The 5 – 5 Things To Enjoy This Weekend

Allow me to reintroduce myself…….

Welcome to FRI-YAY Folks! It’s been a minute, but I am MySoxSummer. Been a bit busy shipping out all these #108ing shirts to all you lovely fans (available here)! And raising some kids. That takes up most my time.


The final weekend series is upon us, starts today. 6 games left to see our beloved team that has really taken alot out of us this year. There were very few things to cheer for this year, but 2 words, Daniel Palka. You killed it man. You ARE the southside. A grinder. A baller. And funny as fuck. Thanks for 2018 man, you really made our year in the 108.

I went to get some tickets yesterday and lamented to Box Office Jimmy that I was bummed that the Cub(e)s were our last weekend series. He seemed to share my feelings. Most years we in the 108 sell these tickets. It’s a game that you can actually sell for more than face which is pretty nice! But it being a weekend series and the last one in 2018, we are all in for Saturday and Sunday. So if you are headed to the games this weekend here are 5 things to enjoy!


1- CrossTown Wasted.

Y’all hear that we are throwing down with SoxOn35th this Saturday? Well we are! It’s tomorrow. In Lot B. At 3:30pm. Ya know what the best thing is? YOU DON’T NEED A FUCKING TICKET TO GO TO THE TAILGATE! You need not pay a crazy price to see a baseball game to get kinda wasted with your favorite White Sox twitter friends! Also Johnnie Nonnie and BeefLoaf are known to fully stock coolers for insane parties. So the High Life and the Busch Light will be ice cold and flowing. No excuses folks, no excuses.


2- Sweater Weather.

As a fat guy, the weather is looking DOPE AF. Mid 60’s is the HIGH for Saturday. Will I wear jeans? Unlikely. But maybe I won’t sweat like a whore in church all game. You know what is perfect to do in mid 60’s temp? DRINK A BUNCHA BEER. It will be pleasant out which we deserve. Baseball in this kinda weather is pretty awesome too. We can also imagine it’s 2023 and we are gunning for that Wild Card or trying to lock up a division. #TrustTheProspects

3- Cub(e)s Fans.

I know, some of them are fucking awful. We wanna short sell them on baseball knowledge, which is sometimes is deserved. But do we really wanna paint the whole fanbase based on a few people? Do we really?


Listen, in a few short years, we’ll be back and most likely they will be down. Maybe they won’t. Fuck, maybe we won’t. But I am kinda tired of the constant Sox vs Cub(e)s hate. So let’s act like the brothers that hate each other but we both love their mom (baseball). We can act civil for holidays, like this weekend, for mom.

So maybe, just maybe if you have a good interaction with a fan from the north you offer to buy him a beer. Maybe that fan will see your move and buy you one back. Let’s all be the better fan(s). Maybe?

4- Beer. Brats. Baseball.

This is what it is all about. Don’t think about how fucking awful long the lines will be this weekend, or the lack of space, or how shitty the service will likely be, think about how great that brat will taste. And really don’t think about how long that line will be to get a fancy beer, but rather enjoy a Bud Light or Corona Light or Modelo cause really that pairs just as well as the fancy beer. Plus they deliver that beer! Also, take care of those guys. They were out there when you weren’t, so tip them well. For baseball, like the McRib, is limited time only. It will be back, much like the McRib, but not for awhile. So fucking enjoy all of these B’s.


5- 11am Sunday Soak.

That’s right, wake up (hungover) with the boys in the 108. The Monsters of the Midway will be rolling after the game, so we want you to watch that. We also think the possibility of someone puking in the tub is very likely. Well, just me really. The other guys rarely puke. So make sure to tune in at 11am to watch the last regularly scheduled soak. There will be other soaks, maybe around Bears games, but nothing is on the books.

We are looking forward to this last party with all you crazy folks. Make sure to come and say hi in these final games. If you wanna save $5 And want a shirt, send me a DM on Twitter. Stay hydrated my friends.



The 5 – Positives of Michael Kopech’s injury

Much like the dozens of you reading this text right now, I was first in SHOCK, then SAD, then MAD, about Michael Kopech’s injury.  It really sucks that we as White Sox fans were getting our first taste of a prospect hitting the ground running and actually living up to the prospect hype.  Our titty nipples were rock hard with excitement for this kid and then this speed bump came and launched us right off of our big wheel of happiness and back into the pit of snakes that has been the last decade of White Sox baseball.  Waking up this morning, hungover obv, I returned to my normal outlook on life…”Look at the bright side”… let’s do that, I bring you “The 5” Positives of Michael Kopech’s injury.

5. More hulking out rehab pictures and instagram stories of Michael


This kid is a work out freak, even for a tall bean pole like he is.  The guy could probably throw 108 without being ripped as shit, but why? Might as well have the lasses (as well as the cougars) feelin’ his vibe.  Also, from his past as a player, he’s not afraid to mix it up, so ole Nuke here might as well keep in tip top for when the occasion arises.

4. The ballpark will be just as roomy and comfortable as the 108ers are accustomed to it being


It is no secret.  The reason the 108 has become the 108 is mainly because the White Sox have been a hot mess for damn near a decade and the roominess in our section provides a great area for fans to come by and crush brews and commiserate about the various ailments of this squad.  With Kopech coming up, he provided something that we weren’t used to……what’s the word?  Oh Yea!!! HOPE!  Well, thats fucking gone now, so we can get back to spreading out, chatting, using the bathrooms with no lines and having beer vendors literally sit in our section


damn near half the game because nobody showed up.

3. We can continue to blame our alcoholism on bad White Sox baseball


I know this sounds bad, but you know its true.  Look, most of you out there aren’t harboring a Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas type habit,


but 108% of you have taken the day off for no other reason than to binge drink all day.  Probably in your garage.  When things aren’t going right, its an easy move to grab for that couple tree negatives in your life and blame them for your personal demons.  We are all for that.  So join us, don’t blame your personality defects, blame the White Sox!

2. He’s got time to grow his flow back before the next time we see him


It’s uncouth to take a shot at a persons appearance.  We are supposed to judge people for who they are on the inside and not the outside and we here at the 108 generally do just that, EXCEPT for when you got a beautiful mop on the top of your head and for some unknown reason, you lop off big chunks of that delicious flow and come back butchered.  We can’t haz that.  Nobody wants what came back after that hair cut, not even the Salmon Sisters.


