The One Hitter – Ranking The 2017 Giveaways (5 best / 5 Worst)

This World Series huh?  Pretty goddamn entertaining if you ask me.  Are the balls juiced?  I have no idea and not sure if I really care.  What I do know is that everyone on these teams are fucking tired.  I am tired just from watching. Woah. So to entertain you on this night off, I give you……


So the only issue here is that the Sox have really upped their premium ticket game, so alot of sweet giveaways you had to pay extra for.  I am not going to include any giveaway that you couldn’t get at the gate with a regular ticket.  Maybe I will rank the premium items too, let’s see how it goes.  We’ll save the best for last, let’s start with the worst.

The 5 WORST Giveaways from 2017

1. Tim Raines Starting Lineup Figure. Unlike Zubaz, these should have been left in the 90’s.  They suck.



2.  Brookfield Zoo Pass.  I don’t like zoos, I get all depressed at them.  I am sure my kid will one day love them, but right now she is just as entertained with a reusable shopping bag and 4 bottles of water.



3. Photo Book.  Such a weird book, just a team log from 1990 to 1999. Not a fan.

4. (TIE) Magnetic Schedule / Wall Calendar. I get it.  These are helpful, but really one or the other.  I know one guy (James Duda) who would give up one of these in exchange for hard tickets.  And not the box office ones, the ones that the Season Ticket Holders (and Club Level still do) used to get.  In a fancy box.  So save all that paper from the calendar and print James some fucking tickets please.  Please. Pretty Please. Added bonus my wife would love NOT to have this on our fridge for a year.



5. White Sox Stormtrooper Bobblehead. I know, I love bobbleheads, but this bobble is so fucking generic.  I have one cause I have to have one in my collection cause I am a completist, but it’s awful. Why didn’t they use a player?  Why?  Ugh.


The 5 BEST Giveaways from 2017

1.  Hawk Harrelson “Talking” Alarm Clock.  When I write the book of White Sox giveaway history, this will go down as one of the best damn giveaways ever. Why was it so successful?  While it wasn’t all that unique (MKE did one the previous year of Bob Uecker, actually used the same artist and company) but the promotion of it was straight awesome.  And while the Hawk haters are very vocal, there are plenty of us that love him like that fun drunk uncle that tells those PG-13 stories when you are a kid and graduates to NC-17 when you turn 18.  We’ll miss him at least 65% of the time.  This was such a success, much like movie franchises, the Sox are going back to the well to make a Talking Hawk Bobblehead for SoxFest.  The bobblehead better say “You gotta be bleeping me!”, if not it is a failure.  Looking your way Brooks.



2. Hooded Henley.  While 90% of the 108 cannot fit into this, it is still a fucking great giveaway.  They used a local artist to make the design and they used a unique style of shirt. Most people can wear this in public and no one would even know that it was a freebie.  It’s sweet, it’s good quality, a win for the Sox and Sox fans.



3. Los White Sox Soccer Jersey. Listen, if you wanna attract a bunch of new fans to the Sox game, give away a soccer jersey.  Much like soccer, sometimes it takes the Sox awhile to score, if they even score at all.  Baseball and soccer are very similar, but baseball seems more lazy.  Which is why guys like John Kruk and Matt Albers can have careers in this professional sport.    Much like the henley, the 108 would be acquitted for murder cause the shit don’t fit, but it is still a classy giveaway.



4. White Sox Winter Hat. One of the few giveaways that the entire 108 goes early for.  Seems to get alot of use from the 108’ers during the cold weather games.  2016’s was better, but 2017 still is better than most.



5. (TIE) 1917 Jersey / Hooded Sweatshirt. Easily the two most wanted non-clock giveaways.  Why?  Because they are high quality and something that you can wear at the games for years to come.  Simple as that.


Honorable Mention- Mark Buehrle Bobblehead & Pin.

UPDATE – So, the kid is still sleeping so, as far as the special ticket giveaways, here you go! 

The 5 BEST PAID Giveaways from 2017

1. Southpaw Game Of Thrones Bobblehead. How they can promote a show that is as gory and as sexual as GOT at the ballpark and use our cuddly green mascot as a player in the game, is beyond me.  GOT isn’t a family show and it shouldn’t be aimed at kids using Southpaw, BUT I will take kids seeing tits over gore.  Not as bad as Joe Camel mind you, but you know what I am saying.



2.  Jose Abreu Superhero Bobblehead.  Now the 3rd bobble released by the Sox of Jose, at least this one was cool.  I don’t really like the repeats, but I will make an exception for this one.  It’s solid, it’s in the ’83 uni, and he is using the big red bat from back in the days of wiffle ball. Love it.



3. The Beatles / White Sox Hat.  Two things that are classic. The Beatles and the White Sox.  They played 2 shows in 1965 at Comiskey so it makes sense.  It’s a nice dad hat, doesn’t fit my massive dome, but cool all the same.

4. The Grateful Dead T-Shirt . It’s tie dyed! It’s Sox colors! It’s cool as fuck.  You don’t always wanna get stoned in a Moncada shirsey, so this is a perfect solution.  So if you are taking a hit off your vape pen before the game, this is the perfect companion to that type of behavior.  I like the Dead, but no way I could handle any Sox game tripping hard on acid.  Again, I can’t fit in this shirt, but WTF it’s still cool.



5. NIU / Illinois Hat. A yearly favorite for alums from both schools.  Both hats are made well, look sharp and are beloved by the fans.  What I like is that you can rep two teams at once and not look all that weird.  Of course it doesn’t fit me cause my dome is so large, but it looks awesome!


Enjoy the rest of this World Series! It’s been a banger.  Can’t wait to find out why all these dingers keep getting hit, but until then……..SOAK IT UP.  Drink some Baderbrau and brace for the winter folks! We’ll try to get one more soak in before the end of the year.  We’ll see!  We might be too afraid of shrinkage.



Thanks for reading!




The Dodgers & The ‘Stros Saved The (MY) World. (Kinda)

Tonight begins one of the most anticipated World Series’ in our lifetime.  Not necessarily because of who is playing but rather who ISN’T playing.  My poor little social media life couldn’t have handled a Yanks vs. Cubs World Series.  No way, no how.  So tonight as I settle in and drink an IPL (Lawnmower Lager from Baderbrau) I will enjoy this series almost as much as 2005.  Thanks for saving my world Justin Verlander.

