#108ing At Sesame Street Live (with Bobbles Jim a.k.a. Gobbles Jim a.k.a. Uncle Rico?)

Many, many moons ago, bobbleheads brought together myself and Bobbles Jim. Since then we have both had 2 kids (Girls 3 – Boys 1), completed our collections of team issued White Sox bobbles and spent countless hours in line at SoxFest and Sox games. We’ve also had at least 5 beers together (Bobbles Jim doesn’t really drink like a 108’er).

Bobbles Jim wants to be called Uncle Rico from now on. His wife says if you change it, it should be Gobbles Jim. Make your voice heard on our 108 Poll!

Having girls that are months apart, we are kinda on the same curve of things they like to do, plus our wives like each other! So my wife reached out to Mrs. Bobbles to see if she wanted to go to Sesame Street Live. When the topic was brought up to me, I thought I was exempt from said event, but apparently I was lumped in cause Bobbles Jim was going to go. It was inked on the calendar.

Have you ever been to Sesame Street live before? I hadn’t and I might not ever go again. I had however, way back in the day, went to Smurf’s Ice Capades. Google that shit for some creepy videos. Anyways….


Tickets WERE NOT cheap. $32 for the CHEAP seats up top, $75 for the “experience” seats. We opted for the cheap seats that then included a $8.05 venue fee per ticket, so if you are playing at home, a ticket cost as much as 4 Corona Lights at Sox Park. Family of 3, cost us $120 to get in the door. But wait, $15 bucks to park! So $135 to get into the show. That is about 20 Sox games in the cheap seats, but no Elmo. Southpaw, but no Elmo.


Upon entry we had been warned that there were multiple booths to buy just about anything your heart desired that was SS related. My daughter thankfully was pretty stoked just to be there so we walked to the seats without paying $35 for a light up bubble wand. The show started and Little Miss Shortstop was going bananas. It was worth every penny for her, no shit. Even the new kid (LMS’s sister) was getting into it. I was shocked.

During intermission, cause you have to be given a bathroom break to go buy more stuff, my daughter noticed a guy selling cotton candy. LMS loves cotton candy since Uncle Loaf bought some for Bonita Steakie and she happily shared it with LMS. It got her through a 9 inning game, so it’s like coffee to her. Bobbles Jim had broke down and bought a bag of popcorn ($7) and a Cookie Monster Cup ($15). So he was $22 in. I declared I was going to buy a $11 bag of cotton candy, but actually found out it was $12. But you got a FREE FOAM CAP with your $12 purchase. The vendor apologized for the price, but I decided to tip him anyways only after he assured me that he got to keep his tip. LMS was thrilled and Bobbles Jim’s little girl got to try cotton candy for the first time too. Win-win in my book.

Pink and blue cotton candy

The second half of the show LMS was pretty distracted by the cotton candy to get too much into the show. Until I took it away from her, then she was dancing away. Luckily she was distracted long enough not to notice that the character she dislikes the most, Abby, used magic (which is why LMS dislikes her) to make it stop raining. She doesn’t like wizardry, and I don’t blame her. The show ended and we went on our merry way to Hooters, the family restaurant chain.

By now you are saying why did you even write this blog MSS? 2 reasons. 1 – It was a fun family outing that was made possible by White Sox baseball. 2 – To illustrate how cheap it actually is to go to a White Sox game.

SIDE NOTE – I would have no issue if PBS was running these events and the money raised went directly to fund the shows. No way in hell that happens. Some asshole, who for sure hates kids, makes piles of money on his muppet slaves. Sad, so sad.

Fans of our fave baseball squad love to complain about price but guess what? On Sundays, you can take a family of 4, to a game, for $30. Tickets and parking, a far cry from $135 for the 3 of us to attend SSL. Even if you buy food there, you still wouldn’t get that close to $135. In this day and time everything is expensive, but I still find $30 for 4 tickets and parking a hell of deal. And before you even say it, yeah, it’s the cheap seats, when is the last time you actually sat in your seat at Sox Park? Come on man.


So take advantage of those cheap tickets in 2019 while you still can. I feel like they will go the way of the dodo when this team get’s good. And go see Sesame Street Live if you wanna see people trying to buy their kids love with cheap toys from China. It’s a blast to see my daughter freak the fuck out seeing a giant blue creature smashing cookies like her dad does when she is in bed.



The 5 – The 5 Things Daniel Palka Can Do In The Offseason

The 2018 White Sox season is over.  Checking some social media accounts, it seems to be pretty awesome for some players.  But our guy Daniel Palka is gonna be bored fam.  I know it.  A guy built to just crush stuff get’s bored when he can’t crush stuff.  I decided to come up with a little list of things he could consider doing in the offseason.


5 – Help his brother’s landscaping company by chopping down trees.

Dan’s brother runs a landscaping company in Nantucket.  Yep Nantucket, from all the dirty ass limericks.  It’s a pretty fancy place and Matt helps keep it beautiful.  I am sure he’ll need help coming up soon and who better to remove trees that a guy who swings a bat at speeds unknown to most men.  Dan is cleaner running that any chainsaw and I am guessing way more efficent.  Plus I know the ladies of the 108 wanna see Dan in a flannel, swinging an axe in freshly fallen snow.  Make it happen fellas.



4 – Watch My Kids.

I mean who wouldn’t wanna trade a fun filled lifestyle for 2 sweet girls that smile all the time? Little Miss Shortstop says you are her 2nd favorite player behind Tim Anderson, so that should help you get her to eat her damn peanut butter sandwich.  She is also almost potty trained so that is a huge plus.  Less diapers! Chasing after her day in and out I am pretty sure is equivalent to running after chickens so you can gain that speed you might need in right field in 2019.

