!  To score high in Character, you need to materially keep your shit together, while being more social and fun.  If this tool isn’t at least average, you can become a major liability to a #108ing crew and therefore be pushed back in the hierarchy.

Without further ado….(do people still say that??) here are the grades for the 108ers….

108ing grades

Want to grade yourself or your friends on the #108ing tools scale?  DO IT!!! and please tweet it at us for a critique

– BeefLoaf, Chorizy-E & MySoxSummer


#108ing At Sesame Street Live (with Bobbles Jim a.k.a. Gobbles Jim a.k.a. Uncle Rico?)

Many, many moons ago, bobbleheads brought together myself and Bobbles Jim. Since then we have both had 2 kids (Girls 3 – Boys 1), completed our collections of team issued White Sox bobbles and spent countless hours in line at SoxFest and Sox games. We’ve also had at least 5 beers together (Bobbles Jim doesn’t really drink like a 108’er).

Bobbles Jim wants to be called Uncle Rico from now on. His wife says if you change it, it should be Gobbles Jim. Make your voice heard on our 108 Poll!

Having girls that are months apart, we are kinda on the same curve of things they like to do, plus our wives like each other! So my wife reached out to Mrs. Bobbles to see if she wanted to go to Sesame Street Live. When the topic was brought up to me, I thought I was exempt from said event, but apparently I was lumped in cause Bobbles Jim was going to go. It was inked on the calendar.

Have you ever been to Sesame Street live before? I hadn’t and I might not ever go again. I had however, way back in the day, went to Smurf’s Ice Capades. Google that shit for some creepy videos. Anyways….


Tickets WERE NOT cheap. $32 for the CHEAP seats up top, $75 for the “experience” seats. We opted for the cheap seats that then included a $8.05 venue fee per ticket, so if you are playing at home, a ticket cost as much as 4 Corona Lights at Sox Park. Family of 3, cost us $120 to get in the door. But wait, $15 bucks to park! So $135 to get into the show. That is about 20 Sox games in the cheap seats, but no Elmo. Southpaw, but no Elmo.


Upon entry we had been warned that there were multiple booths to buy just about anything your heart desired that was SS related. My daughter thankfully was pretty stoked just to be there so we walked to the seats without paying $35 for a light up bubble wand. The show started and Little Miss Shortstop was going bananas. It was worth every penny for her, no shit. Even the new kid (LMS’s sister) was getting into it. I was shocked.

During intermission, cause you have to be given a bathroom break to go buy more stuff, my daughter noticed a guy selling cotton candy. LMS loves cotton candy since Uncle Loaf bought some for Bonita Steakie and she happily shared it with LMS. It got her through a 9 inning game, so it’s like coffee to her. Bobbles Jim had broke down and bought a bag of popcorn ($7) and a Cookie Monster Cup ($15). So he was $22 in. I declared I was going to buy a $11 bag of cotton candy, but actually found out it was $12. But you got a FREE FOAM CAP with your $12 purchase. The vendor apologized for the price, but I decided to tip him anyways only after he assured me that he got to keep his tip. LMS was thrilled and Bobbles Jim’s little girl got to try cotton candy for the first time too. Win-win in my book.

Pink and blue cotton candy

The second half of the show LMS was pretty distracted by the cotton candy to get too much into the show. Until I took it away from her, then she was dancing away. Luckily she was distracted long enough not to notice that the character she dislikes the most, Abby, used magic (which is why LMS dislikes her) to make it stop raining. She doesn’t like wizardry, and I don’t blame her. The show ended and we went on our merry way to Hooters, the family restaurant chain.

By now you are saying why did you even write this blog MSS? 2 reasons. 1 – It was a fun family outing that was made possible by White Sox baseball. 2 – To illustrate how cheap it actually is to go to a White Sox game.

SIDE NOTE – I would have no issue if PBS was running these events and the money raised went directly to fund the shows. No way in hell that happens. Some asshole, who for sure hates kids, makes piles of money on his muppet slaves. Sad, so sad.

Fans of our fave baseball squad love to complain about price but guess what? On Sundays, you can take a family of 4, to a game, for $30. Tickets and parking, a far cry from $135 for the 3 of us to attend SSL. Even if you buy food there, you still wouldn’t get that close to $135. In this day and time everything is expensive, but I still find $30 for 4 tickets and parking a hell of deal. And before you even say it, yeah, it’s the cheap seats, when is the last time you actually sat in your seat at Sox Park? Come on man.