Can you imagine how the press would have ramped up the coverage if it was NY vs CHI?  Oh my God.  Talking about HISTORY. America’s Teams.  Lapping at the balls of Aaron Judge, tossing Anthony Rizzo’s salad.  And even though he was 2 for 26 during the playoffs, Javy Baez would be talked about more than a guy who actually deserves the praise.  It would be vile folks.  Kyle Schwarber would be mentioned in the same sentence as Babe Ruth and that is fucked up.


A Yankees vs Dodgers series would have been awful as well, but that wouldn’t have fucked up my world as much.  The East Coast vs West Coast rivalry would have been renewed but with Judge and Kershaw leading the coasts.


Wanna know how bad it got in Chicago?  I had ZERO idea that the NFL season had even started because we were being force fed Cubs stories.  I saw several shows giving the tour of the Cubs clubhouse, talking about raising beer prices, Joe Maddon rambling about rules that suck when they go against his guys, ALL while they were getting SPANKED by the Dodgers.  EVERYONE still thought it was possible for the Cubs to come back from 3-0 to win the series.  Clearly most media outlets were more focused on their next story rather than the story that was developing right in front of them.  Which was the complete annihilation of the Cubs.


Now that the Cubs are out, and the Bears have won 3 games, holy hell we are a BEARS TOWN NOW!  Bulls suck (so bad that they beat up each other), the Blackhawks will make some noise later when the Bears are out. We don’t get that excited about early season hockey here, unless we are celebrating a Stanley Cup victory.

So thank you Houston Astros – Official Sidechick Of The 108 – for knocking down the Yankees.  Thank you Los Angeles Dodgers – Eh, Whatevs – for demolishing the Cubs 11-1 in Game 5 so we Sox fans could remember (and rub in that loss) using the EXACT RECORD the 2005 team ramped up on their way to a World Series title. Enjoy it folks, cause that will be us in a few year with any luck.  Can’t fucking wait.

Have some thoughts?  Tweet them at us @fromthe108. We’d love to hear from ya.

We also have some projects in the works that we will be announcing soon.  As ‘Loaf says “There is no offseason for the 108’ers”.  Well he might not have said that, but his constant demands that we keep producing content at a feverish pace seem to say that.  We love ya ‘Loaf.

Go ‘Stros! But still a BIG F U to this guy!






The Week/End Round Up! ‘Stros / Royals.

Yo.  The booze has worn off and I am ready to remember the past week’s events while watching our fabulous White Sox!


Tuesday – ‘Stros Game 1 

I (@mysoxsummer) went solo to this game. Dutch Oven was on the bump, wasn’t expecting much, but after he didn’t give up a run in the 1st and we scored 3, my interest peaked.  It then did a solid nosedive after the Oven promptly gave up 3 runs in the 2.  I was mildly pissed, but figured it was early and hoped that those 3 runs in the 1st were not all the offense they had planned.  Well I am happy to report they were not.  The bats were on fire, unlike the previous series vs the Red Sox, and the Sox looked good.  I made a bold bet with our Twitter audience in which if the Sox scored 10 runs by the 7th (last call) I would buy a giant frozen drink.  They had scored 8 by the 4th, so it seemed possible, but alas they didn’t hit the 10.


Interesting things happened at this game.  In the 107 there were a bunch of kids that were there for Lolla, I am guessing, that were killing Bud’s and Angry Orchards like they were getting banned by the City of Chicago.  I noticed that something was up when I saw a kid in the section taking in the anthem but didn’t remove his hat.  They were fun to watch, they clearly enjoyed “Nightcrawler” the cotton candy salesman.  Who, by the way, got the biggest applause all night.

There was also an Astros fan that felt the need to taunt other Sox fans in the 107 and 106.  You don’t normally talk shit in a visitor’s park, at least not when you are getting beat by a cellar team when you are in 1st, but to each their own.  He had a nice poncho and sombrero.  On Twitter I invited him to the 108 to partake in a Modelo, but seems like he blew his load the first night and never came to see us.  Sox Win.

Wednesday – ‘Stros Game 2

The fattest guys in the 108 were really looking forward to this one.  The FIRST $1 HOT DOG GAME! We talked earlier in the day and tried to figure out how many ‘Loaf and I would down.  Upon our early arrival, we got a 24oz Old Style (best beer deal in the park 24 oz for $10) and we ran into the hot dog guy.  We ordered 4 and noticed that these were not the regular $1 dogs they have used in the past.  They were full size! We killed those dogs and ordered 2 more later and ‘Loaf and I played the “I will eat one if you eat one…” game.  We drank A LOT, just to be clear.  A lot for a school night anyways.

Gonzo pitched one hell of a game and offensively the Sox showed up again!  TA had 3 RBI’s with a homer and a double.  A great game to be drunk at and we enjoyed the festivities.

We found out later that our hot dog vendor sold 700 hot dogs that night.  Pretty amazing.  Sox Win Again!

Thursday – ‘Stros Game 3 / Badergate with the 108 

If you don’t follow us on Twitter or FB, please do. Because if you don’t you will never get the details of the tailgates that we help “host” with our good friends at Baderbrau. What do these tailgates include?  Usually free stuff from us but more importantly FREE FOOD AND BEER FROM BADERBRAU!  Have you had a beer from these guys yet?  Yes? No?  Well you should.  They have a great selection of beers that are easy on the pallet and the wallet.  They produce mostly lager style beers that are an easy transition from the domestic swill that some of you guys drink.  If you like hops, try their Lawnmower Lager (108 Fave) that has just enough hops at 38 IBU’s to give it a nice flavor.  If you wanna get crazy, try their Dry Schwarz which is a black lager that has all the flavors of a great stout or porter but not as heavy.  It is another 108 Fave.  We got a chance to taste the new Oktoberfest which goes down crazy smooth and get’s ya feeling like you need to dance around.  More on that later….

The tailgate was bumping with good friends of the 108 #AlohaMr.Hand and #WallyMoney stopped by.  So did PC Johnny and his lovey wife.  Quite the crew drinking on a Thursday.  Brats were awesome, as always, and the boys from Baderbrau took good care of us.