Also, for selfish reasons, I kinda need a break to explore some 108 avenues that I can’t really do with 2 kids.  So you would be doing the world a favor by raising the younger generation and helping get the 108 bigger and bigger.  Seems like a win win.  So what’s in it for you?

Well, you can eat anything in the fridge you want.  We have premium cable. We have a CostCo membership so we are always flush with awesome snacks too.  I have a really nice chair that is great for napping during the 3rd episode of Paw Patrol after a long night of #108ing with the boys.  Anything else?  I will even pay you cash, thinking $10 and hour if you do chores while the girls sleep, which is always great.  We even have an extra room you can stay in to save money on rent, but that would negate the $10 an hour.  We ain’t made of money sir.


3 – Start an Air Mail Delivery Service.

Fuck drones, we want Dans.  Can we create a “Palka Smash Proof” container to protect your valuables while Dan swings away and sends a package your way?  I don’t know, we got electric cars and we went to the moon so anything is possible in my eyes.  Can you send messages? Yes.  Can you send a pizza? No.  I think it would be limited to size of item, maybe fit inside a baseball, but distance would be no issue at all.  The guy crushes balls.  Plus the novelty of having Palka deliver your wedding ring to your wife while you are at dinner, on the couch, whenever, would far outweight the costs to replace the window he just broke.


2 – Create your own peer to peer driving service.

Don’t like the politics behind Uber or Lyft?  Are you a big White Sox fan?  Would you pay extra to get driven to work by Palka? OF COURSE YOU FUCKING WOULD. How badass would it be to have some clubhouse chat with your favorite 2018 Breakout Star Daniel Palka while you are in the back of a Nissan Altima ?  Pretty fucking #Dope right?  I thought so.

If this goes well, you could get some some of the other guys on board to join Palka’s crew! How great would it be to have Yoan Moncada pick you up and you can both complain about how the ups fuck him over every chance they get! Or talk to Adam Engel about all the homers he has robbed.  Or even Yolmer Sanchez. You could get into his ride and tell you all about keeping it fun.



1 – Whatever he did last offseason cause it fucking worked. 

The best idea behind watching my kids.  Let’s be honest, after such a dismal season one of the bright points was watching this kid crush balls, talk shit on his teammates and give the best damn interviews since Brian Wilson.  Palka > Wilson though as Dan is way less creepy than Brian.  Why did this happen? I have no idea.  I don’t know his offseason workout plan.  And that is how it should be, secret.  We don’t need multiple Palkas out there, especially in the AL Central.

Keep doing what you are doing Dan, cause it fucking worked in 2018.  You made our year in the 108, and we loved help spreading the Gospel of Palka across the internets.  Thanks for making #108ing legit and for just being you sir.  We can’t wait for SoxFest and the 2019 season.  Gonna be full of Palka and that is how it should be.



The 5 – 5 Things To Enjoy This Weekend

Allow me to reintroduce myself…….

Welcome to FRI-YAY Folks! It’s been a minute, but I am MySoxSummer. Been a bit busy shipping out all these #108ing shirts to all you lovely fans (available here)! And raising some kids. That takes up most my time.


The final weekend series is upon us, starts today. 6 games left to see our beloved team that has really taken alot out of us this year. There were very few things to cheer for this year, but 2 words, Daniel Palka. You killed it man. You ARE the southside. A grinder. A baller. And funny as fuck. Thanks for 2018 man, you really made our year in the 108.

I went to get some tickets yesterday and lamented to Box Office Jimmy that I was bummed that the Cub(e)s were our last weekend series. He seemed to share my feelings. Most years we in the 108 sell these tickets. It’s a game that you can actually sell for more than face which is pretty nice! But it being a weekend series and the last one in 2018, we are all in for Saturday and Sunday. So if you are headed to the games this weekend here are 5 things to enjoy!


1- CrossTown Wasted.

Y’all hear that we are throwing down with SoxOn35th this Saturday? Well we are! It’s tomorrow. In Lot B. At 3:30pm. Ya know what the best thing is? YOU DON’T NEED A FUCKING TICKET TO GO TO THE TAILGATE! You need not pay a crazy price to see a baseball game to get kinda wasted with your favorite White Sox twitter friends! Also Johnnie Nonnie and BeefLoaf are known to fully stock coolers for insane parties. So the High Life and the Busch Light will be ice cold and flowing. No excuses folks, no excuses.


2- Sweater Weather.

As a fat guy, the weather is looking DOPE AF. Mid 60’s is the HIGH for Saturday. Will I wear jeans? Unlikely. But maybe I won’t sweat like a whore in church all game. You know what is perfect to do in mid 60’s temp? DRINK A BUNCHA BEER. It will be pleasant out which we deserve. Baseball in this kinda weather is pretty awesome too. We can also imagine it’s 2023 and we are gunning for that Wild Card or trying to lock up a division. #TrustTheProspects

3- Cub(e)s Fans.

I know, some of them are fucking awful. We wanna short sell them on baseball knowledge, which is sometimes is deserved. But do we really wanna paint the whole fanbase based on a few people? Do we really?


Listen, in a few short years, we’ll be back and most likely they will be down. Maybe they won’t. Fuck, maybe we won’t. But I am kinda tired of the constant Sox vs Cub(e)s hate. So let’s act like the brothers that hate each other but we both love their mom (baseball). We can act civil for holidays, like this weekend, for mom.

So maybe, just maybe if you have a good interaction with a fan from the north you offer to buy him a beer. Maybe that fan will see your move and buy you one back. Let’s all be the better fan(s). Maybe?