So take advantage of those cheap tickets in 2019 while you still can. I feel like they will go the way of the dodo when this team get’s good. And go see Sesame Street Live if you wanna see people trying to buy their kids love with cheap toys from China. It’s a blast to see my daughter freak the fuck out seeing a giant blue creature smashing cookies like her dad does when she is in bed.


108 Poopourri 10/14/2018

Poll Review

Pick your poison…

Drunk Quotes

“I knew for sure they were playing porno music when I saw WallyMoney dancing to it”

“David Ross being terrible at managing would be the highlight of 2019 for basically everyone, including most Cubs fans”

“Nobody looking smarter right now than GarPax for all the shit they got for Jimmy”

Stepmom of the Week

Well, the Astros are still in the playoffs, so…

Punchable Face of the Week

Brock Osweiler

The White Sox Irrelevance

I am a White Sox fan. I grew up watching and rooting for this team. I still miss Old Comiskey Park. With that being said I will also add that it pains me, and I take no joy in, writing this article. The White Sox have become irrelevant.

There are multiple reasons for this assertion. Some of which I will cover here.

1. The roster and on-field product

For years the White Sox organization has tried to convince us of how smart they are using a half assed approach. What is this approach you ask? The approach is simple.

• Bidding on high-priced talent at a lower price point than other organizations and then telling the fans that the bid was “competitive”, even though it was a lowball offer.
• Being butthurt by the agent who represents several high-profile and high talent players (Scott Boras and Kenny Williams) and refusing to deal with him.
• The inability to read the waiver wire (Kenny Williams with Alex Rios)
• Choosing to shop in the K-Mart Blue Light Special aisle hoping that the past their prime player du jour (Canseco, Andruw Jones, Jimmy Rollins, Manny Ramirez, and the like) can regain their previous form.
• Having a “Kenny guy” (Dave Wilder) accepting kickbacks from international players signing bonuses, leading to a conviction and prison sentence for Mr. Wilder. Oddly enough Kenny Williams still has a job.
• Devotion to obvious poor choices to manage the team (Terry Bevington and Robin Ventura are two examples).
• Kenny Williams and his constant big swinging dick mentality. I give him credit for trying to be competitive but wonder how he keeps his job.
• The drafting of players. How many drafted players have made an impact since the days of Larry Himes drafting, in succession, McDowell, Ventura, Thomas, and Fernandez. Remember drafting, not a free agent or acquiring in trade. Chris Sale (1st round) and Mark Buehrle (37th round (?)) are the only two that come to mind.

2. The Ballpark experience.

Now I could stop there and be rightfully angry, but sadly the White Sox problems extend far beyond that. The ballpark experience leaves a lot to be desired as well. Some prime examples of this include:

• Allowing people who buy 500 level tickets to sit in 100 level seats that Season Ticket Holders pay a lot of money for. I have broached this subject on numerous occasions with the team and one day a member of the security staff told me that they were told to allow people to sit there so the park looks fuller. Way to protect your fan base that actually pays for good seats.

• This PDF tickets. I have had people attempting to sit in my seats using tickets that had been photo shopped with a different seat number, in this case my seat.
• The fee that Season Ticket Holders have to pay to get their season tickets printed. I am a fan who likes collecting tickets, but if I want a hardcopy ticket it costs $50 on top of what I pay for season tickets to get them. On top of that they are the crappy Ticketmaster tickets. If you are going to charge extra why can’t you at least do a little solid for the fans and make them nice.
• The security checkpoints to get in the ballpark become a disaster when there is a crowd. Nothing like putting your best foot forward when you have people there. The wait times during the Cub series was an absolute joke and just add another point to a shitty ballpark experience driving fans away.
• The fact that for some teams (Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs) the crowd is more fans of the visitors than the Sox. If this doesn’t concern the White Sox front offices then frankly all hope is lost.
• The general apathy of this organization to convey accurate information. The scoreboard questions and stats can be an absolute joke at times with obvious errors and omissions. There are also examples of incorrect dates for “signature” Sox events and history. I have attached a couple on the next couple of pages illustrating my point:

The White Sox wore shorts in 1976, not 1979.

Scoreboard 1

The Dates for Soxfest 2016 were January 29 – 31. BTW, this screen was displayed on the screen while waiting for the opening ceremonies to begin Soxfest 2016.

Scoreboard 2

The White Sox found a way to git Friday – Sunday into 2 days. July 17 – 18?

Scoreboard 3
If the staff can’t, or doesn’t care to, convey accurate information for their product how can they expect the fans to be enthusiastic?