One word about the game – Moncada. Tied the game in 9th with a home run and then won it in the 11th with a walk off single.  Maybe it was the full belly or all the great beers, but these are the games that make this rebuild fun.  Hell, this series of games.  You see the flashes of what it will be like for years to come.  It’s gonna be fun, buy in now folks!

Friday – Royals Game 1 / Baderbrau Pre-Game

Fridays are our big night, always have been, always will be. This Friday, riding a 3 game win streak and the nice 48 can donation from Baderbrau, was no different.  ‘Loaf loaded the cooler in the AM.  Little Miss Shortstop and I picked up the cases in the afternoon, and we were ready to get down to drinking.  Was a brisk evening, great for drinking the Oktoberfest brew, and drink we did.  Jesus.

Not sure when we made it to the game, but were were feeling no pain.  The drinking continued and we even kept it going after the Sox won their 4th in a row at Chi Sox.  The whole crew was there (minus Slumpbuster) including #WallyMoney.  We had some surprise guests too! @dirrty862 and her man were there, @ColinJPrinsen swung by too! Pretty sure more people came by, but guess what?  WE WERE HAMMERED.  Like, really hammered.  I remember thinking I hope this game goes long cause I have a bunch of Modelo to drink before we leave.  Which I did, like a champ.


Sox win their 4th in a row and we celebrated with the delish maple wings.  In ChiSox, for 15 minutes after the game, the kitchen is open.  So you better get there quick.  Our love of maple wings runs deep, and thanks to #WallyMoney we all had some.  And 24oz Pacificos. Which are a motherfucker.  Holy hell we drank a bunch. Sox Win + We Got Hammered = Friday Night.



Saturday – Royals Game 2 / We Got The Band Back Together

Saturday is always a crapshoot, but with the Indiana boys at full strength we knew it would be trouble.  I was on the fence as I was sick AF but as I kept pushing myself through the day, I decided to make the trip.  The Sox gave away some sweet hats too, with a legit snapback, not this velcro shit.  Even large headed Classy Tom could fit his dome in that bad boy.  So cheers!

The Baderbrau was flowing and we were back for round two.  Melky was out in right again, which was awesome, cause he is awesome.  What wasn’t awesome was when he beat us with a 2 run homer.  That killed our streak and broke Chorizy’s heart.  #Leche #NeverForget

We headed down to the Craft Kave before the end of the game, drank some delish beer and then headed back to BeefLoaf’s Patio to drink more.  Somehow Chorizy dialed an Uber while sleeping and was picked up quickly.  He was pretty sleepy, so glad he made it home safe.  ‘Loaf and I chatted till 1:30 in the am, and I walked home. We solved the world’s problems over great Baderbrau beer, and that is how it should be.  We can’t remember the solutions, but whatevs.


Sunday – Royals Game 3 / MSS M.I.A.

So many of you might have seen our “Sunday Soak” Sponsored By Baderbrau episode and know that I was M.I.A. (and not the rapper).  If you didn’t see that episode, watch it here and follow us on FB.  It is quite hilarious and well done by the bros.

I am actually not a midwife, but my sister’s family became 4 that day as they welcomed in a new boy, sure to be a Sox fan, named Beckham.  Not a day will go by that I won’t think of Bacon when I see my nephew.  The hunt is on for a kids jersey with Beckham on it, just so you all know.

So after 5 hours of shitty sleep (sick and booze) I loaded up the family Kia and headed north of Milwaukee to distract my nephew while his folks enjoyed the whole birthing experience.  So that was cool.

Game left alot to be desired, I hear anyways, but it was a good weekend had by all.  Can’t wait to do it again.


Shit You Should Know / Pencil This In

Badergate At The Park – Elvis Night! 

Date: August 25th

Location : TBD (But usually Lot E)

Time: 4pm

What: Free Baderbrau beer.  Free Baderbrau food.  Free swag from the 108 boys. Do you need any other reasons to come get drunk on Friday night?  Be there or be square.

Fill The 108 Night! MSS Turns 40! Star Wars Night 

Date: August 26th

Location : Section 108 / $20 Tickets

Time: 6pm

What: My Sox Summer is turning 40 on Aug 20th, but we won’t celebrate till the 26th.  We have 30 plus tickets bought already for our friends and family, let’s buy even more.  MSS would suggest you get them at the box office to save on fees and get there early to get the bobblehead.  If you don’t want that bobblehead give it to MSS.  Ha.  We promise to be drunk AF and we will go live a few times.  Have fun in a full 108! We might have to get an extra Modelo vendor that night to handle all the requests.




Kansas City Special

From time to time, the 108ers choose to take this thing on the road and enjoy ourselves some good old fashion fun in a different city.  With a hiatus from out of town galavanting for the past few years, the 108ers decided to take on Kansas City for the first time and visit Kauffman stadium………..