4- Beer. Brats. Baseball.

This is what it is all about. Don’t think about how fucking awful long the lines will be this weekend, or the lack of space, or how shitty the service will likely be, think about how great that brat will taste. And really don’t think about how long that line will be to get a fancy beer, but rather enjoy a Bud Light or Corona Light or Modelo cause really that pairs just as well as the fancy beer. Plus they deliver that beer! Also, take care of those guys. They were out there when you weren’t, so tip them well. For baseball, like the McRib, is limited time only. It will be back, much like the McRib, but not for awhile. So fucking enjoy all of these B’s.


5- 11am Sunday Soak.

That’s right, wake up (hungover) with the boys in the 108. The Monsters of the Midway will be rolling after the game, so we want you to watch that. We also think the possibility of someone puking in the tub is very likely. Well, just me really. The other guys rarely puke. So make sure to tune in at 11am to watch the last regularly scheduled soak. There will be other soaks, maybe around Bears games, but nothing is on the books.

We are looking forward to this last party with all you crazy folks. Make sure to come and say hi in these final games. If you wanna save $5 And want a shirt, send me a DM on Twitter. Stay hydrated my friends.


Why is everyone trying to steal our shine?

A few years ago we started this blog and we named it From The 108, duh, cause that is where we sit.  The number 108 was based solely on the section that we reside and that was it.  Over the years the #108ing hashtag was developed, we did some work with Tyler Saladino, Todd Frazier and now our new power-crush Daniel Palka.  Daniel Palka has taken the #108ing to the next level, much like his sound-barrier-shattering homers (with their Paul Walker Death Ride (shout out to Chorizy) velocity). It’s been pretty amazing for us in 2018, so it’s no wonder so many people are trying to steal our shine.  For your older folks, shine is exactly what you think it is.  Our glow of doing well, our glisten and sparkle. It’s a good thing, and much like Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase, people done want it.


Who are the biggest offenders?  Without question it’s the boys up north.  Is it any shocker that they took 108 years to win a World Series AFTER we got the 108 name out there to the masses?  Fuck no.  Lazy ass Cubes.  That was bad, but last week we were alerted by Armand’s Pizza that the Cubes were trowing shade at us in a “hype” video on their new scoreboards.  Have no idea what I am talking about?  WTF? Read our Twitter!





Editor’s Note – Maybe the Cubes should spend more time explaining to their fanbase that the game is for the kids, not you, you grown ass man stealing a ball from a kid.  You might have gotten your ass kicked at G rate. Not just sayin, we sayin. 


Glad there was a happy ending for the kid.  Not that type of happy ending #Wally$.  Jeesh. 

Also, several people have come out and said that the guy actually gave the kid a ball already.  Several (I assume Russian) bots have said yes, that’s true.  Even huge asshole Dave Kaplan said to get over it.  Whatever Dave, suck our balls.


I think Trump should look into this, I think they (Cubes-Stream Media) is whitewashing this story. 

Are there other offenders than the Cubes?  FUCKING DUH. Would I write an entire blog just bashing the Cubes?  YES. But that’s not the point.

Enter Kane County Cougars and beer maker Tangled Roots. What is their new beer offering out there in Kane County? 108 Double Stitch Ale. Coincidence?  FUCK NO. What makes it even more insulting is that it’s beer and we FUCKING LOVE BEER.  They peddle some bullshit that there are 108 stitches in a baseball, but we all know the real reason why they used the 108 number.  FUCKING US.  BEER AND BASEBALL = FROM THE 108.  WHO DOESN’T FUCKING KNOW THAT?  You dicks.  Now, this is one of the few that could make this up to us and send us some 108 beer so we can determine if we are ok with you using our shine. Capiche?


So we are looking your way Tangled Roots Brewery. Make like Spike and #DoTheRightThing.


Wintrust Bank uses the 108 name too, but since it’s Sox related I will let that slide.  But you have to admit to yourself (and to me) that you had no idea that there were 108 stitches in a baseball before you knew of our blog.  We were the chicken and the egg.  We were 1st, no fucking question.

What’s my point here?  We are the originals, the OG’s.  And you should have no problem supporting us through your tweets using #108ing when you are doing something wicked awesome usually while drinking mass amounts of alcohol.  We’d like you to use ride share programs of course or walk your drunk ass home.  That’s the 108 way!

Keep tweeting your #108ing photos at us and tag us in all your exploits!  And fellas the ladies are even getting in on the movement, which is really awesome.  Let’s try not to scare them away.  We know some single guys that need a good Sox fan lady in their life.  Especially our buddy Gabe.  He just wants a girl to enjoy baseball and football with.  if you are that lady, tweet at him here! He’s fucking crazy quick with White Sox and Bears trivia, THAT’S WHY HE’S THE MUTHAFUCKING CHAMP! What’s not to love?





Have you seen anyone trying to use the 108 shine for themselves?  We know you’ll tweet it at us and we appreciate it.  And please make sure that if you wanna show the world that you love #108ing and everything about it, feel free to purchase an OFFICIAL #108ing shirt right the fuck here! This is what it looks like –


And it will be shipped to your door in a few days for only $25.  We have limited sizes remaining, but we’ll do another order.  We’d like to teach the world to 108…


Peace, Love & 108.


Chorizy-E PED Suspension: Effective Immediately

We unfortunately have to relay some sad news today.  During the 108’s random drug testing, we have discovered that Chorizy-E has been using a performance enhancing drug.   The drug in question is a little known Balco cocktail called the “Janikowski”.  It’s a mix of excedrin, tums, horse viagra, adderall, and LSD with a chocolate coating.  His suspension will take effect immediately and bans him from any Sox games and any social media.