3. Is hope lost?

I will be frank. I think all hope is lost. If the Sox really want to win the fans back, they need to win. Not only win but make winning a standard. A simple stat will explain what I mean by sustained winning. The White Sox have won five (5) playoff appearances (all division titles (1983, 1993, 2000, 2005, and 2008) since division play began in 1969. The Cubs, nicknamed the loveable losers, have made four straight playoff appearances, including the NLCS three years in a row and a World Series title. The White Sox have NEVER made back to back playoff appearances, which just further illustrates the half-ass approach this team has always taken. They have hoped to catch “lightning in a bottle”, and they did in 2005. This is not how you build a loyal fan base. This team has not had a winning record since 2012, even when they were trying to compete in 2013 – 2016. In that time the Cubs have lapped them. The Cubs have the media on their side and a slew of celebrity fans, and wanna be fans, like Bill Murray and Eddie Vedder. Wrigley Field has always been billed as an experience and the winning just jacked it up to another level. The White Sox act like they are doing you a favor by letting you come see their games. Sorry that mindset doesn’t work anymore.

4. What can be done?

So, what can be done? If the team has ANY hopes of becoming relevant in this city they not only need to need to build a sustained winner, they need to improve the ballpark experience. What are some of the steps they need to take:

• Sign talented players. I think they have to go hard and all-in for Manny Machado or Bryce Harper. My choice is Harper and it not only has to do with on-field performance. Josh Donaldson CANNOT be the primary piece of free agent signing. He has to be a complimentary piece. If you frame all of your free agent moves around signing him, you have basically repeated the sins of the past. I say that because that means that you did not sign Harper or Machado AND you will not be making a move for Arenado after the 2019 off-season.
• Improve the ballpark experience by making Season Ticket Holders feel special. This can include:
o Dedicated entry for Season Ticket Holders with guaranteed giveaway items for them.
o Early entry for Season Ticket Holders so they can watch batting practice. This can be done through Gate 1 and have security standing at the entry to the lower bowl from the outfield area.
o Embrace the fans. Make sure the fans know they are appreciated. Do more things like the White Sox Prom held on the Wednesday before Soxfest 2018. Have a Christmas party for the fans, you can use the Stadium Club, Scout Section, or Chisox Bar and Grill.
o LISTEN to the fans. You may be able to find some things that may make the ballpark experience better.

The team has a long journey ahead of it. I hope they realize how bad things have gotten. I tend to think they don’t because things have gotten to this point.

Feel free to contact me with any compliments, criticisms, or any other thing you can think of.

-Aloha Mr. Hand

The 108 Interview Series – PNoles


Favorite Game That You Were At The Blackout Game. It is my great hope that I have a new answer to this question in 5 years.

Favorite All Time Player That Doesn’t Have a Statue On the Concourse Quintana. I considered Maggs but the fact that I’ve had greater fondness for Quintana in a Cubs uniform than I did Magglio in a Tigers uniform speaks volumes.

Favorite Drink and Dinner at the Park Brat with grilled onions and peppers. While I appreciate a good IPA or craft brew, I’m more likely to stick to Modelo in the park.

Favorite Place to Sit For a night game, nothing beats the scout seats but I’ve only done it twice. For day games I like the lower deck down the first base line for the shade.

Favorite Uniform Loved the cutoff pinstripes with the black sleeves that they used to wear. I miss those.

Favorite Giveaway Any and all bobbleheads.

Favorite Theme Night Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day.  One of these years I’m gonna wear my leprechaun suit to that game.



What irks you the most about White Sox fans? It varies from era to era. Right now it’s the habit of making benchmarks out of the respective rebuilds of the Cubs and Astros — two completely dissimilar organizations with more proven levels of team-building acumen and more generous spending habits that didn’t have three premium trade pieces to kickstart the process.

What is the worst part of being a Sox fan? We have no “Golden Age” to point to.  Success has been fleeting throughout my lifetime and long before it. 2005-2008 is probably as close as it gets, but even that timespan included a 90-loss team and just two postseason berths. I want to see them punch a ticket to October in back-to-back years.

Worst part of the game day experience? Bathroom and concession lines. This isn’t a problem at lesser-attended games, but it sucks that part of the price of games like Opening Day includes punting an inning to take a piss. I don’t blame the White Sox for this, it’s just the nature of stadiums.

What really grinds your gears? Bunting with two strikes, bunting before the late innings, bunting with competent hitters, and bunting.


Least Favorite White Sox player of all time Paniagua

Game Day

Most memorable experience as a White Sox fan I don’t want to say the Blackout Game again so I’ll go back to the Carlos Lee grand slam against the Cubs in 2001. That was the loudest and most amped up I’ve ever heard the crowds going down the ramps from the concourse.

