The One Hitter – The 108 Intern

This is the One Hitter, don’t forget to exhale. Today is a BIG DAY! The 108ers are looking for an intern! Yep, we’re fucking big time now.  Daniel Palka (much like his homers) have put us in a new stratosphere.

Below are a list of qualifications, below that are a list of responsibilities. If you think you can fill out the proverbial giant shoes it takes to be an @fromthe108 intern, please hit us up on the Twitters and tell us why we should select yous (this is Bridgeport).



– Must smell okay

– Must like being around grown men that might not smell okay


– Retweet ALL #108ing on the Twitters


– Run to Rev bar in LF to get us brews


– Read our Split the Pot ticket to see if it won

– Teach us what Snapchat is


– Create memes and gifs from 3 movies: Bowfinger, Life (the Eddie Murphy one), and Blood In Blood Out

– Stand in the $1 hot dog line

– Wake up Chorizy in the 8th inning


– Deter the Wave from starting

– Bum smokes for MSS

– Keep Gabe from trying to turn Section 108 into the White Hole

Gabe with some girl.

– Get Pete Hand’s extra tickets scanned

– Help Wally$ musk up

– Clean the hot tub


– Ice down the coolers

– Rally a crew to pick up bobbleheads for MSS, Wally$ and Bobbles Jim

– Trim MSS’s back hair

– AND MORE……..



Do you think you have what it takes to be the 108’s intern? Hit us up. We’ll even let you post any article you want as long as it is up to the 108 standards.  Which , if you read our blog, is pretty attainable.  If you write stuff, we can get you college credit.  We’re pretty sure about that, we think.  Especially if you go to a JuCo.



108 Management


The White Sox should sign Bryce Harper

As the trade deadline has passed Sox fans, such as me, cast an eye towards the off-season and the free agent class of 2018. A lot has been made of the White Sox desire to sign Manny Machado. I would be happy with that signing but I think that the team should target Bryce Harper. Why you ask, let me explain.


  1. Talent – There is no doubt that putting Bryce Harper in the White Sox lineup would immediately make him the most talented player on the roster. If one were to look at the White Sox roster, 25 and 40 man, you would be hard pressed to find ½ of the current roster that would be a player on a championship caliber team. The team is also in a situation where they are trying to build from the bottom up. This would require pieces to be filled in via free agency, which the team has acknowledged is something they will have to do.
  1. Grit – This team is a bunch of “nice guys”. To quote Paul Konerko you can’t have a team full of “milk drinkers”. This team needs toughness, think of it as the AJ effect. Bryce would immediately add this. Overnight he would bring a grit to the clubhouse that is sorely needed.
  1. Business / Marketing – This is where the true crux of my argument lies. The team will be entering into a new TV contract in 2019, which means more money. As such, they will need something to market as the face of the franchise. Jose Abreu and Yoan Moncada just won’t work in this function and I’m sorry but a pitcher, unless it is someone the level of Clayton Kershaw, shouldn’t be the face of your franchise since they pitch once every five days. Bryce Harper would be the perfect person to fill this role. He is young, dynamic, and has thrived under pressure since he was a 16-year-old on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Further, after the last couple of seasons the team will need to do something to keep the fans engaged. Kopech and Jimenez will sell tickets, but nothing compared to what Bryce Harper could do, in my opinion. Signing Harper will also send a message to the rest of the league that the White Sox are open for business, like the message sent by the Washington Nationals when they signed Jayson Werth.


  1. Money – Money should not be an issue. The team sat on the roughly $50 million they received from MLB for the sale of MLB Advanced Media. They have slashed payroll to have one of the lowest, now I believe the lowest, payrolls in baseball and they are building a roster of young, cheap, controllable talent that will allow them to more effectively deploy money on areas of need. Further, James Shields most likely comes off the books next year making even more money available.
  1. Contract – What would a potential contract look like. In my opinion I see a 12-year deal for roughly 375 – 400 million. The key to the contract will be front loaded money and an opt-out after three years. This is how it can be done. This will allow Scott Boras to claim he got the largest contract for his client while also allowing his client to opt out after three years while still in his “prime”. It would also allow the White Sox to avoid committing to a long-term deal, especially with the next Collective Bargaining Agreement looking like it will be contentious negotiation. It would be a win-win for all parties.
I can already hear the screams of Jerry will NEVER do that. Let’s look at some of the other things that Jerry would never do.


  1. Pay a tax on signing players – This has been done twice in the last year with the Robert signing (International tax of 50%) and a tax on going over draft pool money for the 2018 draft class.
  2. Trade with the Cubs – This was done with the Quintana for Jimenez and Cease deal.
  3. Pay money to send a player away – See Jeff Keppinger
There is one more “won’t do” item that can be checked off. Sign a Boras client. Carlos Rodon, Andruw Jones and Joe Crede were Boras clients and from feedback from Boras, regarding the handling of Rodon, he thought Rick Hahn did a great job. Remember, it is Rick Hahn on the front line, not Kenny Williams.