The Crew……………
Chorizy-E and BeefLoaf decided to take the Thursday night flight out to KC to get a little drinking and gambling done before the other fellas arrived.  Did I mention that we stayed at the Harrah’s in Kansas City?  Actually pretty nice accommodations.  I wish some of the local casino around here would clean up their fucking act and be a little more like this joint (I’m looking at you Blue Chip).  Anywho, after a bite to eat, we got to drinking and gambling……about an hour in, BeefLoaf got hisself a score.
Chorizy-E on the other hand just continued to piss money into the crack cocaine of casino gambling, Video Poker.  After we got kinda drunk we called it a night.
With alcohol intake, comes the need for food stuffs.  So we decided to hit the Harrah’s buffet at like 7:30am………..the other fellas were arriving at 8am into KC, but we couldn’t wait, we had to EAT NOW!!!  Chorizy-E was the driving force at the buffet devouring bacon and donut holes like it was his job.  BeefLoaf only ate Country Fried Steak, Biscuits and Gravy, and a hole bunch of other shit, which is light for him……….soon we were back in the casino waiting to meet up with Biguns and Slumpbuster.  They show around 8:30am and with not much else to do, we start drinking……..and gambling.   Biguns, Chorizy-E and BeefLoaf gambling with some blackjack and Slumpbuster gambling on his tolerance for Bloody Marys.  Our Blackjack dealer Jaclyn can tell this is a fun crowd the way we are slamming drinks and talking smack to each other at 9am, so she makes sure to get in on the chatter, she even cracked a fat joke at BeefLoaf (an easy target).  Finally, Slumpbuster and Biguns decide to grab a bite to eat around 10:30am and since ‘Loaf and Chorizy-E already ate, what are they to do??? (Look, I know it’s obvious, we aren’t the fittest group and if you said “EAT AGAIN!!!” that’s not an entirely bad answer, but if you know us at all, you know, it’s…..KEEP DRINKING AND GAMBOOOOOLING)… we do.  The boys are back in a flash so we decide to continue gambling and decide to meet up at the back bar at noon.
Everyone heads to the back bar to drink and plan our 3pm departure from the casino.  After a little chatter, drinks and video poker, our score card looks like this…..
Slumpbuster – 6 Bloody Marys, 1 double Tito’s and soda.
Biguns – 8 Coronas
Chorizy-E – 6 Makers and Coke, 2 Coronas
BeefLoaf – 6 Captain and Coke, 1 Miller Lite
The Quaff
Several people told us to hit The Quaff, which is an old school bar close to the financial district.  This joint was touted as having the coldest beer in town and that shit was right on the money.
The bar was cool and everything and we enjoyed knocking back some brews in a fine atmosphere, but what was even more interesting was some of the local folks hanging out on the overpass by the highway showing their anatomical parts to some other folks.  Looked a little sweaty, but that’s about all we could tell from the car (don’t worry, none of us were driving).
Lessons Learned on the Quaff experience.
1. Slumpbuster’s greatest talent in life is chatting up ride share drivers, so that the rest of the passengers don’t have to carry on those mundane conversations
2. Biguns is a Peyton Manning apologist
3. Even though a beer slushie sounds good in theory, that Chorizy-E confirmed it to be “pretty bad” in practice.
Onto the game…..we were told two reliable facts for this journey to Kauffman stadium……
Uno – It shall be hot AF and we’ll need to hydrate…. [ X ] on hydrating, between the gatorades, waters and light beers we were rolling nicely in that 100 degree heat.
Dos – Kauffman is in the middle of nowhere and is a goddamn clusterfuck to get out of, which is a little more tricky for the 108ers used to strolling into the game late and staying for the entire game.  This was going to reverse our normal mojo.
So we got to the ballpark about 45 mins early and there was a decent line to get into the ballpark.  Unlike Sox Park, this line moved quickly, the staff at the K are apparently used to having large crowds and moved people through the line quickly.  The fans we met in line and later at our seats were pretty knowledgeable about baseball at large and especially about the Royals (post 2014).  Once we were at our seats, we got a visit from the homey @shankster714  It was great to see a familiar twitter friend so far from home.  We tried to get him to give us some dirt on @MySoxSummer from back in the day, but let’s just say we’ll keep that off of these pages.
Domestic beers were $11.50, but they were also 24 oz cans (that is a $1.75 more than Sox park for 8 additional oz, which is a pretty sweet deal), which is a great thing on most days but on the days when it’s 100 degrees, you need to drink them quite quick or you have a hot bottle of suds.
The game started out great, with a Yoan Moncada bases clearing triple and a White Sox 5-1 lead………..the 108ers decided to leave their seats after a few innings and stroll the ballpark.  There is substantial area behind the seats and behind the concourse, which included large misting fans to keep us cool in the suffocating heat.  As the game wore on, the Sox started to tumble (as per usual during this losing streak) so in the 7th inning, the 108ers decided to hit the road and head out for more FUN and ADVENTURE…..much to our surprise, the staff at the K were once again top notch, giving us perfect directions to the unmarked, but designated area in which we could grab a ride.  We rode off and headed back to the casino.
Once we were back, we hit the tables and machines for a bit and watched what was left of the game, the White Sox collapse was complete as they lost in extras to the Royals.  However, that didn’t mean, that BeefLoaf couldn’t hit another gem on the Video Poker machines………….
The crew decided to grab a bite and call it a night, except for BeefLoaf who found it necessary to stay up for another 90 mins, gulp down several more Captain and Coke’s, and dump back most of those new winnings.
Saturday (Woo Woo)
The crew wanted to get an early start out so although we hit the casino a bit in the morning, we were on the road early to get some KC BBQ.  We got touts for all of the places that people tell you about…..Arthur Bryant’s, Gates, Joe’s, Jack Stack, etc………….the consensus from folks we asked was Joe’s and that we had to go to the gas station version of Joe’s, so we did…………upon getting there, there appeared to be about a 2 hour wait/line.  The 108ers (save for MySoxSummer tryna get Bobbles) ain’t waiting 2 hours for shit.  So we grabbed a ride to hit Jack Stack.  Jack Stack also had an hour wait, EXCEPT, if you were willing to eat outside in the Saturday afternoon KC heat.  Of course we were, so we hit the ice water, lemonade (+ bourbon), and gobbled down tons of KC BBQ.  It was enjoyed by all, but if you have never had the meat sweats in 100 degree weather, well, I don’t recommend it,… really slows down your ability to get inebriated.  Even after we left and headed to the Power and Light district the imbibing was quite slow, somewhere in the 1 drink per hour range for the first 1.5 hours……..But with every crisis there is a HERO that comes through and saves the day and that HERO on this Saturday was Biguns who suggested shots to pep up the crew.
Once we downed that elixir, we were back off to the races again…….The Power and Light district seemed pretty cool with an array of bars and an awesome looking outside area, although the outside area was mostly vacant as it was daytime and it was triple digits on the thermometer.  After spraying to all fields so to speak and knocking down drinks at various establishments, it was off to the K once again to watch the Sox.
Kauffman Part Deux
We arrive at the ballpark, well after the Eric Hosmer bobbleheads have been exhausted, (as usual, right MySoxSummer?) but before 1st pitch (unusual for us at Sox Park).  Saturday night was likely to be a sweatier night than Friday
AND there was supposedly a storm heading our way, so we’d need to navigate adeptly, plus, Biguns had some ideas about postgame.  It was the Melky Cabrera show as he went 4 for 4 including an early home run.  Once again, we decided to vacate our seats, which is too bad because Slumpbuster had gotten a real chummy conversation going with a lady of a certain age, so who knows how that would’ve turned out had we stuck around.  Anywho, we strolled to the OF and crushed more beers (Miller products are proudly served at the K) and met some other Sox fans as well as Royals fans along the way……one thing though that was disturbing…..
List of cool old skool jerseys or shirseys we viewed at the ballpark
5. George Brett
4. …………..
3. Frank White
2. ……………
1. …………….
Yea, the Frank White shirsey was the best we saw, no Brett Saberhagen, no Willie Wilson, no Steve Balboni, no Lou Pinella……….it was quite embarrassing that all we saw was 2015 era Royals.  This furthered our thought that most Royals fans have been loyal fans since 2014.
Back to Kauffman Saturday….
Once again, after the 7th inning, the 108ers decide to bid adieu the K and head off into the KC night.
Biguns was giddy about the chance to hit the Hi-Dive Lounge, that touts a “Mystery Beer Machine”.  This sounded like a great idea to all, our driver………who actually was the EXACT same uber driver that picked us up on Friday night from the game (his Cadillac Escalade was quite comfortable and he was a very nice gent)……decided to take us on a “unique” route to this bar through some of the more underserved neighborhoods in the greater Kansas City metroland area.  It is always a good reminder of how fortunate you are, when you traipse through a less fortunate part of town.
We arrive and immediately know it’s our kind of place: cheap beer,  friendly bartenders, shots flowing, good music, and sports on the tele.  We sit down at the bar, with a couple of seats opening up at their small front bar as if the gods had moved those folks out of the way so that the 108ers could get a front seat look at the “Mystery Beer Machine”.
Biguns is first up to order, since it was his idea and we wanted to see what Beers we would get out of the machine.  He turns around to the group and asks, okay, but once the beers come out, how do we pass them out.  “Dealer’s Choice” shouts BeefLoaf…..that’s right, the buyer of said mystery beer would get to pass around which ever beer they wanted to each 108ers and watch them “ENJOY” the barley and hops……….this was a rousing success
………of course, all good things must come to an end, some of this was force of nature as that storm that we noted came ripping through…………technology held its ground for awhile, but eventually it caved and we lost the jukebox and the tv’s…………that was okay, as the 108ers trudged on doing more mystery beer and more shots, BUT once water started racing into the back of the bar and Slumpbuster thought we’d have to help them sandbag the place, it was time to get a stepping.
The rest of Saturday Night back at Harrahs’ was a blur, there was one more drink for everyone, but Chorizy-E, who I assume just combat rolled back to his room after Biguns slammed a card door in his face (again) and then pulled him out of the car.  Ah, the memories or lack there of……
Time to head home……..a couple things about travel day from any trip.
1. Airport booze is a must, even if it is only one drink.  You have to have one or two to ease yourself back into polite society.
2. You want the travel day to end as soon as possible.  As Billy Bats said in Goodfellas “It’s good to be home.”
Well, #1 happened, but #2 failed us, as we were faced with 2 separate delays that lead to 4.5 hours of no flight.  We even almost saw a fight between two ladies when people were re-boarding.  Luckily the staff at Southwest is super professional and handled the situation perfectly.
As we were leaving Midway after arriving home, the 108ers said goodbye and quickly realized…..damn, we’ll be doing our thing again on Friday at Sox Park vs. Cleveland…..oh well, no rest for the wicked.
 – 108 Crew (minus MySoxSummer)