MIKE!  Get your flow right before you come back bruh, we need everything in it’s right place.

1. One more year to keep selling the fans on development and patience while doing nothing to improve the roster.


There are two undeniable facts with this rebuild.  The chairman loves having the lowest payroll in baseball.  Rick Hahn doesn’t know wtf he is going to do with 90% of this roster and farm system.  For these two, this injury was a breath of fresh air.  Now if Eloy can just get banged up in winter ball / spring training and keep him out until mid-June, they’ll be incredibly boned up.


It sounds harsh, but you all know there are two different games going on here and…..let’s call it “delaying gratification” is more what the front office is into these days.

– BeefLoaf 

Don’t Die on that Hill…..

Hi friends, it’s your pal BeefLoaf, come on in, pour yourself some coffee (feel free to make it Irish if you’d like) and have a seat.  I have a parable of sorts to share with the class, and as the Slumpbuster always tells me, “make sure you bring enough for the whole class”…..don’t worry, I am.


I’d like to protect the names of the innocent here, but I can only protect so much, plus it is fun for some people to know who it is, so let’s call this fella “El Jefe”.  El Jefe is a big Chicago sports fan, White Sox, Bears and Blackhawks, a BIG BLACKHAWKS guy, a season ticket holder.  El Jefe HATES Corey Crawford, he fucking HATES him.  If you were to look through his Facebook posts during Blackhawks season it is an endless stream of anti-Corey Crawford messages.  In fact, many of his friends spent significant time trolling him about his irrational hate.  Of course, you know how this story ends up going, the Blackhawks win 3 Stanley Cups, 2 of which feature Crawford prominently.  EVEN THEN, even after they have won the Cup, El Jefe still stuck to his guns about how the Blackhawks got lucky to win the Cup inspite of Crawford.  I saw him fairly recently and gave him a ribbing about this and he is still on the anti-Crawford train.  You don’t have to do this folks.


How about another version of this, one where the spicy takes were reversed, eventually.  Your boy and Chorizy-E were both on the DFA Matt Davidson train.  We talk about it multiple times in our infamous Periscope vids (these were probably in the Feb-Mar 2018 timeframe).  Of course, we are morons and Matt Davidson continued to improve into 2018 and he’s a serviceable big league 1B/DH kinda guy.  We did reverse course tho’ and now we are Matt Davidson Fanbois.


You are probably asking by now, Beefy, wtf your point, fam?  My point is this, don’t be that guy (or gal).  If you get some new information that makes you realize your position on some silly sports, music, pop culture thing is wrong, then stand up (ie, get on the twitters), admit your mistake and change your opinion.  Consider this twitter confession and I’ll be your priest (we’ll knock back some of that church wine, and I promise not to diddle).  I’m not saying you have to do this, maybe you really enjoy having very odd opinions that jive significantly with reality, it’s fine, but if you don’t really want to continue to be the “Mark Buehrle is a HOF’er” gal any longer and would like to repent, please do so.  Just to be clear, we aren’t talking about unknowable / ambiguous things, like favorite Beatle or best pizza joint or whatever.  Those aren’t the subjects we are talking about.  Also, if you were a big “Move Zorich to LB” guy or gal, you aren’t allowed to re-neg on that opinion, it is locked in till the end of time.

The following are a list of potential “hot takes” that you could reverse…..

– The 2005 White Sox were a small ball team
– Mike Singletary was the best linebacker on the ’85 Bears
– The McCaskey’s (McClaskey’s per Russ Grimm) are cheap
– The White Sox would’ve won the 1994 World Series (Cleveland was 1 game back at the time of the strike)
– Michael Jordan left basketball because of a gambling pinch

It’s a start….come holler at me,

– BeefLoaf 

The Organization

When you sit in the 108 and you’re out there 108ing like we do, people will stop by and share a drink from time to time.  And when they’re sharing that drink, sometimes they’ll share a story too or some interesting tidbit of info.  Sometimes it’s the trivia that gets thrown down by Biguns or Beefloaf or Mr Hand.  Sometimes it’s a story about Big Frank visiting a late night kitchen in Lincoln Park.  Sometimes it’s hearing about Daniel Palka’s pitching prowess.  Sometimes it’s info on an Indianapolis stripper that’s friendly with a washed out Sox reliever.  And sometimes it’s word from inside the Sox front office.  This is rare, but it happens.  And recently, we got word that the front office has been tracking a group of bloggers/tailgaters/general drunkards.  Let’s call this group “The Organization”.

This inside man gave us the low down on this probe.  He was also able to sneak us a pic of part of their bulletin board.  If you’re not on it, don’t think you’re in the clear.  There are no associates pictured at all and there is certainly a chance there are more capos and soldiers floating around.

We’ll provide info as we have it, but please do not let this deter you from coming out on Saturday September 22nd for the Crosstown Wasted Tailgate.  There are at least a few capos counting on you being there.  You wouldn’t want to disappoint them, would you?

The 5 – Possible Reasons why Eloy is in Charlotte

Good day, this is your pal BeefLoaf and this is the 5.  5 possible reasons that Eloy Jimenez is still in Charlotte…..ENJOY!


5 – Eloy has Halitosis


If there is one thing that could derail a young talent core of players is if the new talent dude has stanky breath.  Think about it, you go to high five him and you get that dead tooth smell pouring out onto your jersey.  What about when Eloy ends up the home run chain, the next dude who gets it gonna have to throw that muthafucka out.  Whatta scene.

4 – Jeremy Haber forgot to file the paperwork


Every once in awhile, you read about some trade or some inadvertent free agency occurring because one of the pencil pushers simply forgets to file the paperwork timely or doesn’t file it correctly.  We assume all this stuff always goes exactly right, it doesn’t.  I remember in my first job out of college, a hedge fund was breaking up and I misread a name and allocated $30k to a dude that belonged to another dude.  BIG MISTAKE….amazingly I didn’t get fired, but I do what it takes to get by

3 – Front Office knows if Daniel Palka loses playing time, WE. WILL. RIOT! 