CT sox02.JPG

Will the Harper signing happen, I do not know, but I think for the reasons above it makes complete roster and business sense? I believe it also sends a message to the team and the fan base that the White Sox are serious and are truly trying to build a world class championship organization. I will also add that I know he is a polarizing figure, but so was AJ and look at his revered status. Also remember Jerry is in his 80’s, so he may also believe he would not be the one paying the contract.
The Winter Meetings will be an interesting watch, and frankly I think this is the White Sox move for the reasons I have listed.
Feel free to let me know what you think.


Why aren’t our WhiteSox more like the Rays?

Good morning friends, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf coming off of an interesting appearance on ChiSoxWeekly and a weekend of fun experiences at the ballpark, including what we’ll affectionately call the “Daniel Palka game“.  It was tough dragging my substantial self to work on Monday and Tuesday but one thing that kept me interested was the impending Trade Deadline.  Tuesday was a flurry of deals across a majority of the teams league, but one specific deal caught my eye.
Probably looks mundane to yous (this is Bridgeport) reading the trade, but to me it struck a chord, WHY DIDN’T THE WHITE SOX MAKE THIS TRADE?  According to (not the end all be all, but hey this is what we have to work with right now.) Justin Williams and Genesis Cabrera are the 14th and 25th prospects in the Rays system….Roel Ramirez is off of the top 30 prospects, so basically, the Rays used org depth to grab an average CF in MLB.  Guess what team has tons of org depth and is desperate for a league average CF, you guessed it, the team that gave Trayce Thompson 130 PA’s and continue to trot out Adam Engel with a career OPS+ of 50, the White Sox!!
Let’s say we believe the White Sox system is a little bit better than the Rays (by all accounts it is a little bit better), so say according to the White Sox give up their 15th and 26th prospects to acquire Tommy Pham, which are Gavin Sheets and Spencer Adams…..would you do that?  I did an impromptu poll, which basically means I talked to a handful of people and tweeted about this and for the most part, the people were split on this, a group of people were of the “NO BRAINER, you do this all day”…..and another group of people were “HOARD THE PROSPECTS”…….I might not be clear in communicating why our White Sox need to think like the Rays more often….Forget competitive windows (as that was definitely cited as to why NOT to do a deal like this) and Forget NEEDS for the time being (although a specific NEED is what caught my eye in looking at this deal, since our White Sox are desperate for a CF), lets go with a definition.
Arbitrage 2
This trade was about Arbitrage.  The Rays do quite a few trades that have you scratching your head as to why they made them, because they might trade for a player that is an obvious redundancy and then have to figure out later how to make use of them.  The Rays frequently find trades or free agent acquisitions that have them paying pennies on the dollar for players.  THAT. IS. ARBITRAGE.  This appears to be the situation here.  Per the interwebs, Tommy Pham hasn’t been happy with St Louis management for sometime, potentially even through his breakout season in which was pounding out a 7 WAR year.  Chances are, the Cardinals were looking for somewhere to park him for a discount, especially in a lost season and found just a suitor in the Rays.  Both the Rays and Cardinals should have good but not great rosters next year and the Cardinals are looking for a reason to offload a malcontent to play either their young talented OF corps OR the old hands that have a lot of money coming their way.  Pham despite his talents was a piece that didn’t fit and needed a home….enter the Rays.
I think most of us have gotten used to seeing trades which aren’t like this.  Most trades these days are team A trading future value for team B’s current value.  Deadline trades are generally of this nature.  Those trades are for the most part deemed equal value trades (after adjusting for time value & risk), but a trade like the one the Rays made is something I would consider arbitrage.
I have read that the prospect haul back to the Cards is actually pretty decent and might only make this a small “scalp” for the Rays, but you get the idea.  I’d like Rick Hahn and crew to just see excess value out in the marketplace and go get it.  It appears the White Sox are too focused on “windows” and “time-lines” to see good deals out in the market place and just execute on them.  A smart org grabs excess value when it exists and turns it into something (in this case, there is no reason you can’t do a deal like this and then figure out another home for the player in 1.5 years when you maybe don’t need their services anymore….or sooner).  The Rays aren’t competing for a playoff spot in 2018, but with this acquisition, they are better positioned to do so in 2019.
The beauty of rebuilds is that in theory you farm raise 5 WAR players to lead your next team to a playoff run (hopefully Moncada, Eloy, Kopech & someone else), but you also need to be able to find / sign / acquire 2-3 WAR players cheaply that round out the group.  Rick Hahn has yet to prove he can do that on a regular basis, the Rays do that every fucking day.
– BeefLoaf

The 108 Interview Series – KenWo

Here at the 108, it is our job….our duty to bring to you the great personalities of White Sox twitter, either via tweet / photo / video or blog post.  In continuing with the tradition of bringing you “the goods” from White Sox twitter we have our interview with KenWo, a controversial, but thoughtful and highly entertaining member of WhiteSox twitter.  The 108ers have yet to meet KenWo in person, but there’s no doubt we’d have a great time throwing down with him.  Anywho, let’s get on with this shits, ENJOY!



Favorite Game That You Were At: July 1st, 1990 sticks out to me. The White Sox were playing the Yankees on Comiskey Park’s 80th and final birthday. Andy Hawkins squared off against Greg Hibbard. Hawkins gave up no hits, yet the White Sox won the game 4-0 on errors by Jim Leyritz and Jesse Barfield. I don’t think I will ever see another one like that.
Favorite All Time Player That Doesn’t Have a Statue On the Concourse: Friend of the 108 and everyone else, Ron Kittle. As a little kid watching him hit the ball on the roof was incredible. Like a super hero.