Chorizy-E has issued the following statement:

To the Fans,

I take full responsibility for the mistakes that led to my suspension for the 2018 season.  I regret that my actions made the situation worse than it needed to be. To the Adult Beverage Industry, the 108, the Beefloaf and MySoxSummer families, the Uber/Lyft drivers and you, the fans, I can only say I’m sorry.

I accept the fact that many of you will not believe my apology or anything that I say at this point. I understand why and that’s on me. It was gracious of Beefloaf to offer me the use of the Beefcave for this apology but I decided the next time I am in the Beefcave, I should be inebriated doing my job.

I am serving the longest suspension in the history of the 108 for PED use. MySoxSummer has said the matter is over. Beefloaf has said the same. The 108 have said the next step will be to start drinking.

I’m ready to put this chapter behind me and drink some beer.

This game has been my single biggest passion since I was a teenager. When I go to Spring Training in NWI, I will do everything I can to be the best drinker and teammate possible, earn a spot on the 108 and help us get drunk.


Despite his apology and seeming admission of guilt, Chorizy-E still plans to fight the suspension and hopes to be back in the 108 for the 2018 season.  His hearing is scheduled for July 27th and will take place on the Beefdeck (weather permitting).  While Chorizy-E was not available for comment, his lawyer Vinny Baseball said he’s confident Chorizy-E will be re-instated based off of their belief of “special rules for special players, dude.”


The Quick Hit – Make Concessions Great Again

Folks. We are just starting July and some of you seem to be showing up to the park on a more regular basis! Kudos to you! If you aren’t making it out to the park, eh, I don’t really give a shit.  You do you.  Holla. The White Sox do a fine job at the park (especially with less than 20k in attendance) and they offer some of the best ballpark food I have ever come across. I like the local options, especially with the beers (RIP Baderbrau) but one thing that drives me nuts is the pricing.  I feel like if we had a cheap menu option, it would be utilized.  Much like the 2 ticket, 2 beer promo (or even $1 hot dog day) that is taking off, Sox fans like the deals.


So my thought, is how can we make it even better?  Enter CostCo.

Have you ever had dinner at CostCo?  Of course you have.  You worked all day and you are out of some product that you eat in mass quantities. So you try to squeeze that trip in, but all the jackwagons that sweat the samples stations (taking TWO SAMPLES, DICKS!) seem to get all the samples. Rice pudding isn’t dinner, neither is half a pouch of Go-Gurt.   You get through the trip and are walking out and the fresh and ready food area just smells unavoidable.  If the line isn’t ridiculous, of course you go into the line to get a hot dog, or a slice, or even a churro.


This was us the other night.  We needed to get some stuff at home and we pushed it. All my girls were hungry and when we walked out they had a new option that I wanted to try.  It was delish and I was looking at the prices in awe.  59¢ for a POP.  59¢! Even P&P’s resident cheap guy James Duda would put out the 59¢ for a man sized pop.  $1 Churros.  Under $2 for an obscene amount of ice cream.  Now, could this work in Sox Park?  OF COURSE IT FUCKING CAN.


CostCo makes money, mad money yo.  You wanna charge me $50 to $100 a year to get great deals?  Go for it.  I have been a proud member since 2000. Even in my single years, I got about everything I ate there. It was dope.  I used to drink milk like I drink beer now, so basically it was a BOGO. And speaking of beer….


BOOM BITCH! With the closing of 108 fave Baderbrau, it might be time to revisit the Kirky Light train, the most inoffensive beer I have ever drank. If you like Bush Light, you’ll LOVE Kirky Light! ~$25 for 48 beers.

So how can we make this work?

MLB should sign up CostCo to do their concessions.  We’ll stick to their menu, which as you can see below, is fantastic.


Thinking only of Chicago here, maybe they add in regional items.  Like Italian Beef for the Windy City. Cheese Steaks for Phila. You get me?  Now I am sure some folks that like selection are gonna bitch that they don’t have this or that, but ya know what? GFY.


I think they could even raise the prices and we’d all still be good with it in the end. People seem to be buying the $2.50 “PREMIUM” dogs on $1 Hot Dog night, but that could just be because they wanna be better than us scum that soak up all the $1 dogs.   Ya know what? You aren’t better brah or brah-ette, AND you should take a long look in your fun house mirror and examine why you have to be better than me or my $1 dog friends.  You’re such an asshole.


Anyways, I feel like people would love the new menu and they would support it.  But what is missing?  As I said earlier, CostCo makes their own beer! $3 cans – all game, every game.  Maybe we can convince the good folks at CostCo to make a 19 to 24oz beer to go to the stands, that would be divine.


I know some of you are really fuming by now that I have attacked your sacred overpriced ballpark fare, so you know what I am gonna do?  I ain’t gonna change shit about what they do now.  Everything will stay the same but the stands that are closed on slow games and all through April / May, they become the CostCo stands.  Maybe we pay a premium for the year as season ticket holders to fast pass the line, maybe we don’t.  I imagine that the amount of beer / brats / churros / chicken bakes sold will be insane.  All getting washed down with massive amounts of $3 Kirky Lights.


What have we learned?  That CostCo can solve a bunch of issues at the ballpark and make the experience even better.  Cheap Tix + Cheap Food + Cheap Beer = A 108 Wet Dream.

Gotta problem?  Tweet at me! Do it! I double dog dare you.