I can’t say we’ll protest and shutdown 35th street or something like that, but we’ll definitely be pissed and probably do some public display to show our displeasure (SURPRISE, it might have to do with consuming lots of alcohol and possibly falling down)

2 – More time needed to expunge his twitter account of racist / sexist tweets from 2011


You know I’m right.  Nobody probably looked down this rabbit hole yet, and the front office probably realized it right around Labor Day.  FUCK!!!  We never checked Eloy’s twitter for bad tweets.  Not to mention, they’ll need someone who can read spanish to do it.  This clearly is going to take until at least April 12, 2019.

1 – Developing a sick bat flip is the last box to be checked


I know some people like a humble superstar, like the way Barry Sanders would just flip the ball to the ref after a TD, but this is the Southside and we want a brash star that nearly gets into a fight weekly with a hot headed player on the opposing team.  In that vain, Eloy needs to work on his bat flip and get it to Joey Bats levels of ridiculousness.

– BeefLoaf

The 108 Interview Series – WhiteSoxDave

The 108 Interview Series continues with the host of Red Line Radio (@RedLineRadio), which was recently picked up by Barstool Sports (congrats!!!), the winner of the 2018 White Sox Twitter Personalities Tournament and all around great White Sox fan and twitter follow WhiteSoxDave….before we start, the 108ers want to give a big virtual bro hug to WhiteSoxDave, not just for this interview, but for his help and support of what we do over here at Section 108.  It’s pretty rare that the big fish in your proverbial pond would be as kind and helpful with their time and resources, so we want to say Thanks!  And let us know if you need anyone “taken care of”…….Let’s get on with it!!




Favorite game that you were at?  Easily the Scotty Pods walk off in game 2.

Favorite all time player that doesn’t have a statue on the concourse?  Aaron Rowand.  Absolute grinder.  Epitome of a south side mentality even though he was a call bro

Favorite drink and food at the park? Brat loaded up with green peppers and onions and of course cheap domestic beer

Favorite place to sit? Anywhere that’s not the upper deck

Favorite uniform? 83’s

Favorite giveaway? Not a big giveaway guy, mostly because I’m too lazy to carry shit around.

Favorite theme night? Same, not a theme night guy.  I feel like that stuff is reserved as a way to get asses in seats.  It’s fun and all, but nothing that I really care about personally.  Their fireworks are fantastic though



What irks you the most about White Sox fans? Recently, their lack of patience with the rebuild.

What is the worst part of being a Sox fan? Dealing with assholes who say “Nobody gives a shit about the White Sox”

Worst part of the game day experience? Losing on purpose, more or less.  But that’s all about to change

What really grinds your gears? The Brewers being a loser franchise and being afraid of the Cubs

Least favorite White Sox player of all time I could name about 2 dozen players on this list but the very first name that popped in my mind was Adam LaRoche.  I’m not even talking about his kid being in the clubhouse, he was just absolute dog shit.


Game Day

Most memorable experience as a White Sox fan 2005!

Ballpark experience, how could it be better? I honestly think they should build a new park in the South Loop when their lease is up.  Love the Bridgeport area and people, but if they want overflow tourism coming into the stadium, fans to come during the week, etc. they should move the park to the biggest up and coming area of the city in a decade or so IMO.  Sox Park is already one of the oldest stadiums in baseball

Best Sox Park hack? If you ever have upper deck tickets, walk down through the fundamentals deck and pay the ticket taker $10 to have him let you walk down to the lower deck

What brings you back for every game? Watching the young guns

Feelings on the wave? Never take part in it, doesn’t necessarily bother me though

Which Gate is your favorite to enter the park from? 4

How early do you get to games? For Saturday games as soon as the parking lots open

What do you bring to games? My wallet and if it’s a weekend game and I’m not coming from work a case of brew

How many games do you go to each year?  When I was younger a lot more but I’m a slave to the man now, this year about 20ish


Section 108 Questions

What is your favorite baseball word? Command

What is your least favorite baseball word? I honestly can’t think of one?  Maybe “can’t miss”?  No such thing as a can’t miss anything in baseball

What gets you excited about the White Sox? Watching their MiLB and young guys develop

What makes you sad about the White Sox? Dealing a future HOF pitcher and not being able to build around them.  I’ll never forgive them for the shit they pulled during the Sale years, not unless they win the big one

What sound or noise at the ballpark do you love? Crack of the bat

What sound or noise at the ballpark do you hate? That stupid woo thing they randomly started doing.  Nails on chalkboard and I don’t understand why they do it

What is your favorite Hawkism? Stretch!

Is Brian Bilek really as much of a scallywag as he showed on Opening Day 2018? Even worse.  Kid’s a bad seed


Congrats on getting the pod picked up by Barstool, well deserved…as your media career takes off……what media types did you grow up enjoying / admiring most? I used to watch about 12 episodes of sportscenter a day growing up, but ESPN is trash now.  Boers and Bernstein used to be hilarious, but Bernstein is a holier than thou dickhead now

If the RLR crew played the 108ers in 3 on 3 basketball, how much would the 108ers win by? Probably a lot, we all stink at that sport

WhiteSoxDave vs BigCat in a hot dog eating contest..What is the line?  Who wins? I’d demolish him. He put down 12 in the nathan’s contest a few years ago, I think I could do 15

If the other members of RLR were each individually throwing a tailgate, whose tailgate would you go to?  Eddie, he’s a complete and total wild card


Is it possible Red Line Radio is a bigger mess than The 108?  You guys are a mess in a good way.  So yes?  haha

If the White Sox agreed to sign you for one day, and you got to pitch to one batter, which batter would you want to plunk? Ryan Braun is an absolute piece of shit, so probably him

If you had to go drink for drink with one of the 108ers, who would it be? Wally… I’ve seen the pictures, he can’t hang.