Ballpark experience, how could it be better?  I’ve got three for this. First, open the parking lots earlier. If you’re doing a full-blown tailgate, it takes awhile to set up, cook, and take everything down, and if you’re in charge of everything that doesn’t leave a lot of time to just chill and hang out or play bags or whatever while still making it into the game on time.

Second, now that I’m a dad with young kids, I’m gonna give a dad answer and say they should have more than one family bathroom.  If you’re not sitting close to the 108 (which I suppose is a mistake in of itself), that can be a long walk for either carrying or walking with slow-moving kiddos.

Third, bring back the damn Pirates of the Carribbean intro. This is a no-brainer. Everyone loved it, it gave me chills, and it often would make me rush to leave tailgates to get in on time for it. Now I don’t really care if I’m slightly late (as long as it’s for tailgating reasons).

Best Sox Park hack? I don’t really have any. I like freely grabbing seats close to the dugouts / home plate like everyone else, but that’s not unique.

What brings you back for every game? Nothing beats the sights, sounds, and smells of the park. I can’t say it any better than that.

Feelings on the wave? I thought it was cool as a kid but then as I got older I realized I liked baseball instead.

Which Gate is your favorite to enter the park from? Gate 5. I love walking up the big staircase. I call it the Stairway to Heaven.

How Early Do You Get To Games? I like to get into the park about a half hour or 45 minutes before the game. I have this weird obsession with the way Gene Honda introduces the other team with a level of sinister contempt: “First for the visiting….Minnesota Twins.” That also gives me plenty of time to hit up food and beer without missing much of the pregame stuff.


What Do You Bring To Games? I’ll sometimes bring peanuts since I’m going to wind up buying them if I don’t, but other than that not a whole lot.

How Many Games Do You Go To Each Year? It used to be 8-10 but since having kids that’s dropped to about 4-5. I’ll probably ramp that up again when they get older.

Section 108 Questions

What is your favorite baseball word? TOOTBLAN

What is your least favorite baseball word? Bunt

What get’s you excited about the White Sox? When they’ve got a lineup full of guys that can swat dingers. I loved the 2008 team.

What makes you sad about the White Sox? The last decade.

What sound or noise at the ballpark do you love? I love the organ. It’s just perfect for the setting. It’s fun to pay attention for when they play a little tune that’s a pun on an opposing hitter’s name.

What sound or noise at the ballpark do you hate? Cowbells. Leave that shit at home.

What is your favorite Hawkism? “You can….put it on the boooooooooooaaaarrrddd, YES!!”

Do you think that you, Jim and Josh could take the 108ers in a 3 on 3 hoops game? Yuck. Who picked these teams? I play a lot of ball, but there’s no way I’m good enough to carry those guys.

Why do you dislike KenWo so much? I don’t! I like to dunk on him sometimes for trash baseball opinions (and make no mistake, some of them are major doozies) but he might actually deserve the title of “biggest Sox fan I know”.  Dude’s invested a ton of himself into this team. I’ve been at tailgates with him a few times and he’s a likeable guy.

The Pat Hatter blog is a fun read, but how the fuck didn’t you have Maurice Levy in your top 30 Wire characters? Levy is a good TV villain. Every time that guy’s on screen you just want to see him get what’s coming to him, and I love when characters make you feel that. However, this is The Wire we’re talking about and the cast is too deep to accommodate several good characters on that list. What I love about The Wire is that nearly everyone is written with nuance/depth and few characters are thoroughly good or thoroughly despicable. There’s nothing redeeming about Levy and we don’t really know anything about him other than that he’s an extremely scummy lawyer. In my book, that leaves him squarely outside the top 30.

Maurice Levy, abogado criminalista corrupto representante del clan Barksdale

You are a bit of a stathead, if you could, which specific stat / metric would you like to fully educate the average White Sox fan on? I think wOBA is a good metric and a decent gateway into the more advanced stuff.  It stands for Weighted On-Base Average and essentially takes the result of every plate appearance and appropriately weights how valuable it is to a baseball offense, so e.g. triples will raise your wOBA more than singles or walks.  It’s on a similar scale to on-base percentage, so something around .270 is garbage, .320 is around average, and stuff close to .400 is elite.