The White Sox Conundrum

The other day/night (kinda all run together these days) I was reading the internets and seeing a lot of angry comments from our White Sox brethren. Since my first time getting elevated back in the early 90’s with my neighbor (where I didn’t really get high, but saw someone get really high and eat everything in her house) I have always looked for a deeper meaning or a different view of my current situation. Or maybe I got that from watching American Beauty a few too many times. Look Closer. I don’t know really, I like drinking too much to care. So anyways, while going through all these angry people’s comments I thought about what will these folks complain about when this team is good? And well, let me tell ya….


I have written before about how it is a great time to go to White Sox games. They basically give away tickets, they have cheap food options, plenty of room, all that shit. The game going experience is at 100%, it really is. I rarely wait in line for anything which is dope AF. If you don’t mind watching your team lose 3 outta 4 times, it’s really, really great. But the upside to all this losing is when they do win, the place goes nuts! It’s quite a fun time.


I would say that during my 7 seasons of having a ticket plan (started with an Ozzie plan, now I have a 40 game, but hit 76 games last year) the complaints have been getting angrier and angrier as the years go on. I think that is expected but the reasoning is 2 fold. 1- The Sox and the news affiliates have done an incredible job selling the prospects angle to the masses. So much so that if you don’t follow the team, you might think that they are actually good as they get a bunch of press. Had a guy tell me the other day how well he thought the Sox were doing. I almost fell down. Hype, while it is good for ticket sales, is not gonna help you win a game.


Reason 2 is that this team is really bad to watch. Fundamentals seem to be lacking, which I think you’d expect with a young team, but we aren’t used to seeing a team this bad. They are losing a lot, which seems to be wearing on the good player (Jose Abreu), as well as the fans. But folks, this is gonna take time. I would say 50% of our fans honestly thought this team would compete in 2018 (we in the 108 knew it would be the worst year of the rebuild and said so many times). As the season has evolved, the expectations of this team have dwindled. However that hasn’t quelled the anger.

Oh the good ol’ days.

Now, I get it, the anger usually comes from a good place. You want the team to do well, want to see your team on top again. I have bought into this rebuild and hope that it does as well as I think it can. I think we are really far away (at least 3 seasons before we are sniffing the playoffs), but I am fully invested. So let’s just assume that this team is good in 3 seasons, 2020 we contend for a Wild Card spot. Where will the anger be directed? Directly at the White Sox! For things that are really awesome right now.


Yep, you heard me. The guy who is complaining that Kopech isn’t up yet is gonna be the same guy who is complaining that he can’t get a cheap ticket for him and his son on a Saturday to see him pitch. The guy who wants Eloy up right now, will be mad that he can’t get the “Eloy Hits The Cycle” bobblehead when he shows up right before game time. Do you know how easy it is to go get the giveaways now? Really easy. Drunk kids on prom night easy.


People will complain about the prices, the parking, the traffic, the EVERYTHING! All these things are operating at 100% awesome level right now. And if you think it sucks now, GIVE UP, cause it will be worse when they compete again. You can park really close, you can get any ticket you want (for less than face usually), you never wait to take a piss, rarely wait for food, everything you need!

Folks, take advantage of this time and get out to the ballpark. I ain’t gonna shame you into it as I like my extra room, short lines, all that shit, but if you like the baseball game going experience it doesn’t really get much better than this. What more do you want? Oh, wins? Yeah, those aren’t available yet. Back ordered, expected to ship in 3 years.


Frick* You 2012.

*As much as I love the word fuck, I don’t wanna use it in a title. But trust me, I wanna say fuck, oh so bad. 


Hey guys, how’s it going? Oh really?  Well, we’re in hide the knives mode over here in the 108. Not for us though, we expected this and we even told you this year was gonna suck major balls….YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN LISTENING!!! WHY DON’T YOU LISTEN?  WHAT ARE YOU DULL OR SOMETHING? But yeah, we are hiding the knives just in case you guys stop by.  Good luck using that spork!


We know you guys are struggling, and while you can blame a lot of things for this, I think we can blame our need for instant gratification the most.  We fully understand that this rebuild will take time, but yet here we are confused cause we are still not a contender in year 2.  Why does this confuse us?  WE DON’T WAIT FOR SHIT BRO! We can get a pint of Ben & Jerry’s delivered to us within the hour by a drone or a real life person! We don’t wait for nothing, NADA. I’d say that that pint of Ben & Jerry’s would taste better if you waited for it, or rode your fat ass to the store to get it, but it won’t. It tastes just as fucking good when a drone gives it to you.


Some of the older guys will remember this, but we couldn’t always do a Google search to find some adult entertainment on demand.  We were limited to what we had on hand (ha) and sometimes you didn’t have the best choices.  Sometimes, like in the case of my buddies bro-in-law in Vegas, a newly purchased (and barely read) Stuff magazine will work.  You thought I forgot about that huh John?  Nope, you fucking repressed pervert, you ruined my new Stuff magazine on a fucking BACHELOR PARTY WEEKEND IN LAS VEGAS! The whores were abundant, and you HAD THE MONEY TO BURN! But yet that Stuff magazine put you over the edge huh?  Weirdo.


Sadly, unlike the inventions of PornHub, Amazon, OnDemand, and shit tons of other stuff that have curved our spines, there is no replacement for good ol’ fashioned time passing.  You have to watch the suck.  You can throw money at it but who are we kidding, no way Jerry buys the biggest and best.  Also, I am unsure you can buy AN ENTIRE NEW TEAM.  I don’t think it works like that.  So we are doomed to watch our team struggle for a while, so settle in and start taking joy in small things that are easily attainable.  What is that you might ask?

1- No lines for anything at the park.  It’s way too easy to get a brat or take a piss.  Nothing like the 3 inning wait up north.

2- Cheap and even cheaper tickets. Take advantage before you are priced out in 2023.