How is that cowboy hat coming, will it make an appearance before or after Eloy does?  As soon as I have enough disposable income to sink $1000 into a cowboy hat just to wear to get social media likes, then it will make an appearance.  So hopefully before Eloy ha

If we name drop you at Armand’s will we get a free drink? Depends on who’s tending the bar, but maybe

What’s your greatest fear about the “rebuild”? That they won’t sign high end talent to complement the young guns

Give us a #HotTake about the rebuild They’ll beat the Cubs in a World Series

Who finalizes our rotation next year? Cease

Are we buyers in the off season? 100%

Favorite White Sox Twitter Account (Besides @fromthe108) and why? Future Sox does awesome work

Person from White Sox Twitter that you’d most like to meet and why? I’ve met everyone from Sox twitter I want to meet, if I haven’t you it’s because I don’t want to

Favorite Non-White Sox Twitter Account and why? PFT Commenter is a genius

What do you like best about @fromthe108 How authentic you guys are from top to bottom in your fandom and how you get along with all parts of Sox twitter

Favorite White Sox related blog or podcast and why? Again, future sox, because I rely on them for info that I can’t get myself.  I don’t listen to other Sox podcasts at all because I don’t want their ideas seeping into my brain.  I honestly don’t read much white sox stuff outside of m

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?  Be specific and feel free to go with more than one if you need to.  If I’m having one of those nights where I need to shut my brain off then an old fashion or a manhattan

Favorite cut of Steak?  Prepared? Porterhouse, medium rare x100000

Gimme an “Uncle Rico” moment from your prior sports playing past. Had a few… I was actually good at baseball until college when partying became my priority.  2x all conference in HS and threw out a kid who played at ISU twice my senior year from catcher.  He was 23-25 in stolen bases that year

Where would you take @ChiPartyAunt out on a date? Hangge uppe then back to my crib at 4am

Favorite performance enhancing drug? I love needle in ass steroids.  We’re talking about doing a cycle on RLR for content.  No idea if that’s actually illegal or not but we want to do it to see how yoked up we get

Who do you hate more Jim Belushi or John Cusack? Grew up in Wheaton so we innately love Belushi there, he’s a born bred Wheaton guy.  Fuck Cusack

Best #108ing story (that you can tell us)  I think I’m past the statute of limitations on a lot of them but still don’t want to incriminate myself… Probably getting hammered with my dad at Yankees stadium when I was like 18 and talking shit to Yankees fans.  Mariano Rivera blew a save that game (Uribe double with 2 on) and my dad and I went bat shit, surprised we didn’t get curb stomped


Happy Ending

What other Chicago teams do you enjoy.  Northwestern (ALMOST as diehard an NU football fan as Sox baseball), Bears and I’m the most diehard fairweather Hawks fan ever… the city was a ton of fun when they were good

Favorite Chicago Sports History Moment.  Obviously the 2005 World Series Sweep

Favorite All-Time Sox Broadcaster. Obviously Hawk

Any stories about running into or meeting White Sox players? Other Chicago athletes? Took a piss next to the Big Hurt in Libertyville like 5 years ago.  Did a double take and said “you’re the big hurt”.  He laughed and said “yup”.

Favorite band? Sublime

What is your favorite song? I have NO idea.  Love all music from Sinatra to Lupe Fiasco.  I couldn’t pick just one song

Favorite TV Show (or Netflix or HBO or whatever the fuck)? Breaking bad

Married or Single? Looking for a GF? Single

Why don’t girls like independent Sox bloggers?  Who says they don’t?

Do you remember your first Sox game? No, it was old comiskey and I don’t think I could even walk

What player had the greatest impact on you? The Big Hurt

What was the happiest day watching the Sox? Game 4 WS

What was the saddest day watching the Sox? The jersey cutting fiasco… I was at the game and at that point the Sox were a legit national embarrassment.  I wanted to start a completely and total mutiny of how the organization was being ran

What do you do for work? If you could be or do anything else – what? I sling freight for my day job now, but we plan on turning RLR and Barstool into careers

If you could live in any other time, when might that be? Mid 80s.  I’d start google, amazon, twitter, facebook, etc. and conquer the world

If you could have dinner with five White Sox Players, past and present, who would they be? Rowand, Ozzie, Sale, Palka and Hawk even though he didn’t play for them

If you could change one thing in your past, what might that be? Wouldn’t go to college.  It’s a scam

What are you most proud of? Nothing really to be honest.  I have a lot of unfinished business

How would you like to be remembered? Just a good dude and good sox fan.

What’s the one thing about you few people know? I’m almost fluent in Spanish.  I can still write/read it fluently, but speaking it has gotten way worse since college

What do you dislike most about yourself? Height

What do you dislike most in others? Height.  Why do other people get to be taller than me?  Fuck that

What were your best/worst subjects in school? English/Spanish and math.  Sucked ass at math.  That’s why I leave the sabermetrics alone

What do you like doing in your spare time? Running

Who is your celebrity crush? Norah Jones, greatest voice I’ve ever heard.  Also had an unhealthy obsession with Jessica Alba back in HS.  Smoking hot


What is your favorite movie? Almost Famous

What is your favorite baseball movie? The Sandlot

What is your biggest/weirdest fear? I’m deathly afraid of spiders.  Fuck those things

What would be your one super power? Fly

What would you change your name to? Something catchy like Rex or something

What pet would you love to have? Dog, can’t have one right now because it wouldn’t be fair to the dog with how busy I am.  Dogs are the best things on earth

What’s your one biggest pet peeve? People not responding to texts/emails in any fashion at all.  Just respond, don’t be a dick

What’s your one annoying habit? I bite my nails way too much and don’t even realize I’m doing it

What would be a good theme song for your life? I did it my way – Sinatra

What ballpark would you like to visit? San Fran or Coors Field.  They both look amazing

Any good crockpot recipes?


2 cans pinto beans, 2 cans kidney beans, 2 cans of pickled chili peppers, 2 cans of pickled jalapenos, two tablespoons paprika/cumin/chili powder, 2 garlic cloves diced up, 3 cans diced tomatoes with jalapenos, ½ pound of chopped bacon, 1 can of bud heavy, 1 pound of ground beef, 1 pound of jimmy deans spicy breakfast sausage.  All ya gotta do is cook the beef/sausage/bacon then mix it into the rest of the ingredients in the crock and cook it on low for like 4-5 hours.  It’s insanely spicy but it’s awesome

Rick Hahn’s decision on Eloy Jimenez


Welcome friends….this is your bestest buddy BeefLoaf.  If you are reading this blog post, you are interested in the 108 take on the Eloy non-promotion.  Before we begin, if you would like to read some really basebally takes on the decision and the weighting of various issues related to the decision, there aren’t two better pieces than the ones linked below.  Both of them dudes are sharp and provide you with two solidly different takes on the situation….