Do you have a SoxMath arch-nemesis? Mike Gonnella is damn fast, but there’s a whole host of other players (Joe Resis, Jordan Lazowski, Ashley Sanders, Riles, Jack, others that I’m surely and apologetically forgetting) that have really stepped up their game this year and made winning extremely tough, and I’d like to extend a hearty congratulations to those competing in the finals. I’ve toned it down on the SoxMath this year — this is sure to induce groans but ever since I’ve changed cable providers I’ve seen some correct answer timestamps occur before I’ve seen the question (“lol suuuuuuure pnoles”).

Do you have any favorite #108ing stories you’d like to share, ballpark or otherwise? Nothing too crazy. Back in 2013 I attended the South Side Sox meetup at the park for the first time after posting on the site for about 3-4 years. It was awesome meeting everyone, but I made the exceptionally poor choice of drinking a lot of beer and eating very little food at the tailgate. We went to Cork and Kerry after the game and I left at some point to go home by myself.  My sense of direction pretty much vacated me by that point and I was found by a couple South Side Sox folks a little later that night wandering around the abandoned Sox/35th Red Line station (which was closed for construction that summer). They got me home OK and I’m still very grateful to them.


What’s your greatest fear about the “rebuild”? That it won’t generate enough stars. I think there’s going to be enough depth players but the early returns have been discouraging with regards to developing elite major league talent.

What is there about this team that excites you the most? Eloy

Give us a #HotTake about the rebuild. The White Sox don’t have a single league-average catcher in their organization, and are going to continue to grow The Legend of Tyler Flowers for another half-decade.

Favorite White Sox Twitter Account (Besides @fromthe108) and why? Excluding @SoxMachine from this because it’d be a boring answer, I’m a big fan of everything @SoxOn35th has been doing this year. Second choice would be @ckamka and his never-ending parade of cool facts.


Person from White Sox Twitter that you’d most like to meet and why? I’ll say the collective from BP South Side. I’ve met Mark and Mike, but haven’t met the other guys. Most of us are doing an online trivia league and that’s been fun.

Favorite Non-White Sox Twitter Account and why? Gotta be @jon_bois. Jon is hilarious and extremely creative. I was way into his Pretty Good series and if you haven’t checked out 17776 I can highly recommend doing so.

What do you like best about @fromthe108 ? You guys have brought a lot of fun to a really tough year to be a Sox fan. If you can make 2018 a good time, I can’t wait to see what you do to a year when good stuff actually happens

Favorite White Sox related blog or podcast and why? Can highly recommend this killer blog/podcast combo called “Sox Machine”.

What is your favorite alcoholic drink for #108ing?  Be specific and feel free to go with more than one if you need to.  What about your favorite beer style?  If I’m watching at home, I’m all about old fashioneds. I generally like IPAs and other high-ABV beer but they are my Kryptonite.

Favorite cut of Steak?  Prepared? I’m big into New York Strip steaks, generally medium or medium rare.

Gimme an “Uncle Rico” moment from your prior sports playing past. On two separate occasions I’ve hit a half-court shot at the buzzer to send a basketball game into overtime. In true Uncle Rico fashion, I’m not typically the guy whose number gets called in those situations, and to the best of my recollection those are the only two such attempts I’ve ever had.

Where would you take @ChiPartyAunt out on a date? She doesn’t strike me as the dating type…

Favorite performance enhancing drug? Pedialyte. Best anti-hangover weapon there is. Not sure if it counts as a drug, but they put it in the section with medicines so that’s good enough for me.


Who do you hate more Jim Belushi or John Cusack? Cusack

Happy Ending

What Other Chicago Teams Do You Enjoy Bulls and Bears. The outright tanking has soured me on the Bulls though. I watched them all the time when they sucked from 1999-2004 but the recent shift of actually managing games to lose had me stop tuning in altogether last year.

Favorite Chicago Sports History Moment Last out of the 2005 World Series

Favorite All-Time Sox Broadcaster Jason Benetti. I also love Stone and it is my dream to have him eviscerate me on Twitter one day. Hawk will always have a special place in my heart but too much of his tenure was rough to sit through.


Any Stories About Running Into or Meeting White Sox Players? Other Chicago Athletes? Not really. I’ve met some players but there’s not much of a story there.

Favorite Band? Coheed and Cambria. Claudio Sanchez is a creative mastermind.

What is your favorite song? Right now I’d say Mr. Brightside. It takes me back to college.

Favorite TV Show (or Netflix or HBO or whatever the fuck)? The Wire. After I wrap up The Americans I’m going to put together a personal all-time list on The Pat Hatter.

Married or Single? Looking for a GF? I am happily signed to a 100-year contract with no opt-out clauses.

Do you remember your first Sox game? Nope!

What Player had the greatest impact on you? Frank Thomas, hands-down.