3- Funny ass bloggers 108 and their antics at the park. Bro, we fucking funny aight? Read our nonsense or watch us get blind drunk in a hot tub yelling about Matt Davidson. We haven’t broken out one mask yet this year, they are coming yo!

4 – Watching the young guys develop (almost as much fun as watching the current team lose OR paint dry). Brutal I know, but some people like it.

5 – People watching at the park! We have some crazy ass fans that are showing up.  For reals.  Also, if you show up on a Wed, there are a ton of #108Thiccc chicks plowing hot dogs that might take you up on a $10 beer.  Get her a Corona Light from our guy Brian or Champ, or better yet splurge and take her to the Craft Kave and spend an extra $1 and get her a South Side Pride.  She might show you her south side pride if you know what I am saying. Wink, wink.


Now that we shared ours, feel free to send us your coping mechanisms during this trying time to our Twitter! Help us help you and others.  Isn’t that what this is all about?  YES.  Just in case you were wondering, YES, this is what it is all about.

By now you are wondering why I brought up 2012 and why I am being disparaging towards that year.  2012 birthed @mysoxsummer (which in turn helped birth @fromthe108) so there is that, and it was my first full season here in B-Port.  So that was cool. It was also a fun time as the Sox lead all year to win the division, but lost it in dramatic fashion in Sept in about a week.  So that was fun right? No.  Chris Sale was dealing. Fun times?  Sorta.

Embed from Getty Images


But, the thing that happened that is causing us so much grief right now is that the 2012 team showed management that we were way closer than they thought to a contending team.  Remember, 2012 was supposed to be a rebuilding year too (why Robin was even hired), but for some reason we played our asses off.  We signed some shitty free agents to give ourselves a fighting chance in 2013, but remember how awful 2013 was?  It was bad.  Horrible.  63-99 bad.  Our top prospect was Courtney HawkinsJeff Keppinger was on our team. Philip Humber has the dubious achievement of going from throwing a perfect game as a starter to coming out of the pen in the later months.  Has that ever fucking happened?  I have no idea, but I am going with no.


So they thought they were a few guys away from being good.  WRONG. That easily set us back 5 years and K Will decided that he would continue to tinker with the team in hopes of making it a contender.  Kinda like that pig that Homer cooked that Lisa liberated.  “It’s just a little wet, it’s still good!”.


He tried.  He brought us Jeff Samar-FUCK THAT GUY,  had us let AJ go to make way for Tyler Flowers. Adam Eaton, Adam LaRoche, Geovany Soto, you get the point.  Had 2012 been a bust, we would have gotten this started earlier and maybe we’d be in a good position right now.


We’ll never fucking know cause that 2012 team tried to win, and almost did it.  Clearly Rick Hahn learned from that and totally traded away any talent that could possibly end up helping us win games so we’d stay the course right now.  Cut out all hope that we could compete.  And for that, as awful as it is to watch, I thank you Rick.  I trust ya, don’t let me down brother.


The Battle For The Crosstown Cup Begins Today!

This weekend the Sox travel up north to take on the Cubs. Expected to pitch are Fulmer vs Chatwood, Shields vs Lester and Giolito vs Hendricks. I can see Fulmer coming out and pitching his heart out, but I can also see a drubbing. Much like all the other matchups. It’d also be really awesome to see Giolito get out of his funk. But mostly, like we said on Chi Sox Weekly, we’d like to see the Sox rent some space in Lester’s head while Big Game James RIPS SHIT UP. More than likely we’ll get swept, but we can dream right? So let’s talk about the matchup that we have a chance of winning…….



I am gonna judge these guys in 5 categories. Importance to the Team, Looks, Smarts, Friends and Outreach. Let’s get going!

Importance To The Team

Southpaw has been around since June 13th, 2004. He broke a 16 year streak of no mascots on the Southside. Previously we had Ribbie and Roobarb. And lest we forget Chorizy’s favorite Andy The Clown, who was an unofficial pedo.. mascot. Southpaw has 14 years under his belt, he’s a vet.

Clark on the other hand was introduced in 2014. Previously there was Billy The Cub who hung outside Wrigley taking pics, looking for tips. Billy and I have lots of mutual friends, but I have no idea who he is exactly. The Cubs did not accept him but rather straight ripped off the idea and made their own mascot. Very northside of them.

So fucking creepy and classy. No pants on Billy either, WTF?

Some people saw this photo before they even knew who Clark was –


This image ran on Comcast Sports which was hilarious. But it brings up a really important question…..why no pants brah? Much like Allen in The Hangover, no pants and makes you feel really uncomfortable in his presence. Especially with his crotch right up in your face.

Gotta give the edge to our beloved Southpaw for his years of service and wearing pants around underage children.

Winner – Southpaw.


Southpaw is some type of animal, not really as crazy as the Philly Phanatic, but rather a more sleek refined animal. Green with yellow highlights. he looks great in his uniform or any costume that he wears on many of the theme nights that the Sox have in hopes of drawing a larger crowd. We got a good looking mascot fam. Ain’t no doubt.


Clark seems really happy on the outside. Almost too happy, like he’s popping pills happy. His face can also be mistaken for anger. Just look at this pic, dude looks pissed off!


Again, I gotta take Southpaw as he just isn’t as scary looking as a bear with fangs…..wearing no pants.

Winner – Southpaw.


To be fully honest I have never seen anything that would lead me to believe that either one of these guys is dumb or smart. So I am gonna declare it a tie.




The Chicago Mascot Club seems to all get along pretty well. Note that there are only 2 mascots not wearing pants in the pic above. They are clearly the guys at the party who have been over-served and need to get a Lyft home. But they won’t, cause they “aren’t that drunk” and they “know better than you” so they’ll just run off all the fun girls at the party cause they refuse to leave.