……alright, now enough of that….let’s begin…..


I’m mad as fuck that Eloy Jimenez isn’t playing baseball in Chicago RIGHT. DAMN. NOW!!  Let me be clear, I understand the implications and factors and as a 108er, this is a damn no-brainer.  I’m not going to give you the 7 is bigger than 6 bullshit, only a guy who is a lifetime Cubs homer would treat White Sox fans with such disdain and disrespect writing for a dying newspaper.  I also think that most folks who have been beating the drum of waiting till April 2019 for Eloy’s arrival are either A) folks that depend very much on the White Sox for their income / content / reputation (ie, tv personalities, content providers with close ties to the team, other people that require access to White Sox management and or personnel) or B) Folks that are trying to sound smart in mixed company.  Lucky for you, we don’t carry nobody’s fucking water.  Fans go to the ballpark for an entertainment product, the people voting with their wallets and sitting in the ballpark on a nightly basis materially want to see Eloy at 35th and Shields.  Truthfully, I don’t care what others think, the way I think about it is this, having Eloy here, right now, will improve the entertainment product and the team for me and other fans, much more than EV of ~$7M of excess value in the 2025 season (I’m picking a number out of the air more or less, but given the high price of stars who were super two eligible in their final arbitration year, I’m in the ballpark).  It just does.  We just don’t know much other than, this is starting to look like a real team, right now and the addition of Eloy will improve this situation even more.  Just imagine if the White Sox were willing to make decisions that improved their on-field entertainment products, then Don Cooper wouldn’t have to whine and cry in the public about nobody showing up to the ballpark.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

If it sounds like I am a bit salty, I am.  The fan base as a whole has been in a bad place for awhile, but we are coming out of it and are currently in our “getting back into exercising and eating vegetables cycle”.  We had those bad years dating all the way back to 2008 with the last division title.  We drank too much, we ate too much fried foods and we lived a goddamn sedentary lifestyle and let’s be honest, we were in bad health, much like our White Sox, but now, we’ve started living healthier, we just still look like the folks that used to “Sweat To the Oldies” with Richard Simmons,


doing the right thing, but still puffy and bloated looking.  Winning should be the thing that puts us over the top!  But enough about us fans, we’ve been creating our own fucking fun, #108ing our damn asses off as this team starts to bubble up in to relevancy……there are others tho’….


One group that is under represented and under serviced in the lexicon of White Sox twitter are the folks that actually earn their living at the ballpark.  I’m talking about the vendors, security, mc’s, pride crew and office employees.  Those folks have been dealing with the same conditions I mentioned above as our team and fan base, but their direct income is depending on this.  They aren’t like me or you, they have to put on a happy face when they go to the ballpark and work hard serving the patrons.  In general these people fight back the bullshit product on the field and the bullshit conditions by management and put on a brave face and do a great job….however, I’d be lying if I told you we haven’t heard various folks around the ballpark that know what we do, say something along the lines of “another bad year, thanks for what you are doing, it makes it go by a little easier“.  Believe you me, this is cool that they tell us this, but it is also NOT COOL that they have to….it’s time for management to change all of this…’s time for the staff to be able to trust management…..TRUST.


Back to “carrying water” which we don’t do here, we’ll never do here….we’ve been supportive, but highly critical of Rick Hahn (check out our twitter, check out the #SundaySoak).  In our minds, there are still large questions about his competencies as GM of the team.  He took the helm prior to the 2013 season and this team has been a steaming pile since he took over.  With risk of upsetting the “Hahn bots” ($1, SoxMachine fam), why are we giving this guy the benefit of the doubt?  Is it his various degrees (*Bruce Weber voice* who cares?), is it that he’s not Kenny Williams (we all aren’t that dumb are we?)…nope…wait for it….it’s because we trust him for telling us the truth.  That’s right, Hahn’s whole deal is that he’s upfront with the fan base, even explaining in full detail the rebuild and process ahead.  He’s affable and friendly, he even did that live podcast at Reggie’s with Chuck Garfien and crew.  Hahn is the guy that will just tell it like it is…don’t worry that things haven’t turned out in his tenure as GM, he’s honest to us fans and treats us well and we believe he’ll do the right thing by us……then this steaming turd.


This has been getting destroyed all over the twitters






Let us not forget that Hahn was fine with Dayan Viciedo manning the outfield during his watch….remember when the 2016 White Sox had those injuries and were trying to turn it around, he was happy to trot JB Shuck out to centerfield….oh and right fucking now they employ Avi Garcia everyday in rightfield, so clearly, defense is a top priority for Rick Hahn.  Gimme a fucking break!!!  It’s odd that Hahn would be willing to so brazenly light on fire the only thing that he really had going for him with the fan base, his honesty.  He was so quick to just burn that bridge.  Things happen for a reason, they always do….I think I have a beat on this.


One thing that smacked me in the head like a hangover after a night of #108ing is that once Eloy is in Chicago, you have your 3 blue chip prospects from trades in the majors (Eloy, Moncada and Kopech), it is time to start building a winning core, it is time to start spending money to fix your deficiencies or to build up depth where it is needed.  It is time to compete.  Just envision if Eloy arrived on August 7th or something and had a .950 OPS to close the year in Chicago.  Hahn can no longer hide behind “the rebuild” to make curious roster decisions, because slowly but surely people are going to stop defending him, you can’t rebuild forever and once the clock is solidly running on what is expected to be your 3 best home grown (sort of) players you need to start spending money.  MAYBE, Hahn isn’t sure what to do with Avi Garcia.  MAYBE, Hahn isn’t sure who should get playing time next year between Palka, Davidson and Nicky Steaks.  MAYBE, Hahn doesn’t know for sure if Moncada is a second basemen or not.  Those are the “easy” tough decisions, his toughest tough decisions are like Memphis Raines tryna lock down his “Eleanor”.


1. MAYBE, He’s scared af about trading some prospects because he’s already known for the worst prospect trade of this decade…..