What’s in your bag? A Plea to Giants- Bring Back Spicy Garlic Seeds. ##UPDATED##

New for 2017, MySoxSummer will open the drawstrings on his “ballpark backpack” and show you what he carries into the games. 



Man, a lot of shit going down today.  The Cavs are a game away from getting swept, which I am sure the NBA will NOT let happen.  Game 7 = More $.  Some political bullshit is streaming live across the country. And the rebuild is going swimmingly on the southside!  But let’s talk about the important stuff.

Back in 2015, I think, Giants stopped producing their most excellent seed Spicy Garlic.  Which, really bummed me the fuck out.  I was in love from first taste.  The wife and I stopped at the World’s Largest Truckstop (which if you haven’t been, you should go if you are close by) and I was looking for a new seed for the 2014 season.  Most stores have a few bags to choose from, usually BBQ, Ranch, Dill and Salted.  But at this truckstop they had a HUGE selection.  This bag jumped out to me as 1) I love garlic and 2) I love spice.  I bought on a whim, but goddamn they were delish. I am sure I annoyed my wife as we were driving me telling her how delish they were. I also was kinda pissed she wasn’t as excited as me with this new discovery.  I ordered a whole case later in the season.  Life was good.

But then, in 2016, which I went to place an order for the season, Spicy Garlic had been removed as an option.  Wut? I was advised that there might be some left at a local Mendards, but my lazy ass didn’t want to go out there.  So, last season, I was without the seeds that I love.

Now, in 2017, I was on a mission to find some new seeds.  A Google search turned up a place called Gerbs which featured a few flavors that enticed me.  Chipotle, Habanero and Toasted Onion & Garlic.  Goddamn.  I made my order, which was shipped quick as fuck, and was ready for flavor country.  The Onion Garlic seeds were not as flavorful as I had hoped, but were ok.  The Chipotle has a great flavor, but is lacking in lasting power.  The Habanero is no fucking joke.  My eyes watered up like a mofo the first dip I took.  Holy hell.  Delish.  So, I would recommend the Chipotle seeds, but man my Spicy Garlic seeds would win MVP over those bad boys any day.

So, writing a blog isn’t always the fastest, things happen, you jump to different topics quickly (like when Todd Frazier get’s a Jersey Demolition shirt (available here)) or you wanna talk about something that is topical.  So, oddly, we had bigger things to say than a plea to bring back my favorite sunflower seeds.  I had started this blog a week before opening day, and let it sit in our queue since then.  I went back to it recently and doing some research found out that GIANTS BROUGHT BACK SPICY GARLIC FOR A LIMITED TIME! Many people would scrap their article, but here in the 108 we don’t scrap ANYTHING. So I ordered my case and then decided to finish out this blog with this letter to Giants.