Favorite Drink and Dinner at the Park: I enjoy the corned beef deli sandwiches that are right by the 108. I’m not a fussy beer drinker and am very content with a Bud Light. If it was a Bud Light Lime, I’d be even happier, but I don’t think they sell them at the park.
Favorite Place to Sit: Wherever there is an open seat.
Favorite Uniform: 1983’s are crispy clean!
Favorite Giveaway: Bobble heads. I think it would be the t shirt giveaways if they offered them with two X’s. Real man size!
Favorite Theme Night: I would like Elvis night if it weren’t for all the dummy old people that come out for that night that never go to another game.


What irks you the most about White Sox fans? That many of them think that this rebuild is going to equal multiple world series titles without seeing any of these players in Chicago, except for ones that have warts
What is the worst part of being a Sox fan? August 1994.
Worst part of the game day experience? The on field product stinks.
What really grinds your gears? Rick Hahn apologists. Service time concerns. Super two.
Least Favorite White Sox player of all time: Phil Bradley. Didn’t appreciate them trading Ron Kittle to the Orioles for him in 1990. Then he was shitty on top of it.


Game Day
Most memorable experience as a White Sox fan Running on the field with my dad after the Sox clinched in 1983 when police started hauling people off and some of the people that were getting hauled off yelling to my dad because he was their college teacher.
Ballpark experience, how could it be better? I really hate that 99.99% of the home runs hit at white sox park all look the same. Clanging into a metal bleacher. I stated earlier about how Ron Kittle’s home runs onto the roof were majestic. Or guys putting it into the upper deck was always more cool than just a lower deck homer. I want a damn home run porch somewhere.
Best Sox Park hack? Knowing people that live in the area and getting my visitors parking pass. Buying cheap seats and sitting anywhere you want.
What brings you back for every game? Jimmy Fallon said it in Fever Pitch. It’s home. I feel comfortable there. Losing myself into a game and not worrying about anything else is an extreme sense of relief.
Feelings on the wave? Depends on the timing.
Which Gate is your favorite to enter the park from? 5
How Early Do You Get To Games? Usually an hour before at least. I like to make all my stops before the game starts.
How Many Games Do You Go To Each Year? As a kid I was in the 40s. Been in the 20s as an adult. This year I’m at 7. Coaching travel baseball hurts my attendance numbers.


Section 108 Questions

What is your favorite baseball word? Dinger
What is your least favorite baseball word? Competitive window. OK that is two words. Still hate it.
What get’s you excited about the White Sox? Palka Power!
What makes you sad about the White Sox? 1994
What sound or noise at the ballpark do you love? Crack of the bat
What sound or noise at the ballpark do you hate? Crack of the bat if it’s hit by the other team.
What is your favorite Hawkism? Put it on the board!
What is KenWAR and can you give us the top 5 White Sox ALL TIME in KenWAR? A player can earn KenWar points in many ways. Clutch hitting, wearing lots of gold chains, having good facial hair, throwing serious heat, being a full figured guy, doing major damage against the cubs, going #108ing, having swagger, long home runs, being a good “heel”…
1. Ivan Calderon
2. Albert Belle
3. Greg Luzinski
4. AJ Pierzynski
5. Carlos Lee


Why do you dislike Pnoles so much? He has a very punchable face, but overall pnoles is a good guy.
Why do most White Sox fans (incorrectly) believe Rick Hahn is a better GM than Kenny Williams? My guess is because Ozzie and Kenny had their beef and all the fans sided with Ozzie. That makes Kenny the bad guy. In reality, Kenny always did a pretty good job at finding talent to play under the ridiculous constraints that were placed on him by ownership. Whether that be established guys like Dye, Thome, Pierzynski, Peavy, Youkilis or young guys like Uribe, Danks, Floyd, Jenks, Quentin, Sale, Quintana or Alexei. The times Kenny failed (besides Adam Dunn- whom the vast majority of Sox fans were excited about when they signed him) were because he was trying to appease Ozzie. Not signing Thome and allowing him to kick our ass for the Twins. Getting rid of Swisher for next to nothing.
What’s your greatest fear about the “rebuild”? That Moncada comes up and hits .220, that Lopez and Giolito don’t perform well… uh oh.
What is there about this team that excites you the most? I like Abreu and Avi and Palka. I believe they could be on the road to finally getting back to hitting a lot of home runs, which is an essential part of the White Sox being successful.
Give us a #HotTake about the rebuild. They are going to have to spend money. Probably one (or two) starter, a third baseman and a center fielder at least in the short term. Just because someone is over 30 doesn’t mean it is a bad signing. It is a necessity. This worries me because the White Sox have never really committed to spending. They spent on Albert Belle in the 96-97 off-season. Then they were dumping guys in July instead of doubling down and adding when they were 3.5 games out.
Favorite White Sox Twitter Account (Besides @fromthe108) and why? @southsidelarry pulls no punches and I trust his opinion on prospects because he doesn’t think all of them will be all stars.
Person from White Sox Twitter that you’d most like to meet and why? The guy that ranks the Sox twitter personalities, so I could punch him in the face!
Favorite Non-White Sox Twitter Account and why? @TheRealDiceClay Because it is Dice Clay.
What do you like best about @fromthe108 ? You guys love the sox but will call them out on some shit when necessary. Also, we both had an insta-crush on Danny Palka. Seem like great guys.
Favorite White Sox related blog or podcast and why? South Side Sox has the best format. Sox Machine has Saturday Sporcle. I like all of the guys on both sites.
What is your favorite alcoholic drink?  Be specific and feel free to go with more than one if you need to: Grey Goose is my favorite. I usually will mix it with sprite. Also enjoy Captain and coke and Big Hurt Beer.
Favorite cut of Steak?  Prepared? Bone in rib eye- medium with sauteed mushrooms and a side of spinach will get the job done every time.
Gimme an “Uncle Rico” moment from your prior sports playing past. I struck out 18 guys in a six inning game as a 12 year old.