What was the happiest day watching the Sox? Game 4 of the 2005 World Series.

What was the saddest day watching the Sox? I might be conflating memories but I’d say that game against the Mets when Gillaspie and Beckham collided to blow an infield pop-up, and after the Sox blew the lead, Hawk went to break outright screaming “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!” It was the first time I thought White Sox baseball might be hazardous to Ken Harrelson’s health.

What do you do for work? If you could be or do anything else – what? I’m an actuary. If I had the voice for it, I would have loved to be the PA announcer at the Sox game or the person who decides what music and sound bites to play. I also think it’d be cool to be a voice actor. Basically, I wish I had a better voice.

If you could live in any other time, when might that be? The 1980s would have been pretty cool. I technically was born then but wasn’t old enough to appreciate the culture.

If you could have dinner with five White Sox Players, past and present, who would they be? Yolmer, Big Hurt, A.J., Ozzie, Palka.

If you could change one thing in your past, what might that be? I wish I was more confident in high school. I didn’t really figure myself out until college and in retrospect feel like I spent years living as less than the best version of myself for no good reason.

What are you most proud of? My family

How would you like to be remembered? I’d like for people to think of me as a good person, and to feel at the end like I’ve earned that (which is harder and will be a lifelong struggle). I don’t need more of a legacy than that.

What’s the one thing about you few people know? I get ashamed of myself very easily when I say or do something out of line. For example, if I get heated and raise my voice at someone on the basketball court (not common, but it happens), I just ruined my day, because I’ll spend most of the rest of the day obsessing over how I came off and why I got amped up over something that just doesn’t matter.

What do you dislike most about yourself? I wish I could be one of those people who’s “on” all the time. You know the type, folks who are always feeling chatty and can inject energy into any conversation/encounter. I have occasional times when I’m introverted and just don’t feel like interacting with people and it probably shows. I never want to be like that but it happens.

Also, I absolutely despise the taste of cheese and wish I liked it like a normal person. It makes me a brutal person to order shared food (appetizers, small plates, etc) with and I hate that it makes me a difficult customer at restaurants.  Possibly the worst part is that this is often one of the first things that people learn about me (due to business/social occasions often centering around food) so it sticks in their memory and it leads to them ripping on me constantly for it, which gets old after a few decades.

What do you dislike most in others? Nothing specific. Just don’t act vindictively toward people and we’re cool.

What were your best/worst subjects in school? Best subject was Math. My worst subject was Literature because there’s no way to check your work. You needed to guess the same interpretation of the book as the teacher and/or grading rubric, which is BS. My sophomore year of high school I was one of several people in my class who was caught plagiarizing SparkNotes, because without using SparkNotes, I was never confident that my essay on a particular book was “right”. I had a couple GREAT English teachers in high school but also one particular one that repeatedly insisted that grades weren’t important, especially for English given the subjective nature of interpreting literature, and I was like, “Great, well if you don’t think it’s important which grade I get just give me an ‘A’ then.”

What do you like doing in your spare time? In addition to hanging out with my family and friends, I play basketball a few times a week and am in a softball league. I love to play poker, even though I don’t get a chance to as much as I used to. I watch a good amount of TV and as alluded to above, I’ve made a habit of writing up my thoughts on shows over on The Pat Hatter. Lately I have been getting more and more into trivia because about a year ago I joined the aforementioned online trivia league with a bunch of my friends and realized how bad I am at it, so I’ve actually started to read some books and watch Jeopardy more. Being bad at things — no matter how trivial (no pun intended) — bothers the hell out of me. That’s the significance of “gym class hero” in my Twitter bio.

Who is your celebrity crush? Don’t really have one


What is your favorite movie? Silver Linings Playbook

What is your favorite baseball movie? Moneyball. I’ll get Shawshanked by that movie whenever it’s on.

What is your biggest/weirdest fear? I’m sort of a hypochondriac, but I’ve found that since having kids, it’s been less of an issue. Hooray for exposure therapy! I still won’t let you drink out of my cup or vice-versa though.

What would be your one super power? Telekinesis. The potential for messing with people would be through the roof.

What would you change your name to? Rembrandt Q. Einstein

What pet would you love to have? I would like to have Jimmy Butler’s boombox fishtank and put pet fish in there. That thing is amazing.

What’s your one biggest pet peeve? Left-turners that don’t pull into the intersection on a soft green. There’s no reason we both can’t make this light, buddy.

What’s your one annoying habit? One? Hmmm…well I can definitely be a space case sometimes. My mind wanders easily from whatever’s going on in front of me. I’ve gotta say though, this feels like a pretty incomplete answer to this question.