Dear Giants Seed Company –

Bless you.  Seriously, bless you.  In 2015, I tweeted and FB’d you about missing Spicy Garlic seeds and how I wished you would bring them back. I was told to check out Menards cause they might have some left, but alas, I didn’t make the trip. 2016, I was so upset with not having them, I boycotted seeds the whole year. In 2017, I went outside of your seed family (after checking your site in the hopes of a return of the Spicy Garlic seeds) to find a new seed for 2017.  I cheated on you.  I bought tons of seeds from another company, and for that I am sorry.  I just wish I had known what you had planned earlier.

Whole doing research for this blog, I like to link sites to our readers, I went back to your site and saw the most beautiful thing I have seen today (besides my lovely wife and daughter) SPICY GARLIC SEEDS HAVE RETURNED! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I clicked on the link, cause I thought maybe it was a carry over from the olden days and was just a place holder that would tell me you no longer produce the best seed of all time.  BUT IT WASN’T.  BACK FOR A LIMITED TIME.  HECK YEAH.  I couldn’t order my 12pk fast enough. Thank you so much for giving me back my seeds.  If even only for a limited time, it makes me so happy.


I will continue to support your brand and let others know that the Spicy Garlic seeds have returned.  You rock Giants, you rock.


Your pal –




Extra stuff –  If you order 2 Jersey Demolition shirts (or just 2 items, limited sizes remain in M and L), I will toss a 16oz bag of one of the Gerbs flavors listed above.  Not interested in seeds? We have multiple SGA’s that will will send out to you with the order of any two items in our store.  We have hats, 108 OG shirts, 2016 Hot Stove Champs Shirts.  I have bobbleheads, shirts, hats, blankets, ect.  So make an order this weekend and you will get something extra in your package.  Trust me, it’s worth it.  Order here!



Rebuild 102 – Alen Hanson

BeefLoaf ain’t sure which one of these muthafuckas is Alen, so he left them all in
Sometime on Friday rumors swirled (the actual transaction occurred after the game), our White Sox claimed one Alen Hanson (2b/ss) who was placed on waivers by the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Hanson is out of minor league options (ie, the Pirates couldn’t just send him to the minors without passing him through waivers) and any team that claimed him would have to put him directly on to their major league roster.  The White Sox corresponding move was to send Adam Engel back to AAA Charlotte.  Before we get on to Hanson, quickly on Engel………I was impressed with Engel in a quick snap shot of his work.  He’s MUCH MORE major league ready than Jacob May appears to be and his speed is a definite asset on the 25 man roster of a team that is trying to win (which ain’t us, but will be us SOME DAY).  It wouldn’t surprise me if we see more of Engel as the season wears on.  On to Hanson….
Hanson was once a pretty big deal. 
Rated inside of the top 100 prospects in major league baseball as recently as 2015, he was part of a robust Pirates system that seems to keep producing high end prospects.  He was a victim of numbers….and Josh Harrison playing well……….oh and Hanson himself not hitting at the major league level.  Hanson does however happen to have a career .340 OBP in the minors, so he has some on base skill.  None of this shit is important to me, you and all of the other White Sox fans reading this.  This type of move does do some potential signaling and signaling is an important TING.
Tyler Saladino’s back is probably more fucked up than anyone is letting on………
This shit makes me sad as the #southsidestacheman himself, the People’s Mustache Champ, the reigning crown for best White Sox mustache 2016-2017 (sorry Derek Holland) and friend of the 108 was supposed to be a big part of this 2017 rebuilding squad and @mysoxsummer was ready, with these delicious fucking inflatable mustaches.  C_6wvPgUwAAUsHCThe signing of Hanson might mean that Saladino is going to be on the shelf for a while and that ain’t good for Saladino, it ain’t good for the White Sox, it sure af ain’t good for the 108….really it is only a boon for ‘Los Sanchez and Hanson.  Hanson fills the spot of playing a bunch of infield positions so that the White Sox aren’t forced to play Sanchez every single day until Moncada is ready.  It also allows Leury Garcia to concentrate on centerfield, a position that is new to him and that he NEEDS WORK on.
 Hahn and the crew see something in Hanson that they think is worth taking an extended look at…………
Rebuilds are funny in that you have the opportunity to try out lots of different players from your system (and in this case others) and give them playing time.  As one of my favorite writers Joe Sheehan often states, in a rebuild “plate appearances are a commodity”.  These plate appearances should be used wisely.  This is why you saw Cody Asche jettisoned so quickly.  He can go to AAA and smash while we give some worthwhile semi-prospects a look with the big club (looking at you Leury!).  Undoubtedly, someone in the White Sox pro scouting group saw something with this kid that they wanted to take a look at…….I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you start seeing him in the lineup several times a week spelling the guys up the middle.  He can also play the OF and 3B (or at least he did in AAA) so if he can re-create the on-base skills that he displayed in the minors, he’d be a boon to this club, picking up innings that patch us until the Moncada era begins and then becoming more of a super utility player on a team that is very likely to start dealing people soon.
 ‘Los Sanchez is drawing interest from other clubs and the Front Office had to add some depth to the middle infield………
I have written before that I think ‘Los (don’t call me Carlos, but I won’t call you Yolmer) Sanchez is a better trade asset than a long-term piece of the White Sox……….since I wrote that he’s done nothing but hit this season and further increase his trade value.  Look, the future of the middle infield is already set for the White Sox, we expect to see at least 5 more years of Anderson at SS and Moncada at 2B.  I don’t see a real future of Sanchez here, so why not trade him to a team that could really use him and add things (preferably younger things) that the White Sox can use.
Back, Back, Back to Hanson……..
Chris Berman is such a fucking pudd whack…..sorry, I’ll stay on topic.  Hanson is one of these chances you take during a rebuild.  He’ll be here, we’ll see him hit, we’ll see him play the field, we’ll probably see him make a base running mistake or two and likely he’ll move on about as quickly as Orlando Hudson did, but Hahn and crew will be trying these things every so often during this rebuild.  It is sort of like watching the previews when you go to the theater, most of them won’t be worth a shit, but it’s worth checking out 2 mins of it to see what you think.
– BeefLoaf

Bring back ______ and other nonsense.