Where would you take @ChiPartyAunt out on a date? Somewhere classy. Like Portillos or something.
Favorite performance enhancing drug? Hot dogs and beer
Who do you hate more Jim Belushi or John Cusack? Eddie Vedder is worse than both of them. Pearl Jam fucking sucks and he’s a Cub fan. What a dick.


Happy Ending
What Other Chicago Teams Do You Enjoy I cheered for the Bulls during the Rodman years. Otherwise, none. I’m a Raiders fan. I’ve given up on the NBA and I don’t watch hockey.
Favorite Chicago Sports History Moment The White Sox championship parade was pretty sweet.
Favorite All-Time Sox Broadcaster The Hawkeroo. Not even close.
Any Stories About Running Into or Meeting White Sox Players? Other Chicago Athletes? My good buddy and I went to the last series of the year in Cleveland in 2005. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, which was the team hotel. A lot of the boys were obviously in a good mood, none more than Jon Garland who decided he wanted to chill with us at the hotel bar for a couple of hours. We shot the shit, I remember him specifically saying he wanted the Red Sox in the first round. I thought he was nutsy and wanted to face the Angels. He charged up all the drinks to Mark Buehrle’s room. Really cool guy. Will never say a bad word about Jon Garland.
Favorite Band? Motley F’n Crue
What is your favorite song? Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix and perfected when it became Hollywood Hogan’s theme song.
Favorite TV Show (or Netflix or HBO or whatever the fuck)? Married With Children. But the first season of Eastbound and Down is legendary.
Married or Single? Looking for a GF? Married and looking. Just in case Tiffani Thiessen is reading.


Do you remember your first Sox game? No, my dad had me going super early. I do remember a lot of 1983, even though I was four years old.
What Player had the greatest impact on you? Frank Thomas. He came to the Sox when I was 10 years old. He left when I was 25. A lot of life changes in that time, but the Big Hurt was always consistent.


What was the happiest day watching the Sox? October 26, 2005. Big Game Freddy, JD and Uribe bringing home the title.
What was the saddest day watching the Sox? The last game at Comiskey Park. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.
What do you do for work? If you could be or do anything else – what? I’m a teacher. I’d love my own sports talk show. I tend to be a lightning rod, which is good for business. But I am happy teaching. My students are awesome and you can’t beat the schedule.
If you could live in any other time, when might that be? 1920s, I’d want to be one of Capone’s guys.


If you could have dinner with five White Sox Players, past and present, who would they be? Ron Kittle, Frank Thomas, Ivan Calderon, Freddy Garcia, Jermaine Dye
If you could change one thing in your past, what might that be? I would have tried to play college ball when the opportunity was there instead of falling in love with #108ing
What are you most proud of? My little league championships.
How would you like to be remembered? As that crazy fucking white sox fan that was right a lot more than we thought he’d be.
What’s the one thing about you few people know? I think people that actually know me would say I’m a friendly, easy going guy.
What do you dislike most about yourself? I could never figure out how to hit that fucking good curve ball.
What do you dislike most in others? I’m not a fan of people that pretend to be authorities on every topic.
What were your best/worst subjects in school? History and PE are the only classes worth attending.
What do you like doing in your spare time? Twitter with you guys, fantasy sports, coaching baseball.
Who is your celebrity crush? 1. Tiffani Thiessen. 2. Torrie Wilson (I’ve #108ed with her before. Might be the finest night of my life other than winning those coveted little league championships).
What is your favorite movie? Rocky 1-4, Rocky Balboa, Creed
What is your favorite baseball movie? Major League
What is your biggest/weirdest fear? I’ve got a shit ton of baseball memorabilia and I panic it will get ruined when it rains.
What would you change your name to? Ivan. Nobody fucks with a guy named Ivan. Well except the rotten bastard that killed Calderon. But even then he shot him from behind.
What pet would you love to have? Two dogs is enough. You sound like my wife.
What’s your one biggest pet peeve? SUV’s irk me. Can’t see around them when I’m making a left turn. Should be banned!
What would be a good theme song for your life? hmmm… Sexy Motherfucker by Prince.


What ballpark would you like to visit? San Francisco is the one I haven’t been to that I would like to check off. Pittsburgh is the one I have been to that I’d suggest you go to.