2. MAYBE, He’s unsure what free agents he really wants to buy, because recent history of free agents hasn’t been that kind to him……


I get it, we all have our fears, we all have those obstacles that have been tough to conquer.  The only difference is, I’m sure we didn’t tell a bold face lie to the people that have been supporting us just to avoid it.  MAYBE, we are willing to give Rick Hahn one mulligan.  Be better next time Rick, those of us that have stood with you through all this shit expect better.

– BeefLoaf 

#108ing in Detroit Rock City

We are back, with another edition of our semi-occassional trip reports.  Co-piloting this fucking mess, is BeefLoaf and Chorizy-E….we hope you enjoy it!!!
Biguns looks like he may be dancing
The Players
The Slumpbuster
Aloha Mr. Hand
Aloha Mr Hand
and…(the host of the #SundaySoak) Chorizy-E

It was an early morning on Thursday.  The plan was for BeefLoaf to be up and on the road by 5am, grab Chorizy-E and then head down to the fine town of Highland, IN to meet up with Biguns and Slumpbuster for the ride to Detroit Rock City, with Slumpbuster manning the controls on the cruiseship that would land us at our destination.  To everyone’s surprise it was the BeefLoaf that was running late, while everyone else was on time.  Regardless, we left Highland, semi-timely and headed off to start our journey……

A note on this carpool…..these are the OG 108ers.  Long before MySoxSummer was doing his blog about going to 50 games and what not, this crew was going to WhiteSox games, tailgating and going on road trips together.  The crew in this car go back to 2008 and it was great to catch up in a ~4 hour car ride together, just laughing about old stories, talking about the current WhiteSox and who each person thinks will be good and who won’t….making fun of each other.  It’s just four old friends that know they are going to stretch the boundaries of what their livers can do this fine weekend.

Finally, it is time to stop at a rest area for a little relief as we are close to Detroit and low behold, who do we find there?????

Just a man I met in the restroom
With the game starting at 1pm and us arriving in town around 11am, we decided to hit one joint and run…..
Shocking that Beefloaf and Chorizy found this before they found the park

Solid beers and decent food….it looked like a pretty happening lunch spot as it filled as we were heading out.

Comerica was literally steps from BeefLoaf and Chorizy’s hotel (thanks to a friend of ‘Loaf’s for the recommendation) and we had lit seats, right behind the dish.  A couple of notes about the stadium…..

1) They have separate entrances for people without bags…but more importantly, for people that are SEASON TICKET HOLDERS!  Also, these lines moved fast.  Sox Park sucks so badly at moving lines at the entrance.  They have to be bottom 5 in MLB.

Almost bought Tigers season tix just to experience this line
2) STRAWS!!!! and TOPS!!!!
Queue Bruce Weber’s “Who Cares?”
3) They have the t-shirt jeep / bazooka….every park needs this fucking thing!
A gatling gun of t-shirts, straight up legit
The Sox got choke slammed in this one…if not for Jose Rondon’s late HR, we’d have had nothing to annoy the cranky Detroit fans about.  The two highlights, were that your boys made it on live tv for a new york minute.
Chorizy either very into the game or contemplating the existence of the universe
AND, that your guy Daniel Palka signed a special ball for Wally$
Wally$’s next autograph hunt went less good

Post, we hit up HockeyTown for a bite and to huddle up on where we wanted to go.  A decision was made to hit a dive bar, unfortunately, insufficient research was completed on the matter and the 108ers ended up in a neighborhood and by a saloon that wasn’t a “good fit” for the crew.  We weren’t even quite sure that this was or ever had been a bar, and we had no need for smack or hookers, so we passed.

Yelp says: great spot for hookers, crack, and gun shot wounds

We asked the Uber driver to keep driving and take us to a more proper location….a fitting spot for the 108ers….”Bookies”.  The boys actually had a hoot here, meeting other fans, and jawing with both fans and wait staff.  Drinks flowed until it was time to for our nightly jaunt to the casino.

Biguns’ infamous eyes closed pose
MGM ’twas……

As every group of friends normally do, we hit this shit way too hard on the first night.  We all knew it was going to happen, we did nothing to stop it.  The first meet up of the day was at Grand Trunk Pub for lunch (it was around 1pm when the 108ers were finally up and running).  There are 3 main ways to deal with too much #108ing from the night before….

Only feet from this beer, Chorizy was sweating while trying to eat french fries

1) Start drinking again immediately.  This was the route that Wally$ chose….more on that later.

2) Get hydrated as fast as possible.  Biguns chose to go this route.

3) Order food, take one or two bites and fight back vomit.  This route is also known as “the Chorizy-E”

After lunch, it was time to head back to the rooms for some and for Wally$ to grab Aloha Mr. Hand, who was just arriving in town, with a fistful of tix for the Friday / Saturday games.

The crew then when on a barhopping of sorts, hitting Detroit Sport & Social (connected to the Little Caesars arena), Kid Rock’s joint

It’s impressive just how much Chorizy doesn’t want to be in this pic

and a smaller bar called Harry’s.  Drinks were had, acquaintances made and we moved on to the game…….

SIDE NOTE:  Friday night also promised to be a very fun night for the 108ers since it was Flint Tropics jersey night for BeefLoaf (Jackie Moon), Biguns (Coffee Black) and Chorizy-E (Monix).  We were told by the first local that saw us that “you are going to get a lot of love from the locals“.  That fucking joker was CORRECT.

Once in the ballpark, we had the best seats some of us have ever enjoyed in our lives, although they were a bit of a snoozer to at least one 108er.

Sleeping, not dead

The game was fairly uneventful for a while, as the Sox were getting blanked, in fact the biggest moments through early in the game were……..

1) The fans loved the Tropics jerseys, someone yelled “Corndogs Jackie, Corndogs!” at BeefLoaf…..and another fan accosted Biguns and asked for a pic with the group.  Lots of thumbs up and yelling, let’s just say that the team jerseys were a hit.