Happy 2017! The year the White Sox, as my Cub buddy put it, “Finally looked to the Cubs to see how to do it right.”  Of course the Sox have rebuilt before, but ya know nothing counts till the Cubs do it.  So thanks to the Cubs for legitimizing what teams have been doing for years.  I might have to write a blog about our conversation on NYE, I might not, we’ll see.  Let’s just say this, it included making fun of the new field name (deserved, but who cares if they win), what to do with the homeless population on 35th and Shields in the off season and some great “that damn Jew” talk.  It was ludicrous. OH NOOOOOOOOOO! The fight’s out / I’ma ’bout to punch yo…lights out.

So all the fucking time I see “Bring back Ozzie!”and “We should get AJ to play/manage us!” It can get me frustrated, I can get a little upset, but usually I write it off.  But in 2017, I take issue with it.  Let’s look at these claims.



Ozzie is my homeboy.  Yep, he is.  I love Ozzie.  I thought Ozzie was perfection for a White Sox manager, as far as off the field.  Calling Jay Marriotti a “f@g”, making fun of Wrigley (and even buying a shirt that made fun of him) and overall just being the greatest type of person to represent the southside.  It was a great time…….when there was success.  2010 it ran a little thin and in 2011 it broke. Ozzie went down south, got PAID, and stunk up the joint.  You could argue that they really didn’t try down there, but Ozzie’s comments on Castro kinda showed he DGAF and was ready for some time off.  I can’t see the Blizzard Of Oz in the front office, and taking up his old position seems really lame.  Plus Kenny is a lifer, sadly.



I’d blame Kenny Williams for the years of losing, but he is Jerry’s boy so ya know, that ain’t changing.  If you look at moves after Ozzie, thay have K Will written all over it.  The hiring of Rick Hahn and Robin Ventura (and now Ricky) just show that he was looking for guys who would take some direction.  But you might be saying “But MSS it is Rick Hahn who is making this rebuild happen” to which I would say correct, but only cause K Will has been failing since 2009.  I imagine a nice conversation over Cuban cigars and fine liquor.  Jerry having to talk down Kenny to make him listen to Rick.  Jerry saying “Now Kenny, you’ve done your plan and it doesn’t work, so let’s let Rick try”.  And the Cubs winning might have sealed the deal.  Who knows?  My line with Kenny doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, but next time I see him, I will ask him.

Ozzie had some experience before he came to Chicago to manage.  We tried to one up that and hire a guy with 0 experience and while it almost worked for a year, we had 4 more years of crappy baseball.  Ricky should be an upgrade, but only time will tell.  You know who also has 0 experience?  The #2 request for our new manager A.J..



Listen, I get it.  2 of the most vocal players for the White Sox, hell any team they played on, are looking to continue their work in this fine game.  Yes, we gave Ozzie a chance and it worked out, no we shouldn’t bring him back.  Do we want to offer a job that we gave to RV with 0 experience to A.J. with no experience?  I don’t think so, I’d rather see him go up the ranks in the minors and see if he really wants to do it.  You don’t give dream positions to guys who haven’t paid their dues.  Not in Trump’s America. Just like our president elect did it, he created it all himself.  I feel giving him the reigns would be catastrophic at this point.  There are gonna be some lean years ahead of us, no need to burn out A.J. with that bullshit.  Ricky can handle it.  I have faith in Ricky.  I think so anyways.

I think A.J. would be a great defensive manager one day.  I’d point to the Sox defense in 2013, they sucked.  2012, best in the MLB.  Difference?  A.J. left and no one was there to yell at Alexi.  Or Gordon.  Or anyone in the infield.  From what I have heard he held guys responsible for their play on the field.  Something that has been missing for years and years.  I like to think that Ricky will change that, we’ll see.

We have some time before we really have to tweek the manager, if we even have to tweek it.  Ricky has something to prove after being shoved aside on the northside, let’s hope he makes his mark early and often.  So settle in, enjoy the cheap tickets while they last, and learn to enjoy baseball again.  It isn’t what the southsiders have been trying to quickie fix for the past 4 years, it’s watching kids grow, become the stars.  Like Tim Anderson last year, let’s hope we find a few more this summer.



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Why I’m wearing my Sox jersey tonight and you should too.

Beer. It’s what’s for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch. And snacks.

The time has come my friends, tonight we all lose.  Either the Indians (a hated division rival) break a multiple decade streak, or those damn northsiders will finally have something to celebrate other than their perfect attendance.  Sorry Sox fans, unlike the 1985 Bears championship, our total dominance in 2005 will soon be forgotten (and one can make a case that it already has) by the lazy media and half the city of Chicago.  Don’t fret though, 11-1 is always gonna be in the record books, baseball fans will never forget and us Sox fans will carry that torch till we win it again.  So tonight wear your Sox jersey proud as it might be the last time we can celebrate that magical season without hearing a northsider him and haw about how they have 3 rings now too!  And how they did it in dramatic fashion.

Which, as a side note if it does happen that way, is nothing to be proud of.  Facing the brink of elimination to make your guys give you the best they have isn’t the sign of a great team.  Wining the World Series in any amount of games is a great accomplishment, don’t get me wrong, but if it happens tonight Cubs fans, doing it in 7 after being down 3-1 doesn’t make it any more magical.

Tonight should be a wake up call to the Sox organization. Since 2005, 5 AL Central teams have been in the World Series.  Hell, if you just look at recent history, 2012 till 2016 4 out of the 5 AL teams have been from the AL Central. That alone should make us want to compete, which it looks form the casual observer that we are, but we all know the deal.  Seems like when we do spend money, it’s on guys who we shouldn’t have.  And the guys who we should spend money on, we don’t.  Its just odd that we will take a risk on James Shields (Dunn, LaRoche), but won’t put out the scratch to get a big name free agent.

This team has no identity, between our two big stars, one has hissy fits and acts like a child, the other can’t speak english. Nothing wrong with that mind you, but there is no leader.  We haven’t had a leader since AJ left, and if you don’t believe that, look at our defense in 2013.  Best in all of baseball in 2012, 2013 we just sucked. So we need to get someone to sack up and lead this team.  Will it happen?  Not sure there is anyone here that can do that.  I had hopes for Eaton, or Frazier, but they came into a situation with Sale and Abreu being the guys that should be the leaders and I am sure that is awkward.  Plus, seeing how many people that have been blocked by Frazier on Twitter, not sure how that guy could lead anyways.  I would tweet him about it, but yup you guessed it, offering to buy him a drink when he first signed with the team got me blocked.  No biggie.