The White Sox Twitter Power Rankings #2

The White Sox Twitter Power Rankings #2

AND WE ARE BACK for some reason I was asked to do this again by my #108ing pals. Taking a different approach this time, instead of writing something about everyone making the list we’re gonna give you some of their tweets that made me think ‘hmmm they should really be on the list’. Sooo without wasting too much time, sit back, relax and strap it down because the second edition of the White Sox Twitter Power Rankings are coming at ya! Oh by the way, we’ve added 5 positions to the Rankings making that a grand total of 15 chances for YOU to make the list. LEGGGOOOO

#15 Sox Nerd (@Soxnerd)




Shoutout Sox Nerd for heading to DC for the all star game! Also having the best player name puns in the league!

#14 Jim Margalus (@Soxmachine)




What Jim has done with Sox Machine is truly impressive! Assembling a solid team of bloggers and content creators is not easy. Stay tuned for more Sox Machine personalities.

#13 Jonnie Nonnie (@Nonniejonnie)





 #13 in the Power Rankings, #1 Leury Garcia fanboy Jonnie did a great job with the sox on 35th/108/barstool/sox mafia/white sox/city of chicago/NW Indiana tailgate!

#12 Sox-Side Pride (@Pittsshady)




 #11 Donald Trump (@Chisoxtrump)



  #10 Patrick Nolan (@Soxmach_pnoles)

image032                                               image034



 #9 Brandon Anderson (@B_son4)




Happy birthday to the kid as well the big 17!

#8 (Dear friend of WSD) Rick Hahn (@Notrickhahn)






#7 Barstool White Sox Dave (@BarstoolWSD)







#6 Gabriel (@Bearstownsox35)





#5 Ali (@Aliwhitesox)






#4 Kenny Williams (@NotKenWilliams)                                      






#3 (Frequent 108er) Daniel Palka





#2 Herb Lawrence (@Ecnerwal)





And the number one member of White Sox twitter for July 2018 is……



Congratulations @Kenwo4life!












The Real number one member of White Sox Twitter for July is……..



Chris Tannehill (@Christannehill)


– BennyBaseball

….got any comments, observations, complaints or good ole pats on the fanny for our guy about the list or any other shit you just HAZZ to tell him, please to be contacting here

The 108ers as Wire Characters??

If no one knew, not only are all of the 108ers huge White Sox Fans…  But we’re also huge fans of music, movies and television shows.  We’re always quoting lines from movies and/or debating which movie was better.  Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sopranos, the Office, Game of Thrones are a few of our favorite shows but there’s one that stands out over the rest….
 The Wire
For those of you that don’t know this masterpiece created by David Simon and Ed Burns, where the FUCK have you been?  This is one of if not the greatest TV show ever.  Don’t believe me?  Even Rolling Stones has this show listed as the 2nd best TV show of all time. 
What’s even worse, this show was never given it’s just due when it was on the air.  No Emmy’s, no Golden Globes, no Pulitzer Prize.  This is such a travesty for some of the best written material to ever be put on TV. 
Kudos to HBO for taking a risk and sticking with this show even though the ratings weren’t what they hoped.  All you need to do is look at the cast from this show and see where they’re at now.  The majority of them are a who’s who of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now.
In traditional 108 fashions, we thought we should try to pair up which character is most like your beloved 108 crew.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy this as much as we’ve had fun debating these characters and scenes. 
This has been in the works for at least a year.  I take full responsibility for dropping the ball on this.  I always seem to have to go out for just a taste…
Never forget Bushmills is Protestant whiskey…
 Biguns: Norman Wilson


Biguns is a smooth talking SOB and a wealth of knowledge just like Norman.  The one liners he comes up with are priceless.
Slumpbuster: Orlando


From strip club owner to trying to get their side hustle on.  Slumpbuster is always in it to win it until like that…he’s disappeared.
Aloha Mr. Hand: Frank Sobotka


Aloha Mr. Hand just like Frank will do anything for the ones they care about and will fight through tooth and nail for their loved ones.  A guy who puts his money where his mouth is and supports what he thinks is right, no matter the cost.  He may even have an agreement with the Greeks, we’ll never know for sure.
Bobble Jim: Randy


This guy always gets his resale game on.  Mad respect
Mrs. BeefLoaf: Rhonda Pearlman


The silent brains behind the operation, Mrs. BeefLoaf helps keep the 108ers noses clean from the inevitable missteps they get into with regularity.  She’s also the ring leader of the entire BeefComplex, which houses the BeefDeck, BeefCave and the Hot Tub that brings you the #SundaySoak.  
Mrs. Chorizy-E: Beadie


She may come off as quiet but trust me, when shit goes down she’s one you’ll want on your side.   Shit, she gets a free pass to heaven in my book just for marrying Chorizy-E.
Mrs. MSS: Nerese Campbell


As the wife of our 108 mayor MySoxSummer, she always lets our guy come out even after having another baby.  Granted he has to finish his chores and housework first but she’s a very understanding and gracious person.
Bonita Steakie: Snoop


The toughest one of the 108 crew and she’s only 8.  Don’t get into a play fight with this one, she doesn’t play.
Wally$: McNulty