What would be a good theme song for your life? Eve 6 – Here’s to the Night. I know it was actually written about a one-night stand but the lyrics are heavily nostalgic and reflect my general mindset about the past. I’m not good with big changes and moving into new stages of life. On the other hand, I love escaping into memories of days gone by and experiences I’ve had in high school, college, and even as a younger adult. I focus a lot on the exciting stuff and the high points, sure, but I even have fondness for all the stuff that wasn’t as pleasant to live through. I try as hard as I can to appreciate the present but the truth is that I love life so much more in hindsight. Five years from now I’m probably going to be doing the same thing about 2018. After college was over I made a video of photos of my friends and I through the four years and set the ending of the video to this song.

What ballpark would you like to visit? I crossed off Fenway last summer the night that the 108ers cashed in on Dylan Covey, so that was probably my answer for as long as I can remember. With that one off the list, I think Camden Yards or Coors Field would be my next choices.

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The 5 – The 5 Things Daniel Palka Can Do In The Offseason

The 2018 White Sox season is over.  Checking some social media accounts, it seems to be pretty awesome for some players.  But our guy Daniel Palka is gonna be bored fam.  I know it.  A guy built to just crush stuff get’s bored when he can’t crush stuff.  I decided to come up with a little list of things he could consider doing in the offseason.


5 – Help his brother’s landscaping company by chopping down trees.

Dan’s brother runs a landscaping company in Nantucket.  Yep Nantucket, from all the dirty ass limericks.  It’s a pretty fancy place and Matt helps keep it beautiful.  I am sure he’ll need help coming up soon and who better to remove trees that a guy who swings a bat at speeds unknown to most men.  Dan is cleaner running that any chainsaw and I am guessing way more efficent.  Plus I know the ladies of the 108 wanna see Dan in a flannel, swinging an axe in freshly fallen snow.  Make it happen fellas.



4 – Watch My Kids.

I mean who wouldn’t wanna trade a fun filled lifestyle for 2 sweet girls that smile all the time? Little Miss Shortstop says you are her 2nd favorite player behind Tim Anderson, so that should help you get her to eat her damn peanut butter sandwich.  She is also almost potty trained so that is a huge plus.  Less diapers! Chasing after her day in and out I am pretty sure is equivalent to running after chickens so you can gain that speed you might need in right field in 2019.

Also, for selfish reasons, I kinda need a break to explore some 108 avenues that I can’t really do with 2 kids.  So you would be doing the world a favor by raising the younger generation and helping get the 108 bigger and bigger.  Seems like a win win.  So what’s in it for you?

Well, you can eat anything in the fridge you want.  We have premium cable. We have a CostCo membership so we are always flush with awesome snacks too.  I have a really nice chair that is great for napping during the 3rd episode of Paw Patrol after a long night of #108ing with the boys.  Anything else?  I will even pay you cash, thinking $10 and hour if you do chores while the girls sleep, which is always great.  We even have an extra room you can stay in to save money on rent, but that would negate the $10 an hour.  We ain’t made of money sir.


3 – Start an Air Mail Delivery Service.

Fuck drones, we want Dans.  Can we create a “Palka Smash Proof” container to protect your valuables while Dan swings away and sends a package your way?  I don’t know, we got electric cars and we went to the moon so anything is possible in my eyes.  Can you send messages? Yes.  Can you send a pizza? No.  I think it would be limited to size of item, maybe fit inside a baseball, but distance would be no issue at all.  The guy crushes balls.  Plus the novelty of having Palka deliver your wedding ring to your wife while you are at dinner, on the couch, whenever, would far outweight the costs to replace the window he just broke.


2 – Create your own peer to peer driving service.

Don’t like the politics behind Uber or Lyft?  Are you a big White Sox fan?  Would you pay extra to get driven to work by Palka? OF COURSE YOU FUCKING WOULD. How badass would it be to have some clubhouse chat with your favorite 2018 Breakout Star Daniel Palka while you are in the back of a Nissan Altima ?  Pretty fucking #Dope right?  I thought so.

If this goes well, you could get some some of the other guys on board to join Palka’s crew! How great would it be to have Yoan Moncada pick you up and you can both complain about how the ups fuck him over every chance they get! Or talk to Adam Engel about all the homers he has robbed.  Or even Yolmer Sanchez. You could get into his ride and tell you all about keeping it fun.



1 – Whatever he did last offseason cause it fucking worked. 