Our organization doesn’t have the stones to do a complete rebuild, and from listening to some of the fans, I am not sure that the reason is valid.  I’ve heard from several people that the Sox couldn’t afford to do it as the remaining fans would just check out. Which, 1- I don’t know how it could get worse and 2 – Us true fans would rather being watching L’s with  youngsters trying to get better other than the older guys.  It feel like the Sox have been half in and half out on everything and that just doesn’t work.  Cubs looked like shit for years, but it paid off.  Would it go that way for us too?  Don’t know.  I doubt it, but we can try?  What we are doing now isn’t working either, so let’s develop some talent and get some of these guys that are good to some better teams so they have a shot to win one.

Alot of our moves for new guys seem rather stale, shit we’ve seen before.  Is it time to shake up the front office? Develop some new ideas? Have a new plan of attack?  HELL YES, HELL YES, HELL YES. I like loyalty, I live my life by it, I trust people based on it, but you have to have results, which we just don’t get.  So why are we loyal to people that aren’t getting the job done?  That’s fucking wrong.

I hope tonight while we watch a team that is a division rival or a created rival due to proximity (and jackwagon fans), win a title that we should have contended for, someone on 35th and Shields decides that enough is enough.  That .500 isn’t good enough.  That we’ll catch up with the rest of the AL Central. That we’ll make the moves to win another one.  That our loyal fanbase deserves better.  That just showing up doesn’t cut it any longer.  That they won’t accept losing anymore.


So while the world is watching another curse or streak get broken, take some time and don your Sox jersey and remember that moment in 2005 when we were on top.  That night we SWEPT the World Series. It really doesn’t seem that long ago, but watching other teams just pass us by without a fight from our organization is hard, really hard.  We’ll get there again Sox fans, believe me.  Have a Lite and a smile.



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Thursday (was supposed to be Monday) Review – Opening Weekend.


Great weekend for the 108’ers. – Beef’s Friday. 

Friday was kicked off with the annual 108 opening day party at the home of the one and only BeefLoaf.  Big contingent of 108’ers hit the game as well, a staggering 60+ of us (at the party at least), including BeefLoaf, MySoxSummer, Chorizy-E, Polish w/Extra Onions, Biguns, SlumpBuster and others………..despite the White Sox loss (expected since John Danks was throwing),……………..a great time was had and much tequila was drunk (oh we had some beer too).

MSS Friday – Damn it feels good to be a gangster. Every damn year, BeefLoaf and Ms. Loaf throw the best damn party in the hood.  Alcohol, friends & family, more alcohol and local food (Punky’s Rocks) made right here in the hood!  I (@mysoxsummer) was digging on the Chicken Parm, drinking local beer and not hearing the Payton Manning singing that silly jingle.  My cousin came into town and my wife and I were trying to explain what opening day was like. It is a like a Super Bowl party with everyone cheering for the same team.  Then you go to the game and NOT watch commercials.  It’s the same but different.  Party was an A+++++++.  We didn’t take any pictures of people, just the snow.

Chorizy-E’s Friday:

Weather – It snowed.  It was cold.  But that didn’t stop the crowds from coming out and didn’t stop anyone from cheering for the Sox.  The Sox, however, did keep that from happening.

The Game – It was quite horrible.  John Danks made everyone in the park hope that the Miguel Gonzalez signing was made for a specific reason.

Drinks – We had a whole lot of them.  I tried to keep track using the Swig app, but after lucky number 13, I think I stopped being able to operate my phone.  Judging by the time I got home there were a lot more consumed between 13 and my uber ride.

Lines – The lines for getting in, using the bathroom, and getting concessions were long, but they were a noticeable improvement over last year.

Chorizy-E’s Saturday:

Weather – It was colder than the day before, causing a delay for people to get in.  What was different than most years was that the Sox recognized this in a few ways.  First, the ice on the ramps caused them to close the upper deck.  This actually made the small crowd look much better with everyone on the lower level.  They should keep this in mind for low attendance games.  Second, as a token of appreciation for coming out in the cold, everyone got a voucher for a free upper deck ticket on their way out.  I thought that was really great.

The Game – Much better than the day before.  Sale was Sale, the bats showed up, and Matt “El Niño” Albers was incredible.

Drinks – So it happened.  Two rounds in a row, they didn’t have enough Lite and Coors Light, so I got stuck with MGD.  In the defense of the vendors, we were rolling 7 deep, so the rounds were pretty big.

MSS Saturday – But Saturday was wonderful.  So many things happened on Saturday.  My fave was watching Chorizy-E get served 2 MGD’s BACK-TO-BACK. I even offered to take one so he didn’t have to drink it.  He declined.  What a badass.  Game was great.  Cheers to the Sox for keeping everyone safe and closing the uppers.  Made the lower bowl look great, still was a little sparse, but free tickets for everyone was a hell of a jester.  ChiSox Bar and Grill made some great wings for us and kept the beer cold.  Kudos!

We came up with a nickname for Matt Albers –


Beef’s Friday – The Saturday Ice Bowl was fun in its own right, MySoxSummer had a sign to welcome Jason Benetti, but we did not get on TV, due to most of the WGN crew clearly being old friends of Hawk and not wanting to upset him that the fans are excited about the young buck.  The winter hat give away was one of the best in recent memory and served the group well as it was mighty cold.  Beer Vendor James remade our acquaintance and kept us in suds throughout the game.  Oh and a big White Sox win, including BeefLoaf triumphantly calling Avi Garcia’s 3 run shot (it was a Costanza call as he shouted it for all in 108 to hear and then trudged to the latrine).


Chorizy-E’s Sunday:

Rained Out.  We were already down for the game, so we had a few pops at Beefloaf’s place and finished off the weekend

Beef’s Sunday:

The weekend tally, (which includes the 108 party on Friday), 2 handles of Tito’s, half gallon of Grey Goose, half gallon of Cazadores, fif’s of Bullitt  and Captain Morgan as well as 217 beers (2 MGD’s).


MSS’s Sunday:

Sad that the jersey didn’t make it to it’s first game.  Sad.  Made me drink a few more pops than normal.

Was a great weekend had by all, best part was getting back together with all my 108’ers.