From running into light poles, doing things in and on the bang bus we can’t talk about, waking up in his car after a Friday night game from too much #108ing.  He’s really bad for people.  I also apologize if I’ve offended you or tried to pull your girlfriend/wife it wasn’t me speaking but the accelerator. 
BeefLoaf: Gus


From always making sure all of the facts are correct and keeping everyone honest BeefLoaf always makes sure we come correct and in true 108 fashions.  Believe me when I tell you he’ll get at you if you miss a deadline.
Chorizy: Prez


From always finding unorthodox ways to look at a topic and analyzing all the odds, I won’t bet against him.  Just don’t go to the projects with him after drinking late in the night.  You might get hit with some fallen debris.
MySoxSummer: Bubbles


The Mayor of the 108 HAS TO BE the biggest spirit and inspiration from the entire 5 season saga.  From his constant “Whitey” sales to bringing his own pimp steaks to the Sox games no one embodies a character more than him.  Just don’t ever put on a red hat if he hands you one.


The One Hitter – Write Sox

Hi friends, it’s your buddy BeefLoaf.  This is a rare One Hitter (don’t forget to exhale), where I make a public plea to a local celebrity.  One of the “old heads” of WhiteSox twitter, Tom Fornelli, the artist formerly known as @NotHawk but currently known as @WriteSox despite being quite active on twitter, hasn’t written a blog post at in over 1 calendar year…….I can’t have it!!  I need to hear from @WriteSox in longer form than 280 characters….PLEEEEEZE!!!!
I understand the rigors of life sometimes get to us and we can’t always kick out 500 words on “Why Leury Garcia getting caught stealing so much is imperative to his development as a Utility Man” or some such bullshit.  I understand that Mr. Write Sox has other commitments, to my knowledge he has a dog that needs to be walked at least a couple of times per day…..he has a writing job for CBS Sports (btw, I’m not a big college football fan, although I do ingest it mostly each Saturday, but you have to check out his bottom 25 rankings, such a fun idea and well executed)…..he has to run models to come up with bets for “Trust the Process”, he has at least a couple of annual spots on PMT to deal with, I think there are also at least occasional spots on 670theScore (or at least some hosts make fun of him or some shit) so I get that life sometimes gets in the way.  But this is just one fan pleading to another, much more famous (if less handsome) fan to PLEEEEEZE make a blog post at sometime soon, I enjoy them as I assume other fans do as well.
If you agree with your buddy BeefLoaf, please tweet this post @WriteSox and tag him so he knows we love him and want bloggings from him.
– BeefLoaf 

Umpires Hate Yoan Moncada

Yoan Moncada is the most talked about White Sox player in the first half of the 2018 season and with good reason, he was the lynch pin of the big Chris Sale trade that was made in the 2016 Hot Stove season.  White Sox twitter has bounced ferociously around with its early opinions on Yoan, they have bound from future superstar to current bust and everywhere in between.  The majority of the concerns related to Yoan Moncada’s player profile, going back to his days as a Carmine’s farmhand, have to do with strike out rate.  Early in his career, Yoan is striking out at a 34% (which is 4th highest out of qualified hitters, Matt Davidson sitting directly ahead of him at 36%), which is just enough to keep us all a little bit concerned.  The interesting part (at least to White Sox fans) is that a non-inconsequential portion of Moncada’s K’s are of the backward variety and even further, many of these have been on questionable calls, either on the final pitch of the at bat or somewhere along the way.  These things are Enrico Pallazzo in Naked Gun bad.  The frequent posting on twitter of the gameday feed screenshots showing a red strike ball outside of the strike zone box has White Sox nation thinking that the UMPS ARE AGAINST US!
1 enrico pallazzo umpire
Maybe….but why?  Why do they do this to our guy?
I have a few theories……
He’s too beautiful
It cannot be disputed that our guy Yoan Moncada is a beautiful man.  This sort of thing can play a couple of different ways, amongst men.  1) Depending on numerous factors, a very handsome man can end up unanimously and unspoken respect and admiration from his fellow man.  This generally leads to this person getting the benefit of the doubt when a decree is close in nature.  There are other ways to gain “benefit of the doubt” but it is usually at least some part genetics paired with other personality characteristics.  This ain’t what’s happening here, it’s likely 2) Jealousy.  Men, especially older, overweighter and less attractiver men will go out of their way to slight the handsome adonis.  The jealous fellas will sometimes ban together to employ their influence against Mr. Handsome.  Maybe this is what is happening here.  Maybe all of the umpire groupies are suddenly taking an interest in Yoan.  Maybe Country Joe West’s side piece made mention of Yoan Moncada’s handsomeness and it didn’t sit well with him so he spread the word amongst the other umps who are protective of their mistresses (umpire mistresses is probably more of a TMZ article than a 108 article, but I figure it’s worth touching on at least) as well, so they’ll do anything in their power to make this dude look bad, less attractive.
He’s a rookie…on the White Sox
You hear this as a common theory as to why young players don’t get calls.  It is more of an inverse theory, the real theory is that veterans get more calls.  I don’t know if this has ever been studied, but it would seem human nature that SOME veterans will eventually get the benefit of the doubt from umpires (or officials in any sport for that matter).  Some combination of relationship building with said officials and / or excellence at your craft will get you additional calls which Yoan clearly isn’t getting at this point.  Look, Yoan’s estimation of the strike zone is excellent, but he’s not Barry Bonds (yet) where umpires pretty much know if Barry didn’t swing, it’s not a strike.  He’s got a long way to go to get to that point.  Also, he plays for the White Sox and although we’d all like to assume professionals do their job just as well no matter the conditions, umpiring White Sox games might not incentivize umpires to be at the top of their game.  Tanking may or may not effect parts of the game that we don’t even think about, particularly those parts that involve the umpires getting to Chicago Cut 5 minutes earlier.  I’d suggest Yoan not complain at all about these terrible calls, I suggest he do something to ingratiate hisself with the umpire crew.  Maybe buy them a nice bottle of wine or possibly some Cuban cigars, i dunno.
Velocity is tough on Umps
I love Joe Sheehan.  He’s 100% my favorite baseball writer.  The two things I like best about Joe Sheehan are…1) He has a gift for words.  He can really write in a way that his writings stick with you.  He entertains while he is driving a point home.  This is important, its the reason why I happily pay for his writings.  A LOT (too many) people are writing the same type of articles, but his make me laugh.  2) Joe thinks deeply about the game and comes up with theories about the game that start off as esoteric and sooner or later become mainstream as people start to come to similar conclusions.  One of these conclusions is that increased Velocity is the main problem in baseball’s playability issue.  One of the tenets of this theory is the rise in “framing” or as Joe might call it “umpire fooling”.  The theory goes like this, the human eye, even selected for the most talented of person (in theory, MLB umpires) is not equipped to accurately judge a baseball with this level of velocity, so they are easily fooled by a catcher that can appropriately set up to fool them.  Not to mention general errors made by an umpire who isn’t being fooled, but who is being told that games are too long by the dumb fucking commissioner.  Yoan complicates this problem a bit, but just taking too many pitches.  Swinging at more hittable pitches and crushing them should help (at least partially) alleviate this potential issue.
Got any theories why Umpires Hate Yoan Moncada?
Hit me up on the Twitter Machine
– BeefLoaf