The 108 getting Tropical
2) The 108ers were espousing their love for Daniel Palka throughout all 3 games, lets just say that he was probably a bit embarrassed and possibly even might considered filing for a restraining order against us, but midway through this game, we were yelling for Palka (whilst he and TA7 were on deck before the start of an inning) and Tim Anderson turned around to us (remember, the 108ers are in like the 10th row behind home plate) and yells….”HEY, WHAT ABOUT ME!?!?!”  We got a big laugh out of that and screamed a bit at Timmy before the inning started.
You all know how this ended…..the #WhiteSox started a big rally in the 8th and came back to beat the Tigers.  The Tigers fans really didn’t enjoy us very much during that rally as we stood and yelled for each big hit.  Some fans behind us yelled “sit down” at us after one of the big hits……I won’t say what ensued, but let’s just say, we didn’t sit down and they ended up leaving.  A great win for the White Sox and a great start to our 2nd evening in Detroit.
After the game we headed back to Detroit Sport and Social to have a few drinks and decide the course of the night.  The wait staff there was super cool and were pouring random drinks from behind the bar for various members of the 108 crew.
PSA: Ginger beer is not 108ing
The crew finally decided that it was once again time to hit the MGM for some gamblings.  Most of us got dumped on….but as the night was coming to an end our guy The_Slumpbuster was sitting at a roulette table with a big stack of chips on the “MJ Square” 23 and BANG! It hit!  Winner winner Chicken Dinner!!  Actually, both Biguns and Slumpbuster ended up with decent nights, while the rest of us looked like this.
Beefloaf and Chorizy comparing notes after the casino
We finally leave casino.  If we have one complaint about Detroit Rock City, it is the lack of late night food options downtown.  There is literally one spot, and there were like 10,000 people there at 2:30am tryna get some food.  When we arrived, it was a 45 minute wait for the 108ers (which is unacceptable, we once ate BBQ in KC in 105 degree heat outside because there was no wait, as to forgo the 90 minute wait to sit in air conditioning….we ain’t waiting).  While standing around we got much more love for the Flint Tropics jerseys (by folks that might have been previously incarcerated) and then jetted.
SIDE NOTE: Chorizy and Beef walked back to their hotel, there is nothing like a middle of the night 1 mile walk through an area you scarcely know to allow you to enjoy the simple things in life.  This only occurred after Chorizy while complaining about the lack of ubers, looked up and said “oh shit, that’s our hotel right there.”
On Friday night, we made plans with Sport and Social to have the Bears preseason game on for us at 1pm.  They made good on their plans and the 108ers primarily made good on them as well, with only the Slumpbuster lagging behind to catch most of the game.
SIDE NOTE: These are long benders, and if a member of the crew wants to sleep in till 2 or 3 to ensure they’re at peak #108ing level for the next evening, then goddamnit this a free country, they should do it.
The Bears played good…..albeit with backups, but we still enjoyed the game.  Afterwards we realized we should probably try and hit at least one more spot before the game….on to Cheli’s and the rooftop, which was hella cool.
You can barely see MySoxSummer sneaking into Detroit in the background to get Mickey Lolich bobbleheads
Once we get inside the ballpark, the White Sox re-start their domination from the 8th inning of the night before.  A few notes….we ran into a bunch of White Sox fans.  We also made acquaintances of new folks, which leads to this…..
Amazing what Wally$ is capable of when conscious
Look kids, if you learn anything from Wally$, it is that you ALWAYS talk to STRANGERS!!
Seriously, the best thing about Wally$ getting into the booth is that he posed for the ID picture that Ron Jeremy probably had back in 1996.
Wanted for the crime of eating Wally$
The game is going on swimmingly…..the White Sox are crushing, with Gio knifing through the Tiggers….and then our phones start blowing up.  What. Could. This. Be?
If you haven’t seen this yet, well, here it is.
The carnage from this video show out in different directions…..
Slumpbuster dreaming of 2005
Beefloaf part 1
Beefloaf part 2
Jay Cutler or Kevin Butler and Bernie Lomax together enjoying a Sox game

That isn’t the video we wanted, it is the video we deserved.  Honestly, I think we look pretty damn good for the amount of beer, booze, and fried food we ingested in the 60 hrs previous to that vid.  Friends, this is the 108 in all of its gorgeousness and gorgeousity.

After the game, the 108ers headed back to Sport and Social, which pretty much was our postgame home base, we had a couple of drinks, a couple of shots and it looked like we were going to call it a night, since we had a drive in them morning and such…but you know what?  FUCK THAT!!  We goin’ out.  Since the beginning of the trip, Beef & Biguns (which actually sounds like it could be a pretty cool buddy-cop show) wanted to check out Greektown, particularly the Casino in Greektown, so as any good crew would do, we did another shot and left for Greektown.
If there is one regret of this trip, its that we didn’t spend MORE TIME in Greektown.  Fucking place was jumpin’ when we got there at 11pm or whatever time it was.  We all descended upon the casino, but in true crew fashion we split up.  Biguns, Beef and Chorizy ended up at the same table.  Although the game we were playing was blackjack, the real event was watching Chorizy-E entertain the table, messing with the dealers, the other players, people off of the the table.  The guy is a master when he’s perfectly alcoholically enhanced.  WHEN.  At some point though, it ends and he’s vehemently signaling to the dealer that he would like to stand on 9.  Luckily, this coincided with LAST CALL, so we could easily quit……ON TO THE NEXT ONE!
SIDE NOTE: Chorizy-E claims his poor blackjack play was because he was star struck from meeting Conway Twitty.  What actually happened was that there was a guy who had the unfortunate hair and open shirt of a young Conway, and when he was not paying attention for his turn Chorizy shouted “Hey Conway Twitty, let’s go!”  The dealer had to stop the game because she was laughing too hard.  Then Chorizy had 10 more Maker’s on the rocks and stood on 9.
Conclusion….another successful trip by the crew, maybe one of these years, we’ll get MySoxSummer out here to go on a tree day (this is Bridgeport) bender with the fellas, but until then, like Dirk Diggler says “I’m just gonna keep rockin’ and rollin'”
– BeefLoaf & Chorizy-E

The 5 – BeefLoaf’s Favorite Gambling Movies

Good day frenz, I hope life is treating you just as well as it is treating me right now.  I spent a night in the not so distant past live-tweeting one of my favorite Gambling Movies of all time, “Rounders”, so it got me thinking that because Gambling has been one of my main interests for a good chunk of my adult life that I might as well get down on a quick “5” of my favorite gambling movies.  If you want a quick gambling tutorial, check out these flicks…..
5. Let It Ride – Horse racing is basically dead in America, but there was a time when going to the track and betting on the ponies was a well travelled path of Americana.  This comedy takes you through a day of hilarious side plots and degenerate gambling to a dramatic conclusion……it’s fun, but it also shows you a form of gambling that is no longer mainstream.
IMPORTANT GAMBLING LESSON – “Fade the public” – In the final stanza the lead character Jay Trotter (Richard Dreyfuss) walks around the track and asks people who they like in the final race and literally crosses off all of those horses until he’s down to the horse that nobody liked, that’s his choice.  In gambling fading the crowd is often valuable because of pricing, if a good chunk of the public is on one side of a bet, that side is often mis-priced due to the demand.