I will say that there isn’t a Cubs night at the Bulls game (#shocked LOL) and I have never seen Clark do a dunk off a trampoline. Southpaw has, you can see it on his IG. You only let your good friend use your stuff so I give a slight edge to Southpaw in this category.

Winner – Southpaw.


Both of these guys do tons for the youth in Chicago. They both show up to help raise money for charities and bring a smile to those around them. Now one of them does it wearing pants, one doesn’t. We all like pants right?


Winner – Southpaw.

Final tally = Southpaw- 4, Clark The Cub- 0. In what will be one of the only victories we have this weekend we should take pride in our mascot that at least has the decency to wear some pants when he’s around children. It’s only right.

If you travel up north to watch our boys this weekend, have fun but keep your wits about ya. I’ll be watching with my soon to be 2 year old and my 2 week old daughters. We’ll be waiting to see TA7 do the “Maury ‘I Ain’t The Father’ Dance” on home plate after he hits a dinger. Don’t even step Contreras, we’d hate to see you get beat down by Nino Brown. He’s more ruthless than Mia Khalifa, trust us.

Go Sox!


The 108 Picks New Walk-Up Music

If you haven’t been to a game this year, and by the looks of the attendance you haven’t, the Sox walk up music this year is sub par. And it got us thinking back to the days when music was good. Yes, we are talking about the 90’s. Yes, we are talking about JOCK JAMS!

Have no clue what we are talking about? Sad. Years ago, we had to PAY for music. They made these things called CD’s, which you could buy at a record store. Well, Jock Jams was only available (at first) when you ordered from a 1-800 number. Then it was all over the place. Check out these classic commercials –

I know, contain yourself. There are actually 6 (SIX) volumes of this. For this task, the 108 will use the first five as the last record was a “Best Of” of a “Best Of”, which is the worst kind of “Best Of”. So strap in and get ready to relive one of the greatest times in music history!

Matt Davidson

Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

This was the most no-brainer of no-brainer songs for Frosty to have. He looks like every bro I ever saw jamming out to this atrocity of a song back when it was popular. I could remember being out with co-workers early in my career, throwing some darts and tossing back a few cold ones and this song came on the jukebox and half the group went nuts. I couldn’t believe it, people actually loved this song. Frosty would’ve been one of those folks, he’s the guy in sales that takes his tie off his neck and swings it around through the air as he thrusts his hips to this song. (BeefLoaf)

Leury Garcia

Ready to Go – Republica

The reasons that Leury was a prospect at all was because he could play a ton of positions and he was a big stolen base threat in the minors. I don’t think we’ve really seen the SBs in the big leagues, but if he wants to be a part of this team when they’re good he needs to be, as this young lady says so eloquently, Ready to Go. (Chorizy)

Avisail Garcia – M

The Bomb – The Bucketheads

If you’ve ever shopped at Urban Outfitters (which I used to in my pre-2XL days) you no doubt have heard this song. Now, I had never seen the video and that is what really sold me on this song. A guy wakes up in bed with 2 chicks and they take care of him. Do his hair, help him get dressed in that funky gear that he needs to wear as he goes about his day. The guy kinda resembles Melvin from Dazed And Confused and the girls look like any random ass girls.

What does this have to do with Avi? I imagine this is how Avi woke up (pre-kid, post Prince Fielder‘s wife) at SoxFest a few years back. Rumor was he brought back a harim of ladies about 4 am in the morning. Maybe remembering the good ol’days will relax him up in there in the box and let him pound one out. (MSS)

Adam Engel

Cotton Eyed Joe – Rednex

When selecting a song for the worst big league regular in 2017, I figured I would pick (IMHO) the worst song that has ever graced the illustrious Jock Jams catalog and that would be Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex. I remember this horrible song because long, long ago, in a land far, far away, actually, in a land pretty close to where I live now, I used to coach youth basketball (still do, sort of) and we hosted a tournament at our home gym and this terrible song was in rotation for pregame warmup for what seemed like YEARS, across various teams. We just could not shake this bullshit song and amazingly, people loved it!! The same way I feel about Adam Engel, he’s really not a major league player, but there are factions of you out there that just love this guy and are really wishcasting him as a good big league regular. I dunt git it. (BeefLoaf)

Nicky Delmonico

Jump Around – House of Pain

As Stefon once said, “if you’re Irish or just white and violent have I got the place for you”. Before there was “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” there was “Jump Around” as the anthem that people went ape shit for in stadiums. I can’t think of a better song for a player that seems to have already achieved Konerko levels of love from the Southside without really doing much. Kind of reminds me of House of Pain. But seriously, people still love this song and people would get on their feet every time Nicky stepped up with this song. (Chorizy)

Yolmer Sanchez

I Like to Move It – Reel 2 Real

This fits this fast, scrappy guy we got on the hot corner. He get’s where he needs to be and does so quickly. And speaking of hot have you seen his wife? Google that shit. All I can say is that Aloha Mr. Hand is a fan. (MSS)

Tyler Saladino

This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan

You know how you have that song that you secretly love, but you aren’t sure you want everyone else to know it….and you know how you have that player that you secretly love, that kinda sucks, and you aren’t sure if you want everyone else to know it? Yea, thats all of this. This is the MOST Chicago song on the list, so it makes me happy to hear it and it brings me back to my high school days playing ball for iconic Chicago high school, De La Salle. Also, Montell Jordan advocates NOT driving drunk in this song, which the 108ers are big proponents of as well. (BeefLoaf)