The 5 – BeefLoaf’s NEEDS for the White Sox 2nd half

Fine, FUCK YOU!  It isn’t perfectly, the 2nd half as our White Sox have played 95 games already, but you get what I mean, here’s the things I need to see in the 2nd half…..
– Improved ballpark conditions when handling a crowd – There are some special days and promotional giveaways coming up in the near term and it would be nice to see the White Sox handle these crowds a little better than they have recently.  Get people in the ballpark faster / easier, keep the bathroom lines from getting out of hand, etc.
– Thyago Viera in high leverage situations – After having tied so much of my emotional capital into the voluptous Bruce Rondon, I need a rebound reliever.  You know how it is, when you get into it with the super curvy one with heat, you end up with some exciting memories and your heart broken.  I don’t care if he goes all Ebby Calvin Nuke LaLoosh on us to start, I think it is time we see Viera in the majors, I mean, our bullpen can’t possibly get any worse.  I know I can’t be more damaged.
– At least 8 Michael Kopech starts – enough fucking around, if we are going to let Lucas Giolito lumber out there every 5 days with a ~7 ERA, I think we can start seeing what this kid has in the majors.  I know I predicted this delayed promotion, but there isn’t anything that he can work on more effectively in AAA than he can against major league hitters, so lets get this shit movin’.  Plus, I’m pretty stoked to see if he changes course again in his romantic status once he’s exposed to the gorgeous ladies of our fine city.  As MySoxSummer and I have noted, he loves the booty, and Chicago women most definitely got the booty.
– Tim Anderson finish off the first 25 HR / 40 SB season in White Sox history – As someone that doesn’t get perturbed often, I have been getting quite perturbed at White Sox twitter tryna move Tim Anderson off of shortstop.  He’s the only true shortstop in the org with a legit MLB bat.  Don’t @ me with Madrigal, he wasn’t even the best shortstop on his college team and he’s going to unseat a league average defensive shortstop in MLB…..Puh-LEESE.  I want Timmay to keep on crushing through this season and end it with a truly historic performance in 2018.  Let’s leave no doubt Tim.
– Maximum plate appearances for Daniel Palka – I know Avi Garcia is coming back from the DL, I know Nicky Delmonico is coming back from the DL, but IDGAF, I need to see the maximum amount of plate appearances for Daniel Palka down the stretch.  He’s the only one of the non-Avi Garcia OF’s on the roster with legit big league power and we need to see as much of him at the plate as possible in order to allow for an accurate evaluation of his talents before we start running into Eloy Jimenez needing time and then soon after some of the younger kids.  The guy has NEVER MISSED leg day and we should want to see what he’s got.  His allegiance to the #108ing way of life has nothing to do with this take…NOTHING.
What do you NEED to see in this final 67 games of 2018, holler at me on the twitter machine…..
– BeefLoaf 