4. The Sting –  This movie features many short cons and a LOOOOONG Con as well as some terrific acting.  It’s the oldest film on this list and one that I first saw when I was a child.  My favorite scene is the poker scene on the train.  You’ll need to check it out to know WTF ole ‘Loaf is talking about.
IMPORTANT GAMBLING LESSON – “Know who you can trust – It’s not enough to have a gambling angle and a willing participant, but you need to know who ELSE might be trying to take a shot at you in this endeavor
3. Casino – Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal and Tony Spilotro are two legendary characters in the 70’s Las Vegas scene and this movie chronicles the life and times of these two and others.  The movie is from a time and place that people still romanticize when it comes to Las Vegas, long before the major consolidation of casinos and the shift from gambling as the main business to tourism.  I’m only 40 years old, so my first visits to Las Vegas weren’t until the early 2000’s, so I didn’t get to really enjoy any of this, but I did get to Vegas early enough to enjoy before “downtown” was rejuvenated.  I could go on and explain the plot of the movie, but I won’t because if you haven’t seen this movie, you just need to go see it.  The movie crosses the old mob classics into gambling lore.  Yours truly is on the hill that this film is BETTER than Goodfellas.  Watch them back to back to judge.  It’s an all-timer.
IMPORTANT GAMBLING LESSON – “Leave Ego at the Door – Ace Rothstein fucked up everyone’s shit by letting his Ego ruin him in several big situations. 1. Marrying Ginger (played by Sharon Stone) 2. The County Commissioner 3. Dispute with Nicky.  All of these were spots where if he chooses with his brain and not his YUGE Ego, he gets through and doesn’t end up in the spot he ends up in, which is out of the business and back to his original gig of handicapping sports.


2. Rounders – Before the poker boom, Brian Koppelman tossed this gem out to the general public without much fanfare, but before you knew it, it became a cult classic.  Mostly everyone you knew at your local poker game was doing a Teddy KGB impression and using the poker vernacular they picked up from this film.  This movie also has lots of good gambling lessons within and a bunch of big no-no’s including playing with your entire bankroll on the table.  Every time I watch this film, I pick up some other little phrase or word that I know now but never noticed back then.  The attention to detail is terrific and the story line is also great.  Even if you don’t already love gambling, you’ll enjoy this Matt Damon / Edward Norton classic.
IMPORTANT GAMBLING LESSON – “Don’t over bet your bankroll” – The opening scene of the movie has your main character Mike McDermott playing a high stakes game with his ENTIRE BANKROLL on the table.  Big no-no if you plan to gamble for a living.  Truth be told, its not terribly bright in other facets of life either.  He forgot to follow the cardinal fucking rule “Always leave yourself outs.”


1. Diggstown – If I were a betting man….AND I AM….I’d bet most of you reading this have never even seen Diggstown, well get your ass in front of a screen and check this movie out RIGHT. DAMN. NOW!  Setting up a big gambling situation takes a lot of actors and the right mark, as you’ll see in this great film and ego and greed.  James Woods is terrific (forget his politics, if they aren’t your cup of tea, the man is a great actor)….Bruce Dern is the perfect villain in this film.  There is even an young, nubile Heather Graham for those that just want a little scenery with their gambling movie.
IMPORTANT GAMBLING LESSON – “Never con a conman, especially one that’s better than you“- Anytime you get offered an incredible bet that seems so obvious that it will win, THINK TWICE.  Good gamblers will think of an angle you didn’t and take advantage of you.  Just read any of a million stories about Amarillo Slim prop bets and you’ll understand what I mean.  Even if you think you have all the details covered, remember what you are up against.
– BeefLoaf

Ashley Rodon – #WhiteSox Twitter Star

Good day friends, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf…..I’m going to pour a drink, so I suggest you do the same.  Alright, that’s better.  In the past 6 weeks or so, we have seen the meteoric rise of one former first round pick (number tree overall) Carlos Rodon.  I’ve read ad nausem all of the various “conclusions” as to why Carlos has taken this NEXT STEP, some say it is simply health, others say pitch mix, control, yada, yada, (btw, I did yada, yada over the best part)…..the 108ers don’t know baseball THAT well to tell you what amount those things matter, but what we can tell you is that there is one unmeasured factor (at least by the masses) that matters….more than most things…..first, a definition.
Ride or Die
Ashley Rodon is “Ride or Die” for her husband Carlos…..this much we know….here is proof
Rodon 1

Rodon 2

Rodon 3

Rodon 4

The human factor is routinely discarded in critical analysis of sports, mostly because it is difficult to determine and when it is used it is often ambiguous type stuff like mentoring and clubhouse leadering and other such stuff.  It is rare that discussions of actual positive personal life items enter into the fold and what effect it might have on performance.  In this case, we don’t know exactly either, but we have a player at a cross roads in his career, and clear evidence of wonderful, beautiful support by a spouse.  Maybe this is me reverse engineering a narrative, but I would think it has to have some effect on performance.  We’ve all been there, only our significant other still believing in us when we are down and almost out.  Is that what we are seeing in Carlos Rodon’s resurgence?  I don’t know for sure, but I want to believe it!
Ashley, thanks for bringing us White Sox twitter folks something fun, funny and beautiful every five days.  You are a bright spot in a mostly dark season.  Oh and watching Carlos kick some fucking ass is great too!!  Cheers!!!
– BeefLoaf