The best idea behind watching my kids.  Let’s be honest, after such a dismal season one of the bright points was watching this kid crush balls, talk shit on his teammates and give the best damn interviews since Brian Wilson.  Palka > Wilson though as Dan is way less creepy than Brian.  Why did this happen? I have no idea.  I don’t know his offseason workout plan.  And that is how it should be, secret.  We don’t need multiple Palkas out there, especially in the AL Central.

Keep doing what you are doing Dan, cause it fucking worked in 2018.  You made our year in the 108, and we loved help spreading the Gospel of Palka across the internets.  Thanks for making #108ing legit and for just being you sir.  We can’t wait for SoxFest and the 2019 season.  Gonna be full of Palka and that is how it should be.



108 Poopourri

This is a new thing we’re gonna try to bring you on a weekly basis with just some random odds and ends that are not quite enough on their own to be a blog.

Poll Review

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Drunk Quotes

“There are more women drinking craft beer on instagram than there are women drinking craft beer in the real world”

“I hope @chisoxfanmike is a fake account owned by @barstoolcarl and he’s just trolling all of White Sox Twitter.”

“The only thing grosser than Omar Narvaez at 1b is a Don Cooper sex tape.”

Stepmom of the Week

With the Astros in the playoffs, kinda has to be Ava Addams

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The White Sox player polls – Coaches & Hahn

Good day friends, we bring you the last of the White Sox 2018 review with our players polls coaches and Hahn polls, voted on by the fans, with comments from the fans….let’s do dis!!

Ricky Renteria

The Fans….


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted with the fans.  The easiest parts of his job to judge are his tactical managing in-game and the development of young players in his care.  Both were medicore to terrible this season (Daniel Palka’s hulking HR performance aside).  Ricky makes questionable moves throughout the game and is likely hurting the teams chance of winning more than helping it when he’s requesting bunts early in the game.  Maybe it was all a complicated rouse to ensure a top 5 draft pick….I don’t know, but I leave the season hopeful that he has the capacity to learn and improve, but Underwhelmed by the 2018 seasons performance.

Don Cooper

The Fans…..


Todd Steverson

The Fans…….


BeefLoaf’s Take – I have lumped these two jokers together because to me, it is equally difficult for me to judge their specific performance.  I know it is tied to the overall performance, but the player profiles and lack of talent more closely correlate to overall performance of the team.  In layman’s terms.  If a player was expected to have X performance with the average pitching coach, what is his performance with Cooper.  These are probably knowable at some level of quant calculations with moderate comfort in the calculation, but not by a dickhead like me.  Same with Steverson, the offense was actually ahead of the pitching by a wide margin, but a similar analysis would need to be conducted and I don’t have the wits about me or the time to do so.  As MySoxSummer always tells me…..”If a hitter has great success, the success is always attributed to the hitter and the great adjustments they made and that they don’t listen to the hitting coach, conversely, if a hitter struggles, the blame goes to the hitting coach, sighting that he should have DONE SOMETHING to help the player hit better.”  It’s a complicated analysis.  I did vote underwhelmed on both because the team performance blew so bad, but I am open to anyone and any opinion to the contrary.

Rick Hahn

The Fans………


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted Underwhelmed….WHERE….TO….START.  Hahn couldn’t manage to sell the magic beans that were Avi Garcia’s 2017 season and he couldn’t find a suitor for Jose Abreu either.  Hahn didn’t use the White Sox substantial payroll flexibility to bring in more prospect talent (absorbing Jacoby Ellsbury’s or Matt Kemp’s contracts could’ve bolstered the farm), other than paying ~$7M for 38 IP of Joakim Soria and Kodi Medeiros who the White Sox internally are singing the praises of, but the rest of the outside world believes is hopefully a LOOGY in the future.  The White Sox did not invest in a Rule 5 pick on a roster that clearly could’ve absorbed one (they used a pick but then traded it).  Hahn did trade some International Cap space (which the team really can’t use because it exceeded the cap previously for Luis Robert) for a few teams ~15th reliever on their 40 man roster, which is in the good column for sure, but hardly a home run.  I don’t want to fully rehash it, but Tommy Pham was apparently available for org depth and he didn’t find himself with a new CF.  I guess the folks that were Encouraged are hanging their hats on the expected excessive value that Hahn is securing in 2025 on the back of Eloy Jimenez.  I don’t know.  At least this season’s 1st round pick looks more likely than the last several to be a major league regular, so that is also a plus.  Finding Daniel Palka has to be his #1 accomplishment of this off-season and the stat heads out there will say that’s “Meh” at best.  Be better next year Rick, there are a lot of us counting on it.