2018 Prediction Show – Revisited

As some of you may know, the 108ers did a Prediction Show in March of this year to flush out all the things we thought would occur during the 2018 season.  Since we are at the all star break, I figured I would go through these predictions and see what we hit on and what might leave a little bit to be desired.  I will include the predictions in their entirety, but in case you’d like to watch the original show, our blog post for that is included right here.
Yoan Moncada will lead the team in HR’s, SB’s and OBP – BeefLoaf
The BeefLoaf got a little Moncada crazy….here’s how it’s looking
Moncada               White Sox Leaders
HR – 12                    HR (Davidson) – 14
SB –  9                    SB (Anderson) – 21
OBP – .312               OBP (Narvaez) – .356
The home runs still look like they are in play, the rest…..DON’T
James Shields will throw 200 innings – Chorizy
James Shields will have more wins than Lucas Giolito – MSS
Shields has 126 IP, which puts him on a current pace for 202 IP
Shields wins 4, Giolito wins 6….close, but not yet.
Avi Garcia will hit 30 HRs – Chorizy
Avi Garcia has been nothing but hurt in the 1st half, but he still has 9 HR’s in only 148 PA, what could’ve been.
Nate Jones will spend 0 days on the DL in 2018 – Chorizy
Michael Kopech’s 1st start will be a WIN vs Chris Sale on Hawk day, September 2nd – MSS
This is still in play…..Kopech has yet to join the big club.
Eloy Jimenez will crush 3 HRs vs the Cubs in September – MSS
Going to have to wait till September to determine an outcome here
Cubs / Sox September series will include a fight – MSS
Ricky Renteria will lead MLB in ejections with at least 10 – Chorizy / BeefLoaf
Ricky is playing possum this year with only 3 ejections at the All-Star break, maybe the summer heat will kick this number up a bit.
Less Bunts / More Blunts – MSS


White Sox will trade for Adam Jones – Chorizy
Eloy Jimenez and Michael Kopech will not play an inning with the White Sox until September – BeefLoaf
This is currently on pace with neither phenom being promoted as of yet….
The White Sox will sell out 10 games this season – MSS
The White Sox will lose 90 100 games in 2018 – Chorizy / BeefLoaf 
The White Sox are currently on pace to lose 106 games…..
James Duda will buy the 108ers a concession in 2018 – BeefLoaf
Special Guests to increase in the 108 in 2018, et al – MSS
This is most definitely occurring, the 108 has been “LIT” as the kids say so for this season
OJ Simpson will throw out the first pitch at a Miami Marlins game – Chorizy
Marlins attendance is last in MLB and it is down like 1,000,000%, so this seems likely to happen, even though it hasn’t happened yet.
New Sox Order (@newsoxorder) will sneak 70 cans of Hamms into the ballpark (ie Section 108) – Chorizy
Zach, Keir and Colin…..we are waiting…..


The 108 crew will start going to games earlier and earlier due to the White Sox announcing who will throw out the ceremonial first pitch – MSS
Eh, No, but we did go early to see Danny Farquhar throw out the first pitch
Todd Frazier will be photographed wearing the Jersey Demolition shirt in September when the Mets play the Red Sox – BeefLoaf
May 28th, the Reds take on the Twins, and the Reds will giveaway a Marge Schott bobblehead killing Harambe – Chorizy
$1 hot dog Wednesday nights will be cancelled before the season ends – BeefLoaf
$1 hot dog nights / days will have a 911 style conspiracy theory started by the Pride and Passion Crew, about why we can’t get our hot dogs anymore – MSS
After the most recent Wednesday night vs. the Cardinals, it would appear that $1 hot dogs are going the way of the Dodo
The Slumpbuster will make at least 7 Saturday games – Chorizy
I believe Slumpbuster is at 0 or 1 made Saturday games, which means, IF he’s at 1, he’ll need to make the last 6, so no.
The 108ers will win the “Split the Pot” at Sox Park – BeefLoaf
Not yet, but it ain’t for a lack of trying……


BeefLoaf will attend the most games in 2018 – MSS
This is a close battle between MSS & BeefLoaf, but since BeefLoaf doesn’t keep track of how many games he attends and still has a couple of vacations upcoming, it’s looking like MSS will take the crown again this year.
The 108ers will eat Portillo’s with Jason Benetti – Chorizy
Jason hates us even more than he did before, so this isn’t looking likely.
The Wally$ card will decrease in value after people figure out that he doesn’t wear Davidoff Cool Water cologne – BeefLoaf
This might be the MOST INCORRECT prediction of the list.  People still fuggin’ LURVE the Wally$ card.
Baderbrau will create a 108 branded mexican lager “El Drunks in the Outfield” – MSS
#RIPIP Baderbrau
Our tickets will be checked > 700 times by the ushers – Chorizy
Actually, we’ve had our tickets check less this year, than last year…..SO FAR….but we’ll see
The Slumpbuster and Biguns will make it out for at least one #SundayFunday game this year – BeefLoaf
Aloha Mr Hand will spend more time in 108 this year, than in his kick ass seats behind home plate – MSS
The 108ers will be on TV several times this year – MSS
Jason Benetti will make disparaging comments about MSS weight and will repay those comments with food #dick – MSS
Jason Benetti did talk about our friend Sam Pavelka on the tv broadcast earlier this season.  He however is still scared of / hates the 108ers so no mention directly of us or our hijinx on the tele.

– BeefLoaf