Yoan Moncada

Raise the Roof – Luke

Maybe I just love Uncle Luke and that’s why I picked this song. Or maybe I’m just tired of hearing about what a high ceiling Yoan has. I think it’s time he starts to push past that ceiling and become a superstar in the league, even if Beefloaf is satisfied with Ron Gant levels of production. Oh, also, Stuart Scott is in this video, which is just awesome. (Chorizy)

Tim Anderson

Hip Hop Hooray – Naughty by Nature

A perfect song for the guy that EVERYONE is gonna love the next few years. Give us all a good chance to stand up and wave our hands in the air, like we just don’t care, when Tim “Nino Brown” Anderson comes to the plate to undoubtly hit an extra base hit. It’s a feel good song, people love it. Perfect song for the perfect hero to take us BACK to the promised land. (MSS)

Jose Abreu

No Diggity – Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre

The best player on this damn list gets the best damn song on this list. This is a smooth jam AND it has Dr. Dre spittin’ on it. This is a song that is still in rotation on the BeefLoaf Spotify. I’d like for Abreu to wear a cape or a robe in the on deck circle and have an assistant come out and take that off of him just in time for this song to start blaring over the loud speaker. I also envision Gene Honda bobbin’ his head to this cut. (BeefLoaf)

Omar Narvaez

It Takes Two – Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock

Omar’s best case scenario is to be the backup catcher on any team. If he’s the main guy, it’s pretty much a 90 loss season. But he should embrace this role and remind you that it takes 2 catchers, especially when you have Wellington Castillo lumbering around like Jake Taylor. (Chorizy)

Welington Castillo

Let Me Clear My Throat – DJ Kool

Welington looks kinda flemy, so I choose this. WSD will be so proud.

Listen, I will get shit for this but honestly I only picked this song to tell my story about DJ Kool. Back in the day I worked stage crew at NIU. I was a manager almost all of my time there, (how I met my wife) which makes me sounds way more important than I was. Our activities board booked DJ Kool back in the late 90’s and I rode with the head manager to pick him up at the hotel. For you weird folk, he stayed at the HoJo next to my first apartment in DeKalb, which was a step up as most of the guests that stayed over night (including Henry Rollins and Kevin Smith) stayed in the “John” Holmes Student Center hotel which was basically a dorm. But I digress.

When we went to get him, we walked up to the room and he took us over to his DJ’s room and they promptly smoked some really, really, really good weed. I may or may not have engaged in said behavior with them. Then the DJ needed to change his pants, for whatever reason, and he tossed what was in his pockets on the bed including the biggest money roll I had ever seen in my life. I was awe struck. He made some joke about needing to go to the ATM and then we left. Very cool guys and I don’t think DJ Kool said a fucking word until he got onto the stage to do his set. I only remember this song and “It Takes 2”, which in my state really confused me as that isn’t his song, but I still rocked out. (MSS)

Carson Fulmer

Everybody Everybody – Black Box

Look, I’m the first one to be skeptical of Carson Fulmer’s ability to be an effective big league hurler, but one thing I am not skeptical of is his ability to party. If I looked at the current White Sox roster, I would rate Fulmer #1 on the “Most Likely to become a 108er” scale. I envision ole Carson hitting the tailgates pretty hard, and possibly ingesting a short glass or two (that’s NWI parlance for a shot of hard alcohol) and when he does, I’d also like to envision him stealing the show and doing a solo dance rendition to this jam. (BeefLoaf)

Lucas Giolito

Unbelievable – EMF

I’ve been telling MSS and Beefloaf for months that Giolito is ultimately going to the ace of this staff. I know we have Kopech coming up and more pitchers behind him, but I just feel like Giolito’s stuff is better than everyone else’s. And if you are going to be a long term ace of a staff, it’s gonna take more than just throwing 100 MPH. So for the ace of my staff, I give him the song he deserves. (Chorizy)

Miguel Gonzalez

Boom Boom Boom – The Outhere Brothers

I am really, really, really shocked that this song is on Jock Jams. Clearly ahead of it’s time, the whole song is about loving on the booty. I initially picked this song for Miguel as it’s a fun, harmless sounding song, but then you listen to the lyrics and OH. MY. GOD. The Outhere Brothers are from Chicago, had crazy success over seas, they even wrote Summertime (which I am guessing Will Smith changed up the lyrics and took out all the booty love talk). I like the song, not sure that says about me, but whatcha gonna do? (MSS)

Reynaldo Lopez

Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) – C&C Music Factory

Lopez is already pretty famous for his “Duck Face” on the mound, and let’s face it, the video with the best duck face in the history of music videos is Michael Jackson‘s “Beat It”, but because that is an actual good song by a generational talent, it is not included in the Jock Jams catalog…..so, I chose this ditty by C&C Music Factory. Lopez is the most perspirous of the most recent group of young lanzadors on our White Sox so I thought this track fit nicely. (BeefLoaf)

James Shields

Mo Money Mo ProblemsNotorious BIG

If you think back, James Shields was pretty damn good until he got that big contract. Since then, this song has been his anthem. Even though I love the guy, he’s been absolute garbage since he inked that big deal. So why not walk out to something that so plainly tells your story. (Chorizy)

Bruce Rondon

Come Baby Come – K7

I hear this song and I imagine a big guy come busting into a house party and just fucking shit up. Just like I imagine Super Big Gulp has done plenty of times. A closer needs confidence, poise, to dominate, just like K7 talks about in this song. Plus on any given Friday, the boys in 108 will do some choreographed dance moves every time our big guys get’s a K. Sadly all the other good stuff in the video WILL NOT be in the 108 unless we start attracting a different demographic. (MSS)