Farewell John Danks – By Chorizy-E

When you’re old and gray like your buddy Chorizy-E, you build up regrets over time.  Whether it’s saying “Yes, clown in a van, I WOULD like some candy” or deciding “I will try mescaline in this abandon building in Detroit” or telling Beefloaf “Why would we re-sign Buehrle?  We’ve got Danks!”  Obviously, the last one is the most regrettable.

Yes, I said it.  I hate myself for it, but I said it.  And I believed it.


With Danks, it is all about the Blackout game.  This is one of the greatest games I have ever attended and John Danks was incredible.  He took the team on his back and got us to the playoffs.  It was awesome, everyone was happy, and then it was all over.


In 2012, he suffered a shoulder injury and just never seemed to recover.  Even the most optimistic Sox fans, like Slumpbuster, couldn’t find anything to latch onto with Danks in the past few years.


In the end, I can only compare his career to listening to a Dream Theater song.  Kind of intriguing at the beginning, by the middle you’ve lost interest, at the end you realize it went on for way too long, and you end up disappointed in everyone involved.


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